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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2018, Collection 5

Abstracts of the 26th Annual Meeting of the European Orthopaedic Research Society
Galway, Ireland, 25-28 September 2018

Meeting Abstracts

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Page 1: A Juhdi, A Tofan, M Abdalla, MA Elzaki, A Abdulkarim, N Awan
The effect of the hand dominance on post operation rehabilitation after knee arthroplasty

Page 2: A Djalali-Cuevas, I Skoufos, A Tzora, N Prassinos, N Diakakis, DI Zeugolis Comparison of dermal and tendon fibroblasts for scaffold-free tendon tissue engineering applications

Page 3: AI Gonçalves, A Vinhas, MT Rodrigues, ME Gomes
Pulsed electromagnetic field actuated biomaterials for inflammation regulation in tendons

Page 4: H Quasnichka, E Budd, L Waters, N D'Mello, O Carey, A Mobasheri
Effect of pro-inflammatory cytokine combinations on exploratory biomarkers of cartilage degradation

Page 5: E Budd, H Quasnichka, A Mobasheri
Short term treatment of chondrocytes with il-1β inhibits mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation

Page 6: A Hughes, A Abdulkarim, C McMahon, C Hurson
3D printing and its role in complex revision hip arthroplasty

Page 7: AD Beswick, J Dennis, V Wylde, W Bertram, AW Blom, R Gooberman-Hill
The effectiveness of peri-operative interventions in preventing chronic pain in patients receiving primary total knee replacement: a systematic review

Page 8: A Hughes, A Abdulkarim, C McMahon, C Hurson
3D printing and its role in complex revision hip arthroplasty

Page 9: A. Bazaid, S. Moreno, M. Minary, and B.J. Rodriguez
Influence of cross-linking concentration on the shear deformation of collagen fibrils as determined using piezoresponse force microscopy

Page 10: A Mughal, A Haleem
Prevalence of MRSA among health care workers

Page 11: A Kara, S Tamburaci, F Tihminlioglu, H Havitcioglu
Fish scale as a novel reinforcement in polymeric scaffolds for bone engineering applications

Page 12: A Ahmad, K Teoh, L Lau, N Cheng, A Evans
Can we reduce the number of MRSA screening site swabs in elective orthopaedic patients?

Page 13: M Hadzhinikolova, I Zderic, D Ciric, D Enchev, A Baltov, L Rusimov, G Richards, B Gueorguiev, M Rashkov
Does intramedullary grafting increase stability of plated proximal humerus fractures?

Page 14: L Rusimov, I Zderic, D Ciric, D Enchev, M Rashkov, M Hadzhinikolova, G Richards, B Gueorguiev, A Baltov
Does intramedullary grafting increase stability of plated proximal humerus fractures?

Page 15: D Gehweiler, N Schmitz, D Wähnert, I Zderic, L Grünwald, G Richards, MJ Raschke, B Gueorguiev
3D geometry of femoral reaming

Page 16: D Gehweiler, A Sermon, I Zderic, D Wahl, R Khatchadourian, S Scherrer, B Gueorguiev
The fixation strength and cut-out resistance of TFNA helical blades and screws can be increased by bone cement augmentation

Page 17: LS Reinhardt, BS Chee, M Nugent
Electrospun PVA nanofibers for bone disease therapy using mesenchymal stem cell

Page 18: GG de Lima, R Barbosa, M Pazin, BS Chee, DM Devine, MJD Nugent
Preparation of polyvinyl(alcohol) aligned porous cryogels using unidirectional freezing technique for bone tissue healing applications

Page 19: T.A van Vugt, J.M. Walraven, J.A. Geurts, J.J. Arts
Antibiotic loaded collagen fleeces, disadvantages and the lack of evidence for clinical treatment of chronic osteomyelitis

Page 20: NAP van Gestel, GH Schuiringa, K Ito, JJ Arts, S Hofmann
Osteoclastic resorption of the precipitated calcium phosphate layer on bioactive glass surfaces

Page 21: C Hohaus, GS Heil, HJ Meisel
Balancing bone resorption and overzealous bone growth in lumbar interbody fusion with rhBMP-2 in the sheep model - a question of dose and/or concentration

Page 22: AA Thorpe, SW Partridge, J Snuggs, L Vickers, F Charlton, C Heaton, A Cole, N Chiverton, C Sammon, CL Le Maitre
Modelling the degenerate niche to investigate efficacy of mesenchymal stem cell delivery within a thermally triggered hydrogel to regenerate the nucleus pulposus

Page 23: G Sexton, S Maybury, J Martin, S Kilroy, D Clarke, CM Coleman
Biocompatability and osteoconductive capacity of devitalized coral

Page 24: CG Murphy, L Howard, W Curtin, JP McCabe, SR Kearns, JJ Carey, T O’Brien, CM Coleman
Impact of diabetes mellitus on bone marrow progenitor cell number and proliferative capacity and osteoconductive capacity

Page 25: D Polakova, I Vichova, K Kucerova, P Kejzlar, L Martinova
Silk fibroin/hydroxyapatite scaffolds combining lyophilised sponge and nanofibers for bone regeneration

Page 26: DS Catelli
Can we develop a biomechanical functional score to quantify the joint mechanics of THA patients?

