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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2016, Collection 5
July 2016

Abstracts of the 16th Annual Meeting of the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society
University College London, 4-6 July 2016

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Oral presentations

Page 1: R Assi, TR Foster, H He, K Stamati, S Homer-Vanniasinkam, U Cheema, A Dardik
Delivery of mesenchymal stem cells in biomimetic engineered scaffolds promotes healing of diabetic ulcers

Page 2: E Stride, J Owen, C McEwan, E Beguin, H Nesbitt, M Borden, A McHale, J Callan
Oxygen microbubbles for reducing tissue hypoxia

Page 3: S Li, M Nelson, MM Stevens, JR Jones
Development of 3D printed silica-gelatin hybrid scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering – effect of material geometry on cartilaginous matrix formation

Page 4: AK Kureshi, C Putri, JB Phillips, JL Funderburgh, JT Daniels
RAFT tissue equivalents: 3D biomimetic disease tissue model of keratoconus

Page 5: R Ribeiro, AM Ferreira, M Benning, D Pal, D Jamieson, KS Rankin, K Dalgarno
Single cell encapsulation based bio-inks for inkjet bioprinting

Page 6: W Nishio Ayre, RJ Waddington, SL Evans, DJ Mason, B Evans, JC Birchall, R Morgan-Jones, SP Denyer, AJ Sloan
Delivery of osteogenic liposomal bone morphogenetic protein-2 from poly(methyl methacrylate) bone cement

Page 7: A Al-Qarakhli, AJ Sloan, R Moseley, RJ Waddington
The influence of a hyperglycemic environment on the osteogenic and adipogenic potential of mesenchymal stem cell populations

Page 8: A Raza, HE Colley, E Baggaley, N Green, S Botchway, JA Weinstein, S MacNeil, JW Haycock
Optical measurement of oxygen concentration in melanoma spheroid and skin engineered models

Page 9: L Zilic, SP Wilshaw, JB Phillips, JW Haycock
Development of an acellular porcine peripheral nerve graft

Page 10: PJ Taylor, NH Williams, JW Haycock
‘Dip and dry’ micropattern capable bioactive surface coatings for modulating biomaterial associated inflammation

Page 11: CK Hagen, P Maghsoudlou, G Totonelli, PC Diemoz, M Endrizzi, A Bravin, P De Coppi, A Olivo
X-ray phase contrast computed tomography as a new imaging modality for three-dimensional, non-destructive analyses of tissue engineering scaffolds

Page 12: SD Rawson, T Shearer, M O’Brien, T Lowe, JKF Wong, L Margetts, SH Cartmell
Tendon repair techniques; stress analysis using CT imaging and FE modelling

Page 13: TP Burton, A Callanan
Engineering the kidney: The effects of scaffold architecture

Page 14: C Selden, J Bundy, E Erro, S Modi, S Chalmers, B Fuller, H Hodgson, D Kahn, D Thomson, G Chinnery, M Miller, N Mankahla, A Isaacs, R Lucas, I Botes, G Dankers, H Ilsley, L Loo, R Ginsburg, W Spearman
A BioArtificial Liver machine to treat patients with acute liver failure: pivotal results in a pre-clinical trial

Page 15: L Morgan, A Peters, AJ Shortt, S Tuft, JT Daniels
Safety of real architecture for 3D tissues – tissue equivalent in the live cornea

Page 16: RD Bartlett, D Choi, JB Phillips
Mapping the viscoelastic mechanical properties of spinal cord tissue: implications for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering in the CNS

Page 17: E Erro, J Bundy, S Modi, S Chalmers, B Fuller, H Hodgson, C Selden
UCL-BAL: Development of three-dimensional mammalian cell culture at clinical scale

Page 18: D Kumar, VL Workman, K Ragunath, A Saiani, FRAJ Rose, JE Gough
A postoperative treatment for Barrett’s oesophagus using injectable, self assembling peptides

