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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2019, Collection 1

RMS Foundation [MEET THE EXPERT] - Implants
19 March 2019, Arte Konferenzhotel, Olten, Switzerland

Meeting Abstracts

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Poster presentations: click here to download all the abstracts in one file

Oral presentations

Page 1: C Voisard, S Berner, C Halewood, P Gruner
Porous coating by vacuum plasma spraying on ceramics hip resurfacing implant

Page 2: A Carino, A Testino, E Mueller, M de Wild, F Dalcanale, P Gruner, W Moser, B Hoechst
Implant surface modification by a controlled biomimetic approach

Page 3: J Disegi, S Williamson, M Roach
Development of an anodized titanium implant film with antimicrobial properties

Page 4: J Oranskiy, DV Tetyukhin, SA Molchanov, EN Kozlov
Protective coating for individual dental superstructures from CoCr alloy

Page 5: S Rohrer, D Streit, F Bigolin, R Wirz, N Döbelin, M Bohner
Characterization of particulate contaminants and its challenges

Page 6: K Maeda, S Nakahara, T Masanori, K Ueda, T Narushima, F Farizon, J Geringer
Effect of Ti on the wear properties of CoCrMo-alloy: investigations under fretting corrosion

Page 7: H Zohdi, B Andreatta, R Heuberger
Particles and ions generated in total hip joint prostheses: in vitro wear test results of UHMWPE and XLPE acetabular components

Page 8: A Pfeil, F Schuler, L Barbé, F Geiskopf, M de Wild, P Renaud
Evaluation of gamma irradiation impact on 3D-printed multimaterial polymer

Page 9: B Dhanapal
Cleanliness aspects of coated orthopaedic devices

Page 10: M de Wild, R Krähenbühl, D Kallweit, R Marek, M Estermann, M Schnieper
Holographic identification of titanium implants

Poster presentations

Page P1: J Matthey, O Banakh, S Durual
Bioactivity in osseointegration of tantalum oxynitrides coatings for dental implants

Page P2: E Ilic, A Pardo, R Hauert, P Schmutz, S Mischler
Delayed delamination mechanisms of DLC coatings on articulating implants

Page P3: P Wahl, C Meier, S Milz, A Dommann, A Neels, CM Sprecher
Hydroxyapatite coating delamination – a case report 14 months after total hip arthroplasty

Page P4: CVM Cremmel
Cleaning of 3D-printed titanium implants

Page P5: A Dangin, S Boulat, B Boyer, F Farizon, J Geringer
Experimental mapping of contact stresses related to hip arthroplasty using dual mobility cup

Page P6: T Imwinkelried, S Eggli
Bridging cartilage defects: could a metal foam/polymer-compound be an option?

Page P7: M Schmidt
Increasing the primary stability of cementless monoblock cups