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2021 eCM Biofabrication for Orthopaedics (December 3rd-5th) CANCELLED
2022 eCM20 Cartilage and Disc Repair and Regeneration (June 15-18)
2023 eCM session at ESB2023
2024 eCM21 eCM Biofabrication for Orthopaedics & Musculoskeletal system      
2025 eCM22 Bone and Stem cells
2026 eCM23 Infection

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Stem cells, Musculoskeletal Repair & Regeneration
Animal Models in Musculoskeletal Research
Precision/Personalised Medicine & Digitisation


CANCELLED: 2021 eCM: Biofabrication for Orthopaedics
3rd – 5th December 2021, Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland


Dear eCM2021 Participants,

The rising number of COVID-19 cases and the appearance of the new Omicron variant are raising significant concerns. Currently, travelers from several countries, including the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, must quarantine for 10 days upon entry in Switzerland, regardless of vaccination status.

After discussions with Keynotes and participants, we have ascertained that many have changed their plans and will not be able to come to Davos due to the deteriorating situation. Given the tight timing, moving to a hybrid or fully virtual platform was deemed very difficult and risky, and above all we couldn’t have guaranteed a good conference quality for the participants. At this point, we are all familiar with participating to online meetings and conferences with embarrassing technical problems. Therefore, to our regret, the only choice we are left with is cancelling eCM 2021 conference.
We are sorry not to have better news and we are deeply disappointed; however, the health and safety of all participants is our highest priority.
Feel free to cancel your travel arrangements at your earliest convenience.
The dinner ticket will be 100% refunded, while 80% of the registration fee will be refunded, as per cancellation due to COVID-19 policy. Despite this, we are glad to inform you that for the remaining 20% of the registration fee, each participant will receive a personal (non-transferable) voucher valid for a corresponding discount to participate to a future eCM conference until the end of 2024.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Davos in the future, for example at 2022 eCM XXI Cartilage and disc Repair and Regeneration, June 15th-18th, 2022.

Kind regards

The eCM2021 Organizers

Davos, November 30th 2021



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