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Limitation of liability eCM Conferences

1. The congress organisation (eCM Conferences) reserves the right to change the venue or date of its conference up until the month before the congress. In the event that the venue or date are changed, eCM Conferences will not be responsible for covering airfare, hotel or any other costs incurred by the registrants. eCM will honor transfer of registration fees to the new date/venue. If you no longer able to attend, eCM will return the registration fee minus an administrative cost, determined at the time.
2. The congress organisation (eCM Conferences) reserves the right to change the content or speakers of its conference at any time without notification and will not be responsible for covering airfare, hotel or any other costs incurred by the registrants.
3. There will be either a partial or no refund in the case of the scientific programme and/or social events being partially or entirely delayed or cancelled because of events outside eCM Conferences's reasonable control. The following events shall be taken to be outside eCM Conferences's reasonable control: (a) acts of nature - natural disasters (e.g. earthquake, mountain slide); (b) outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, invasion of Switzerland; (c) act of any government or relevant authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent); (d) fire, explosion, flood, leakage of water, extreme freezing fog, high winds or any other weather conditions, which, in the opinion of eCM Conferences, renders the provision of the Service at that time impractical; (e) power failure; (f) default or delay of or change in arrangements made by suppliers, third party providers or sub-contractors; (g) theft, malicious damage, strike, lock-out or industrial action of any kind; (h) declaration of Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) or a pandemic as declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO); (i) any cause or circumstances whatsoever beyond eCM Conferences's reasonable control.
4. The congress organisation (eCM Conferences) does not take out insurance to cover participants (or accept responsibility) against accidents, injury or loss suffered while attending events or other risks.
5. The congress organisation (eCM Conferences) accepts no responsibility for any loss incurred of personal belongings deposited in the congress centre or of any material submitted to the conference (e.g. abstracts). These are the responsibility of the individual participant.
6. The copyright of all presentation material rests with the presenter and eCM Conferences may not be held responsible for any infringements as a result of plagiarism, libel, slander or any misuse of any material.

Disclaimer for eCM Periodical and Conferences
This disclaimer applies to the website of eCM Conferences (the "Site") including all web-pages produced by the congress organisation (eCM Conferences).

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Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy for eCM Conferences
Please be aware that registration for eCM events confirms acceptance of this privacy notice: eCM will be capturing the images of attendees at its events, including its conferences, symposia, webinars, and other virtual events, with photographic and video recording devices to be used for the exclusive purposes of eCM Periodical and Conferences, including being used for marketing, the eCM Periodical and Conferences website, social media or historical records of eCM and may be shown to the public at large. eCM will only process these images of you in support of or furtherance of eCM. This notice applies to images stored on eCM central database, as well as, to future images or recordings. Please be aware that eCM will also at times be using an automated system at conferences or virtual events (webinars, symposia etc.) that allows for the possible audio and/or video recording of lectures and then may make these available on the conference digital application as a learning resource at eCM's discretion. Presenters will be forewarned and/or given the option to decline the recording by eCM of their presentation. eCM cannot be responsible for the actions of audience participants (for example, personal screenshots, recordings or mobile photographs). eCM strongly discourages participants from taking photos, screenshots or recordings in any manner of the presentations without the explicit consent of the presenter(s) in the interests to foster a collaborative and collegial 'open science' forum. It is the sole responsibility of presenters to determine carefully what research to disclose when presenting. eCM encourages presenters to carefully consider the degree of detail disclosed in advance of any disclosure, so as not to jeopardize any prospects, and we recommend seeking professional advice on such matters. If a recording of a lecture is going to take place at a time you are in attendance (physically or virtually), you will be informed (verbally or digitally) prior to the start of any recording taking place and where it will be made available. Explicit consent is therefore not sought from individuals. Those who do not wish to participate may choose not to attend or refrain from asking questions if they so wish, or turn off their camera and mute themselves for virtual events. eCM respects the privacy of individuals and their rights to their personal information. eCM will remove any photographs upon written request by individuals who object to the use of the image where they are recognizable within the image. Please e-mail simona.ciriello at

Privacy Policy eCM Open Access online Periodical and eCM Conferences
1. Introduction and scope
eCM Periodical hosts all eCM official society meeting abstracts along with other abstracts for various congresses. eCM Periodical is published by the AO Research Institute Davos, a Not-for-Profit foundation in Switzerland (in this Notice, “publisher”).
Your personal information is stored by the publisher. Personal information is that which does, or could, identify you.
This Privacy Notice is provided in the context of the publisher`s role in collection, use, transfer, security and eventual disposal (collectively “processing”) of your personal information or data.
Throughout this notice, “eCM”, “we”, “us” or “our” means the publisher.

2. Changes to this notice
We will update this Notice from time to time and will communicate material changes to you before they become effective by the best means available to us (for example, by a prominent notice on eCM Periodical and Conferences websites).

3. Personal information collected
We hold two categories of personal information or data:
3.1. Personal information that you provide to us when you register for an eCM conference or conference that we host from time to time on behalf of other societies (e.g. EORS – European Society for Biomaterials, ESB – European Society for Biomaterials, SSB&RM – Swiss Society for Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine, TERMIS – Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society).
3.2. Financial data, including billing addresses, postal address, credit/debit card details and bank account details, that you provide when paying your conference registration. These data are accessible to us and stored by WorldPay (

4. Purpose of processing
4.1. To send you news relevant to eCM conferences and/or an eCM-hosted conference on behalf of other societies using an e-mail delivery system (Pardot, ).
4.2. To keep in contact with you about our news, events, new website features, services or new products that we believe may interest you.
4.3. To use data analytics to improve our website, services and experiences.
Note: EU GDPR article 6 (lawfulness of processing) information: as data controller, each publisher determines the legal basis upon which it processes the personal data of European individuals. These bases may include your consent and the necessity of fulfilling a contract with you.

5. Recipients of the information
Your personal information that we hold will be:
5.1. Accessed by publisher employees whose roles require access to your data. Our personnel are bound to confidentiality terms, which cover their obligations to protect personal data.
5.2. Disclosed when required to by law.

6. Information security
We maintain appropriate administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect your personal information from accidental loss and unauthorised access or use. These measures include firewalls, role-based data access and physical access controls to data centres. However, we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse, unauthorised acquisition or alteration of your data will never occur.

7. Data retention
The period for which your information will be retained will be set by you, as you can unsubscribe at any time from eCM Periodical and Conferences news mail using the link at the bottom of the circulated e-mail.

8. International transfer
eCM Periodical and Conferences website is hosted by an external contractor, Green (, which is currently located in Switzerland and is currently owned by InfraVia Capital Partners (

9. Your right and choices
You may contact us with questions or requests concerning our use of your information, for example to request access to the data that we hold about you, or request that it be corrected or erased.

10. Sharing data directly with third parties
You might end up providing personal information directly to third parties as a consequence of your interactions with our website and other services offered by us. For example, you may attend an event hosted by us where you communicate personal information directly with other attendees. We are not responsible for how such third parties use personal data provided by you.
Please be responsible with personal information of others when using our website and the services available on it. We are not responsible for your misuse of personal information or for the direct relationship between you and others when takes place outside of the website or our services.

11. Contact us
For privacy requests and queries, contact us at:

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
This site is solely governed by Swiss substantive law, regardless of where the person using the site resides or where this person made her posting, transaction or connection with the site. Any controversy with respect to the use of the Site will be decided by the courts of Zurich, Switzerland. However, the congress organisation (eCM Conferences) will be free to raise claims at other jurisdictions in Switzerland and other countries.

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