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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2017, Collection 3

2017 Annual Meeting
Empa, St.Gallen, 17-18th May 2017

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Abstracts of presentations


Page 1: HJ Busscher
Advances in antimicrobial biomaterials

Page 2: C Acikgoz, MH Lindic, O Jarry, H Rudigier
Anti-microbial PVD coatings

Page 3: J Moeller, V Vogel
Mechanoregulation of bacterial phagocytosis and surface colonization

Page 4: M Morgenstern, H Eckardt, WJ Metsemarkers
Biomaterials in prophylaxis and treatment of orthopaedic device-related infections

Oral Preseatation

Page 5: MT Buhmann, DAbt, O Nolte, A Neels, B Gutt, Q Ren
Antifouling materials: analysis of the in vivo setting for improved, predictive in vitro biofilm models

Page 6: SL Abram, N Hérault, KM Fromm
Ag nanoencapsulation for antimicrobial coatings

Page 7: K Thompson, S Petkov, S Zeiter, CM Sprecher, A Baumann, RG Richards, TF Moriarty, H Eijer
Gentamicin loading of calcium phosphate-coated implants prevents experimental Staphylococcus aureus device-associated infection in vivo

Page 8: F Rölli, S Kötzsch, F Hammes
Growth condition targeted approach for biofilm prevention

Page 9: J Puetzler, S. Zeiter, A Vallejo, D Gehweiler, RG Richards, TF Moriarty
Influence of early versus delayed antibiotic intervention on treatment of Staphylococcus aureus fracture-related infection in rabbits.

Page 10: M Gontsarik, MT Buhmann, A Yaghmur, Q Ren, K Maniura-Weber, S Salentinig
Nanocarriers for antimicrobial peptides to fight bacteria and superbugs

Page 11: O Sterner, C Mathis, S Goehl, P Kugelmeier, S Zürcher, SG Tosatti
Stem Cells React on Form and Surface – Biological Principles Demand New Platforms for Regenerative Medicine

Page 12: VA Stadelmann, K Camenisch, K Thompson, U Eberli, S Zeiter, TF Moriarty
A standardized rat model for monitoring bone changes in implant-related osteomyelitis with fully automated in vivo microCT image processing workflow.

Page 13: AG Guex, DJ Poxson, G Fortunato, DT Simon, K Maniura-Weber, RM Rossi, M Rottmar
Electrospun scaffolds with organic electronic ion pumps – Novel wound dressings to target skin fibrosis

Page 14: D Petta, DW Grijpma, A Armiento, D Eglin, M D’Este
Tyramine modified hyaluronic acid ink for 3D-printed cellularized construct

Page 15: M D'Este, A Plumecoq, M Alini, G Demazeau
High hydrostatic pressure for decontamination of soft biomaterials

Page 16: E Cavalli, N Broguiere, LA Applegate, M Zenobi-Wong
An explant model to study the adhesion and chondrogenic potential of injectable scaffolds for cartilage repair

Page 17: FS Passini, KD Ferrari, AS Saab, S Caprara, B Weber, JG Snedeker
Calcium signaling in tendons: an early response to mechanical loading

Page 18: Q Vallmajo-Martin, A Negro, M Lutolf, M Ehrbar
Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells actively participate in the recruitment of murine hematopoietic stem cells in bioengineered minimalistic bone marrows

Page 56: Le Gars Santoni, C Stähli, N Döbelin, M Bohner
Non-congruent dissolution of copper-doped b-tricalcium phosphate

Rapid Fire Presentation

Page 19: E Mulky, D Hegemann, G Fortunato, J Sague, K Maniura, M Frenz, R Luginbuehl
Functionalization of poly lactic acid surfaces with Ca-complexing groups for bone cement applications

Page 20: O Guillaume , X Zhang , RG Richards, T Peijs, D Eglin, J Gautrot
Hybrid polymeric structure for drug delivery purpose adaptable to photo-crosslinkable resin

Page 21: A Mertgen, AG Guex, G Faccio, G Fortunato, RM Rossi, M Rottmar, K Maniura-Weber
Enhancing endothelialisation of electrospun membranes via biofunctionalization for a bioinspired blood material interface

Page 22: P Behrendt, S Lippross, RG Richards, M. Alini, D Eglin, AR Armiento
Tyramine-modified hyaluronan hydrogel for human chondrocyte encapsulation: cell viability, rheological and bioadhesive properties

Page 23: M Petrović, D Bonvin, H Hofmann, M Mionić Ebersold
Fungicidal PMMA-undecylenic acid composites


Page 24: AD Schoenenberger, U Silvan, J Foolen, JG Snedeker
Matrix topography regulates tendon-derived cell response to paracrine macrophage signalling

Page 25: T Serra, V Bonfante, D Manno, A Serra, L Salvatore, A Buccolieri, G Giancane
Development of conductive collagen via magnetically oriented nanoparticles

Page 26: K Mukaddam, J Spicher, M Astasov-Frauenhoffer, I Hauser-Gerspach, J Köser, T Glatzel, M Kisiel, D Mathys, R Steiner, E Meyer, L Marot, S Kühl
Antibacterial and cell-adhesive effects of bio-inspired nanostructured materials

Page 27: R Huber, M Rottmar, E Müller, K Maniura-Weber, ND Spencer
Protein adsorption, blood interaction, and cell studies on nanoparticle gradients

