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eCM Official Society meeting abstracts are collections of combined individual meeting abstracts in PDF format from eCM Official Society congresses published on the eCM Periodical. The individual abstracts within them have been peer reviewed by the respective conference organisers. eCM Periodical has been recorded permanently in the ISSN Register, ISSN: 2522-235X from the ISSN International Centre. They are not an eCM Journal (Eur Cell Mater) supplement (which have been discontinued since June 2017). The abstract collections do not have a DOI, and the abstracts are not searchable on PubMed. The abstract collections can be cited, if allowed by the relevant journal e.g. Hartmanne, C. Wnt signaling in bone development and regeneration, eCM Meeting Abstracts 2016, Collection 4; eCM XVII, page 1. Please note, that eCM Conferences abstract collections are not allowed to be cited by eCM journal manuscripts.

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ECM Congress abstracts

eCM Congress abstracts
European Cells & Materials Conferences
abstracts website: eCM abstracts
Conference website: eCM Conferences

SSB Congress abstracts

SSB / SSB+RM Congress abstracts
Swiss Society for Biomaterials (SSB) + Regenerative Medicine (SSB+RM)
abstracts website: SSB and SSB+RM abstracts
Society website: SSB+RM website

TCES Congress abstracts

TCES Congress abstracts
Tissue and Cell Engineering Society
abstracts website: TCES abstracts
Society website: TCES website

ScSB Congress abstracts

ScSB Congress abstracts
Tissue and Cell Engineering Society
abstracts website: ScSB abstracts
Society website: ScSB website

Biometal Congress abstracts

Biometal Congress abstracts
Biomatal Society
abstracts website: Biometal abstracts
Society website: Biometal website

Biometal Congress abstracts

EORS Congress abstracts
European Orthopaedic Research Society
abstracts website: EORS abstracts
Society website: EORS website




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