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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2021, Collection 3

2021 eCM: Biofabrication for Orthopaedics
3rd-5th December 2021, Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland

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Page 1: J Malda
Converged biofabrication technologies for osteochondral implants

Page 2: L Qin, X Wang, Y Lai
3D printing and tissue engineering for challenging skeletal regeneration – achievements from RAPIDOS & OCD consortium projects

Page 3: FM Thieringer, J Gehweiler, P Brantner, B Msallem, S Abazi, M Maintz, M Keller, A Guebeli, E Coppo, D Seiler, C Kunz, J Beinemann, N Sharma, P Honigman
Virtual surgical planning and medical 3D printing – a fully digital workflow integrated into a point of care setting

Page 4: DW Hutmacher
Bioprinting - Biofabrication - Additive biomanufacturing! Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

Page 5: FE Weber
Osteoconduction and bone augmentation: when 3D-printed designs meet bone biology

Page 6: L Johansson, JL Latorre-Valenzuela, M Liversain, E Thorel, Y Raymond, M-P Ginebra
Clinical applications of 3D-printed patient-specific CaP bone grafts

Page 7: X Barceló, K Eichholz, O Garcia, DJ Kelly
3D bioprinting of structurally organized meniscus tissue

Page 8: JF Mano
Bioengineering of human tissues using low quantities of soft biomaterials

Page 9: G Poologasundarampillai, A Haweet, S Jayash, G Morgan, J Moore Jr, A Candeo
Extrusion bioprinting: novel insights from real-time imaging of cell-hydrogel

Page 10: M Camman, P Joanne, G Mosser, C Hélary, O Agbulut
D printing to design anisotropic and macroporous dense collagen hydrogels to model skeletal muscle

Page 11: L P Hatt, S Wirth, A Ristaniemi, K Thompson, D Eglin, MJ Stoddart, AR Armiento
LEGO®-inspired microporous scaffolds for personalised mandibular bone repair

Page 12: S Huber, M Santschi, N Imhof, M Leunig, SJ Ferguson
Meltelectrowritten wave-patterned polycaprolactone constructs reproduce the non-linear elastic behaviour of native acetabular labrum tissue

Page 13: M Zenobi-Wong
Bioprinting at multiple length scales

Page 14: DJ Kelly
Biofabrication strategies for cartilage and osteochondral tissue engineering – lessons from failures and successes

Page 15: P Guo, C Mini, G Miklosic, A Vernengo, M D'Este, S Grad, M Alini, Z Li
A hydrogel based on decellularized extracellular matrix particles for cartilage regeneration

Page 16: AA Gryadunova, J Kasamkattil, MHP Gay, VA Mironov, S Schären, I Martin, A Barbero, O Krupkova, A Mehrkens
Spheroids derived from nasal chondrocytes for nucleus pulposus regeneration

Page 17: А Kovalev, S Rodionov, V Kasyanov, S Karshieva, L Koudan, V Mironov
Biomechanical properties of cartilage tissue spheroids: is there a correlation between the biomechanics of chondrospheres and their regenerative potential in vitro and in vivo?

Page 18: L Moroni
From additive manufacturing to bioprinting: a versatile biofabrication palette for 3D in vitro models and tissue regeneration

Page 19: G Graziani, S Farè, E Boanini, G Borciani, S Avnet, T Fischetti, G Di Pompo, M Boi, N Baldini
Development of biomimetic bone models by merging additive manufacturing and nanoscale materials

Page 20: D Petta, D D’Arrigo, C Arrigoni, L di Nardo, L Bonetti, L Deabate, C Candrian, S Lopa, M Moretti
Development of a microfluidic arthritic joint model as a screening platform for mesenchymal stem cell therapy

Page 21: A Mata
Supramolecular engineering of biomaterials for hard tissue regeneration

Page 22: KJ Genoud, M Lemoine, EJ Ryan, DJ Kelly, FJ O’Brien
Development of reinforced collagen-hydroxyapatite scaffolds with antibacterial properties using 3D printing to treat bone infection

Page 23: J Gehlen , W Qiu, R Müller, X-H Qin
Volumetric tomographic photofabrication of living bone-like constructs

Page 24: Y Chandorkar, M Valeske, B Kolrosova, M Rottmar, K Maniura-Weber
Bioactive coatings to enhance implant acceptance

Page 25: VL Mainardi, C Sabato, M Rubert, A de Leeuw, C Arrigoni, G Dubini, C Candrian, R Müller, M Moretti
Culture of 3D bioprinted bone constructs requires an increased fluid dynamic stimulation

Page 26: MA Wesdorp, A Schwab, D Eglin, R Narcisi, GJVM van Osch, M D’Este
A culture model to analyze the acute biomaterial-dependent reaction of human primary neutrophils

Page 27: Enhancing endogenous repair of osteochondral defects with biomaterials
GJVM van Osch

Page 28: ML Terpstra, J Li, A Mensinga, M de Ruijter, MHP van Rijen, C Androulidakis,C Galiotis, I Papantoniou, M Matsusaki, J Malda, R Levato
Bioink with cartilage extracellular matrix microfibers enables spatial control of capillary formation in 3D bioprinted constructs

Page 29: R Burdis, F Chariyev-Prinz, DC Browe, FE Freeman, J Nulty, EE McDonnell, KF Eichholz, B Wang, P Brama, DJ Kelly
Spatial patterning of phenotypically distinct microtissues to engineer osteochondral grafts for biological joint resurfacing