Page 28: J Koeser, P Meier, A Romanyuk, J Bercher, U Pieles
Antimicrobial efficacy evaluation of copper coated glass items for use at ambient conditions – lessons learned

Page 29: M Astasov-Frauenhoffer, A Zimmermann, T Waltimo, I Hauser-Gerspach, C Jung
Antibacterial effect of copper functionalized titanium implants on oral bacteria

Page 30: SG Rotman, DW Grijpma, TF Moriarty, RG Richards, D Eglin, O Guillaume
Poly(ε-caprolactone) particulate carrier systems for antibiotic drug delivery applications

Page 31: E Müller, M Rottmar, S Guimond, UTobler, M Stephan, S Berner, K Maniura
The interplay of surface chemistry and (nano-)topography defines the osseointegrative potential of Roxolid® dental implant surfaces

Page 32: C Levinson, E Cavalli, N Broguiere, LA Applegate, M Zenobi-Wong
Towards an injectable, growth factor-loaded hydrogel for cartilage repair

Page 33: M D'Este, W Boot, F Moriarty, T Schmid, S Zeiter, RG Richards, D Eglin
Treatment of chronic implant-related infection in sheep in a single stage revision by local gentamicin delivery with a thermoresponsive hyaluronan hydrogel.

Page 34: L Power, MA Asnaghi, D Wendt, I Martin
Identifying cells with Raman spectroscopy to develop a quality control for tissue engineered cartilage

Page 35: CM Sprecher, F Schmidutz, S Milz, D Schiuma, M Windolf, RG Richards, AW Popp
Increasing porosity correlates with decreasing T-scores in the distal tibia of postmenopausal women

Page 36: P Wahl, CM Sprecher, C Brüning, C Meier, E Gautier, TF Moriarty3
Bony integration of porous tantalum despite ongoing infection: histologic workup of an explanted shoulder prosthesis

Page 37: D Hegemann, M Amberg, M Vandenbossche, Q Ren, H Damsir, F Bourgeois
Antibacterially active parylene coatings

Page 38: M Merk, C Adlhart
Porous, ultralight 3D tubular scaffolds from short electrospun nanofibers

Page 39: B Gutt, Q Ren, I Hauser-Gerspach, P Kardas, S Stübinger, M Astasov-Frauenhoffer, T Waltimo
Beneficial oral biofilms as an effective tool to maintain a balanced oral microbial community

Page 40: L Neu, F Hammes
Stable drinking water until the point of use – towards a probiotic approach for polymeric materials in building plumbing installations

Page 41: RM Martell, K Bircher, E Vardar, HM Larsson, EM Balet, G Vythilingam, E Mazza, P Frey
Characterization of an engineered collagen scaffold for bladder augmentation

Page 42: AA Hussien, CN Holenstein, JG Snedeker
The interplay of extracellular matrix glycation and inflammation in diabetic tendinopathy

Page 43: S Guimond-Lischer, C Acikgoz, MH Lindic, F Zuber, B Gutt, K Grieder, Q Ren, M Rottmar, K Maniura-Weber
Silver ion doped TiN coatings with antibacterial and cytocompatible properties

Page 44: A Holzheu, A Crochet, KM Fromm
Boc(βala)2N2H3 and its interaction with silver

Page 45: A Pardo, E Ilic, P Schmutz, T Suter, K Thorwarth, R Hauert
Advances in lifetime predictions of DLC coated articulating implants

Page 46: V Patrulea, LA Applegate, G Borchard, O Jordan
Wound bandages and gels functionalized with peptide-displaying nanocomplexes for healing promotion

Page 47: R Ziadlou, S Grad, M Stoddart, W Xinluan, Q Ling, A Barbero, I Martin, M Alini
The anabolic and anti-inflammatory effects of biological small molecules for treatment of osteoarthritis

Page 48: A Wäckerlin, E Külah1, M Amberg, T Niessen, P Rupper, D Hegemann, Y Romanyuk,
A Tiwari
Easy-to-clean coating based on vapour-deposited trialkoxyfluorosilane

Page 49: W Boot, D Gawlitta, Evan Genderen, JG Kusters, MB Ekkelenkamp, AC Fluit, JPM Vlooswijk, WJA Dhert, HC Vogely
FISH-based detection of bacteria in orthopedic implant-related infections

Page 50: H Straub, HJ Zhang, K Maniura-Weber, RM Rossi, Q Ren
A microfluidics-based approach to investigate the factors influencing the initial phase of bacterial adhesion on surfaces

Page 51: M Petrović, H Hofmann, M Mionić Ebersold
PMMA-oleic acid composites as Candida biofilm repellent

Page 52: R Kaufmann, M Carrel, MA Beltran, VL Morales, M Holzner
Application of Lab-based X-ray Micro-CT for Visualizing Bacterial Biofilms with Non-Destructive Contrast Enhancing Agents

Page 53: C Griffoni, B Sentürk, M Rottmar, K Maniura
An in vitro model for evaluating novel skin wound healing therapies

Page 54: R Weishaupt, L Heuberger, G Faccio, G Siqueira, T Zimmermann, K Maniura-Weber
Engineering biomolecules for advanced nanocellulose based antimicrobial coatings


Page 55: P Gruner, W Moser, M Wittwer, J Rüegg, H Holeczek, O Braissant, K Maniura, M de Wild
An inorganic antimicrobial surface modification for orthopaedic implants

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file