Page 27: DF Hamilton, C Beadle, R Penman, FCL Loth, AHRW Simpson, G Nuki, CR Howie
Earlier use of joint replacment surgery: worsening adherence to guidelines for the non-operative management of hip and knee osteoarthritis

Page 28: D.F. Hamilton, D.J. Beard, K. Barker, G. MacFarlane, G. Murray, A.H.R.W. Simpson
Targeting physiotherapy to patients at risk of poor outcomes following total knee arthroplasty: the TRIO RCT

Page 29: D Jiménez-Cruz, MT Alonso-Rasgado, C Bailey, TN Board
Virtual methodology for planing femoral osteochondroplasty for cam-type impingement of the hip

Page 30: D Mercer, C Salas, JL Orbay, J Gomez, E Gauger, T Pollard, D Newhoff, D Grow
Quantifying radial head instability and limitations in hand rotation after IOM and annular ligament injury

Page 31: T Geever, M Canillas, K Vieira, MA Rodriguez, MJD Nugent, J Killion, DM Devine
Photopolymerization for filling porous ceramic matrix: improvement of mechanical properties and drug delivering behavior

Page 32: BS Hausman, X Chen, H Choe, O Akkus, EM Greenfield
Age-related decline of osteogenesis depends on inhibition of protein kinase A (PKA) by protein kinase inhibitor gamma (PKIγ)

Page 33: G Graziani, A Gambardella, M Berni, M Boi, C Maltarello, M Bianchi
Bone apatite nanostructured coatings to promote osseointegration: analysis of different apatite precursors

Page 34: GA Sheridan, RM Kelly, K McSorley, PJ Kenny
Birmingham hip resurfacing and the ASR: registry data for metal-on-metal hip resurfacing at a minimum of 10 years

Page 35: GA Sheridan, D Moore, C Howells, O Gallagher, PM Kelly, DP Moore
Day case pelvic osteotomy for development dysplasia of the hip (DDH)

Page 36: GA Sheridan, M Nagle, PJ Kiely, P O’Toole, PM Kelly, DP Moore
A virtual clinic for development dysplasia of the hip (DDH)

Page 37: GA Sheridan, K Clesham, SR Kearns
The role of circular frames in the management of lower limb trauma

Page 38: GA Sheridan, A Galbraith, SR Kearns, W Curtin, CG Murphy
Extended trochanteric osteotomy (ETO) fixation for femoral stem revision in periprosthetic fractures: Dall-Miles plate versus cables

Page 39: GP Johnson, E Stavenschi, KF Eichholz, MA Corrigan, DA Hoey
The primary cilium as a potential camp responsive mechanosensor in mesenchymal stem cells

Page 40: G Sivelli, I François, C Lawson, RK Smith, J Dudhia
Profiling extracellular vesicles derived from equine mesenchymal stem cells and tendon derived cells for tendon regeneration

Page 41: H Yamamoto, M Saito, K Ueshima, M Ishida, T Goto, K Ikoma, O Mazda, T Kubo
Heme oxygenase-1 prevents glucocorticoid and hypoxia-induced apoptosis and necrosis of osteocyte-like cells

Page 42: H Yo, H Ohashi, T Ikawa, Y Minami
Evaluation of accuracy and a learning curve of accelerometer-based computer navigation in total knee arthroplasty

Page 43: H Babel, P Omoumi, BM Jolles, J Favre
A registration method to assess tibial bone mineral density in three dimension using CT scan

Page 44: I François, G Sivelli, J Dudhia, RK Smith
Standardised histopathologic scoring system to assess tendon healing

Page 45: S Vermeulen, A Dede, D Berdecka, F Honig, N Roumans, J de Boer
Topography-induced mechanotransduction is a context-dependent regulator of stem cell differentiation towards the tenogenic lineage

Page 46: J Reifenrath, S Gniesmer, N Angrisani, E Willbold, M Wellmann, B Welke, A Kampmann
Graded implants for rotator cuff repair – specific animal models in the selection process

Page 47: JC Silva, X Han, P Mikael, K Xia, JMS Cabral, FC Ferreira, RJ Linhardt
Glycosaminoglycan dissacharides changes during chondrogenic differentiation of human bone marrow/synovial-derived mesenchymal stem cells under different oxygen tensions