Page 30: D Kilian, A Lode, M Gelinsky
Design criteria and hybrid biofabrication strategies for the manufacturing of patient-specific osteochondral tissue substitutes

Page 31: U Demirci
Microfluidic label free technologies for applications in biofabrication and medicine

Page 32: X Du, D Schümperlin, SJ Ferguson
Biofabrication of sodium alginate-silicon nitride/PVA composite biomaterials as a shock-absorbing scaffold

Page 33: P Tournier, N Lagneau, J Guicheux, C Le Visage, V Delplace
Clickable dynamic bioinks

Page 34: K Singh, J K Wychowaniec, CJC Edwards-Gayle, BJ Rodriguez, DF Brougham
Modulation of cohesive interactions in composite Pluronic-PEG based hydrogels enables high resolution 3D extrusion printing

Page 35: G Miklosic, S De Oliveira, S Grastilleur, C Hélary, SJ Ferguson, M D'Este
Extracellular matrix-based biomaterial ink for the printing of nucleus pulposus-like structures

Page 36: R Levato
Biofabrication of complex volumetric 3D tissues and organoid

Page 37: T Serra
Sound waves for the assembly and control of tissues organization

Page 38: O Guillaume, G Weisgrab, A Arslan, S Van Vlierberghe, A Ovsianikov
Two-photon polymerization for producing cellularized building blocks: new opportunities for orthopaedic repair



Page P1: M Asadikorayem, F Surman, P Weber, M Zenobi-Wong
Enzymatically crosslinked zwitterionic microgels for bioprinting of macroporous scaffolds

Page P2: S De Oliveira, G Miklosic, M D’Este, C Hélary
Collagen/hyaluronan polyionic complexes as a new building block to develop a bioink for muskulo-skeletal applications

Page P3: S Egger, G Alig, M D'Este, S Grad, M Alini, A Vernengo
Temperature-responsive engineered matrices for spatial positioning and long-term culture of bioprinted cells

Page P4: D Eglin, C Sprecher, C Marquette, EJ Courtial
Liquid crystal hydroxylpropyl cellulose-silicon 3D printed photonic strain sensing structure

Page P5: AG Guex, L Mecchi, M Alini, T Serra
Spatial control over cell assembly by sound: towards a vascularised in vitro engineered osteochondral tissue

Page P6: O Guillaume, MA Geven, V Varjas, P Varga, DW Grijpma, D Eglin
3D printing of osteoinductive and patient specific implant for CMF repair

Page P7: K Klavins, J Fan, A Sizovs, J Locs
Metabolomics investigation of biomaterial-cell interactions

Page P8: N Kluser, C Sprecher, S Häckel, M Alini, S Grad, D Eglin, A Vernengo
3D printed scaffolds with multiscale surface topography inducing three-dimensional cell patterning

Page P9: J Kühl, A Seekamp, S Fuchs
Digital light bioprinting of scaffolds with bone like architecture using PEGDA and calcium phosphate as bioink

Page P10: WA Lackington, D Gehweiler, I Zderic, D Nehrbass, S Zeiter, A González-Vázquez, FJ O’Brien, MJ Stoddart, K Thompson
IL-1Ra enhances rhBMP-2-induced new bone formation during femoral fracture healing

Page P11: WA Lackington, L Fleyshman, Y Elbs-Glatz, S Guimond, K Maniura, M Rottmar
Towards more physiologically relevant in vitro evaluation of Ti surfaces for soft tissue integration

Page P12: SS Lee, L Laganenka, X Du
Silicon nitride, a bioceramic for bone tissue engineering: a reinforced cryogel system with antibacterial and osteogenic effects

Page P13: SS Lee, M Santschi, SJ Ferguson
A biomimetic macroporous hybrid scaffold with sustained drug delivery for enhanced bone regeneration

Page P14: E Marani, J Ma, M Alini, T Serra
Sound induced multicellular system of dorsal root ganglion cells

Page P15: M Merli, L Sardelli, F Briatico Vangosa, P Petrini, M Tunesi
Pectin hydrogels as tunable inks for extrusion-based bioprinting

Page P16: P Nakielski, C Rindoldi, M Pruchniewski, D Rybak, K Jezierska-Woźniak, M Gazińska, B Strojny, M Grodzik, W Maksymowicz, F Pierini
Laser-assisted fabrication of injectable/printable microscaffolds

Page P17: C O’Keeffe, DJ Kelly
Optimising additively manufactured Ti-6AL-4V implants for osteochondral defect repair: influnece of strut size and scanning strategy on mechanical properties

Page P18: S Palladino, A Schwab, F Copes, M D'Este, G Candiani, D Mantovani
Composite collagen/hyaluronic acid bioink guiding anisotropic in vitro vascular network formation

Page P19: D van der Heide, E Della Bella, H Yuan, F De Groot-Barrère, MJ Stoddart, M D'Este
Composite hyaluronic acid and calcium phosphate biomaterial ink for the delivery of chemically modified RNAs for bone regeneration

Page P20: J Vecstaudza, J Locs
Amorphous calcium phosphate nanoparticles for development of 3D printing bio-inks for orthopaedic application

Page P21: L Weber, R Beninatto, A Di Lucia, F Staubli, A Schwab, D Galesso, M Pavan, M D’Este
A photoinitiator-free hyaluronan bioink with high modularity and printability

Page P22: S Zemjane, K Rubenis, J Locs
Amorphous calcium phosphate ceramics with high mechanical strength


Oral presentations: click here to download all the abstracts in one file

Poster presentations: click here to download all the abstracts in one file