Page 48: JC Silva, MS Carvalho, RN Undagawa, C Moura, JMS Cabral, CL Silva, FC Ferreira, D Vashishth, RJ. Linhardt
Extracellular matrix decorated porous polycaprolactone scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Page 49: J Orbay, M Mijares, L Vernon
Trapeziometacarpal joint stability: lateral pinch vs. power grip

Page 50: JL Orbay, F Levaro-Pano, L Vernon, M Cronin, JA Orbay, EJ Tremols
The parallelogram effect: how central band failure can cause ulnar impaction syndrome

Page 51: KCG Ng, G Mantovani, L Modenese, M Lamontagne, PE Beaulé
Altered walking and muscle patterns reduce hip contact forces in individuals with symptomatic cam FAI

Page 52: KN Linton, RJ Headon, A Waqas, B Hughes, P O'Grady, DM Bennett
Total cost of treatment: assessing the key factors in hip fracture

Page 53: KN Linton, D Greaney, A Waqas, DM Bennett
Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy: systematic review and meta-analysis

Page 54: BS Jo, Y Lee, JS Suh, YS Park, HJ Lee, J-Y Lee, J Cho, G Lee, CP Chung, KD Park, YJ Park
Enhanced bone regeneration using injectable hydrogels conjugated by osteogenic peptides

Page 55: KF Eichholz, I Woods, N Shen, GP Johnson, M Corrigan, MN Labour, K Wynne, MC Lowry, L O'Driscoll, DA Hoey
Quantitative analysis of the osteocyte secretome following oscillatory fluid shear stimulation

Page 56: L Entz, H Rammal, M Dubus, L Aubert, SC Gangloff, C Mauprivez, H Kerdjoudj
Calcium phosphate, chitosan and hyaluronic acid - biomimetic substrate modulates monocyte/macrophage inflammation

Page 57: C Scholes, M Harrison-Brown, C Field, R McQuilty, SB Farah, I Nizam, D Kerr, L Kohan
Limited penetration of cobalt and chromium ions into the cerebrospinal fluid following metal on metal arthroplasty: a case-control cross sectional analysis

Page 58: C Scholes, M Ebrahimi, SB Farah, C Field, D Kerr, L Kohan
Efficacy of short-stem, bone-preserving hip resurfacing for osteonecrosis of the femoral head: a prospective observational cohort study with minimum five-year follow-up

Page 59: M Xu, EL Stattin, M Murphy, F Barry
Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from a patient with autosomal recessive osteopetrosis

Page 60: MJC Sá, MAA Souza, FAS Segundo, VML Freitas, GG Lima, DM Devine
Application of calcium phosphate-based bone substitute isolated and associated with collagen membrane in bone defects

Page 61: GG de Lima, JK Elter, DM Devine, MJC Sá
Production and characterization of UV-curable materials for enhanced bone regeneration

Page 62: M Wesseling, R van der Straaten, A Timmermans, I Jonkers
Estimating joint loading using inertial measurement units and ground reaction forces

Page 63: M Minami, K Ikoma, M Horii, T Sukenari, O Onishi, H Fujiwara, H Ogi, K Itoh, T Kubo
Evaluation of cortical bone in diabetic rats using SWIFT

Page 64: M Fenelon, S Catros, JC Fricain
What is the benefit of using amniotic membrane in oral surgery? An exhaustive review of clinical studies

Page 65: M Sarem, N Arya, M Heizmann, AT Neffe, A Barbero, TP Gebauer, I Martin, A Lendlein, VP Shastri
Translation of chondrogenesis from in vitro to in vivo: role of matrix mechanical properties and degradation

Page 66: M Gasik, NE Vrana, J Barthes
Mechanoregulative comparison of conventional and 3D-printed titanium

Page 67: M Kim, M Kim
Clinical and radiological outcomes of hook plate fixation in the acromioclavicular joint dislocation

Page 68: M Karia, M Masjedi, L Duffell, M Kotti, A McGregor
Gait biomechanics during different phases of gait: is foot centre of pressure superior?

Page 69: M Karia, S Onida, P Singh, A Khan, A Davies
Chemoprophylaxis in lower limb immobilisation: is there a role for NOACs?

Page 70: M Jalal, H Simpson, R Wallace, B Peault
Preventing backflow leakage of stem cells injected into atrophic non-union fracture model using the z-track method

Page 71: M Jalal, H Simpson, R Wallace
Obtaining reliable X-ray views of the leg in a model of atrophic non-union

Page 72: N McAuley, P Ellanti, J McKenna
Acute open charcot foot

Page 73: E Yoon, L Morales, B Lin, M Drakos, B Toresdahl, A Allen, O.K. Nwawka
Longitudinal assessment of patellar tendon morphology on imaging (MRI and ultrasound) and visa-p scores in collegiate baskteball players across a single season

Page 74: P Tyrnenopoulou, E Rizos, M Kritsepi-Konstantinou, P Papadopoulou, M Patsikas, L Papazoglou, A Aggeli, N Diakakis
Evaluation of equine osteoarthritis using viscoelastic properties of synovial fluid. Variation between normal and pathological metacarpophalangeal synovial fluid

Page 75: G Grammatopoulos, G Melkus, K Rakhra, PE Beaulé
Anatomic predictors of cartilage degeneration using t1ρ magnetic resonance imaging in asymptomatic hips with cam morphology

Page 76: M Richards, H Al-Youssef, JK Kim, S Poitras, J Penning, PE Beaulé
An evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of total hip arthroplasty as an outpatient procedure

Page 77: A Suraci, H Louati, K Culliton, PE Beaulé
In vivo wear rate of highly crosslinked polyethylene comparing re-melted to annealed manufacturing

Page 78: AD Speirs, KS Rakhra, MW Weiss, PE Beaulé
The effect of surgical resection of hip impingement deformities: a within-patient experience

Page 79: PM McQuail, J Cashman
Establihing ‘the reasonable patient’s’ expectation of ‘material risks’ to be disclosed when consenting for total hip arthroplasty

Page 80: PM McQuail, P Moroney
Periprosthetic fracture following first metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis in patients with osteopaenia

Page 81: Y Li, H Jahr, K Lietaert, P Pavanram, A Yilmaz, LI Fockaert, MA Leeflang, B Pouran, H Weinans, JMC Mol, J Zhou, AA Zadpoor
Additively manufactured biodegradable porous iron

Page 82: I Roato, A Lena, DC Belisario, M Compagno, F Mussano, T Genova, L Godio, F Veneziano, G Perale, A Bistolfi, M Formica, I Cambieri, C Castagnoli, T Robba, L Felli, R Ferracini
Treatment of knee osteoarthritis with concentrated adipose tissue infusion: clinical results and histological observations

Page 83: R Aaron
Is osteoarthritis a vascular disease?

Page 84: S Shimomura, H Inoue, Y Arai, S Nakagawa, S Tsuchida, S Ichimaru, Y Fujii, O Mazda, T Kubo
The effects of treadmill exercise at a single time on knee articular cartilage in vivo

Page 85: EL Steinberg, Y Warschawski, J Elis, D Rotman, G Rachevsky, S Factor, M Salai, T Ben-Tov
Financial impact and effect on the outcome of preoperative tests for at-risk older hip fracture patients

Page 86: K Spanoudes, S Rana, E Yilmaz, S Rana, Y Bayon, DI Zeugolis
Electrospinning-based modular constructs for tendon and cartilage tissue engineering

Page 87: S Negri, D Regis, A Sandri, I Bonetti1, B Magnan
A minimum of 10-years follow-up of femoral revision with the wagner tapered stem

Page 88: S Negri, D Regis, A Sandri, A Valentini, B Magnan
A minimum of 10-years follow-up of femoral revision with the wagner tapered stem

Page 89: S Deo, Z Kiraly, A Selby, L Williams
Documented differences in pre-operative pain subtypes and outcome effects in knee replacement patients

Page 90: S Deo
Application of complexity science principles to clinical orthopaedic practice. The swindon complexity score

Page 91: T Tomita, H Hayashi, S Jian, T Ishibashi, M Tamaki, H Nakagami, H Yoshikawa
Confirmation of hla-b27 transgenic rats as a spondyloarthritis model

Page 92: T Spalding, C Stevenson, J Holz, T Jung, C Kösters, M Lind, L Konradsen, M Polacek, P Verdonk, P Emans, K Eriksson, M Högström
Clinical results of an individualised mini-metal implant for focalcartilage lesions in the knee

Page 93: T Seki, H Ogasa, K Seki, T Imagama, A Tokusige
The evaluation of reliability in quadrant method for the evaluation of femoral tunnel position after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Page 94: V Glatt
Intramedullary pin stability affects the pattern of fracture healing in mice with different size marrow canals

Page 95: Y Kubo, G Motomura, T Utsunomiya, M Fujii, K Sonoda, S Ikemura, S Hamai, J Fukushi, Y Nakashima
Effects of acetabular abnormalities on the fracture site of non-traumatic subchondral fracture of the femoral head

Page 96: Y Fujii, H Inoue, Y Arai, S Nakagawa, S Tsuchida, S Shimomura, O Mazda, T Kubo
Histological evaluation of treadmill running on knee joint of rat arthritis model

Page 97: Y Takakubo, J Ito, H Oki, R Momma, H Kawaji, K Sasaki, M Ishii, M Takagi
Infections are increased as the cause of revision total hip arthroplasties in the super-aging area in northern Japan

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