Page 19: S Mobini, K Srirussamee, R Xue, Ü Talts, R Balint, NJ Cassidy, SH Cartmell
Changes in human mesenchymal stem cells behaviours in low-voltage direct current electrical field

Page 20: DS Singh, E Albadawi, A Harding, F Boissonade, JW Haycock, F Claeyssens
Novel PGSm nerve guidance conduits for peripheral nerve repair in vivo

Page 21: G Kennedy, RH Coy, C Kayal, C O’Rourke, PJ Kingham, RJ Shipley, JB Phillips
In vitro experiments to inform cell seeding strategies and parameterize a mathematical model for peripheral nerve repair

Page 22: P Mistry, A Aied, M Alexander, K Shakesheff, A Bennett, J Yang
Bioprinting using mechanically robust core-shell cell-laden hydrogel fibres

Page 23: OG Davies, LM Grover, MP Lewis, Y Liu
PDGF is a potent osteogenic factor that can be modulated by TNF-alpha and IL-1 in a bioengineered model of skeletal muscle

Page 24: R Grant, D Hay, A Callanan
Engineering the extracellular matrix for a three-dimensional liver organoid

Page 25: J Pape, M Emberton, U Cheema
Development of a biomimetic tissue-engineered colorectal cancer model investigating invasion patterns and angiogenesis

Page 26: CMAP Schuh, D Hercher, M Stainer, R Hopf, A Teuschl, R Schmidhammer, H Redl
Improved Schwann cell isolation and culture after extracorporeal shockwave treatment

Page 27: A Glen, A Castanon, C Evans, L Zilic, F Claeyssens, JW Haycock
Development of a peripheral nerve bio-substrate for neural regeneration

Page 28: SD Webb, I Sorrell, RJ Shipley, S Regan, I Gardner, MP Storm, M Ellis, K Luetchford, J Ward, P Sharma, J Firman, D Williams
Mathematical modelling of a liver hollow fibre bioreactor

Page 29: WJ Vas, M Shah, TS Blacker, MR Duchen, P Sibbons, SJ Roberts
The development of decellularised cartilage scaffolds as a novel biomimetic implant for the treatment of non-union bone defects

Page 30: MP Hanga, K Coopman, AW Nienow, CJ Hewitt
Perfluorocarbons – potential for successful expansion of bone marrow-derived human mesenchymal stem cells in a liquid/liquid two phase system

Page 31: A Aladdad, L Sidney, A Hopkinson, C Alexander, FRAJ Rose
Extended culture and passage of primary human corneal stromal stem cells (hCSSCs) on 3D thermo-responsive co-electrospun scaffolds

Page 32: E Budyn, M Bensidhoum, S Sanders, E Schmidt, P Tauc, E Deprez, H Petite
Bone-on-chip to study osteocyte mechano-transduction and ECM formation

Page 33: MC Turner, NRW Martin, DJ Player, MP Lewis
The molecular response of fibrin tissue engineered skeletal muscle constructs to electrical pulse stimulation (EPS)

Page 34: Y Reinwald, PO Bagnaninchi, W Gamal, Y Yang, YM Baba Ismail, AJ El Haj
Linking bioreactor technology with optical coherence tomography to monitor mechanical properties of tissue engineered constructs

Page 35: K Sanen, W Martens, T Vangansewinkel, M Georgiou, M Ameloot, I Lambrichts, J Phillips
Engineered neural tissue with human dental pulp stem cells: potential for peripheral nerve repair?

Page 36: RH Coy, G Kennedy, C Kayal, C O’Rourke, PJ Kingham, JB Phillips, RJ Shipley
A mathematical model informed by in vitro experiments to advance engineered nerve repair construct design

Page 37: LE Sidney, A Hopkinson
Investigation into the importance of maintaining CD34 expression in the therapeutic potential of corneal stroma-derived stem cells

Page 38: T Upton, E Britchford, G Kirkham, J Ware, G Gibson, A Carstairs, P Genever, Y Devaud, M Ehrbar, LDK Buttery, M Padgett, S Allen, KM Shakesheff
Using holographic optical tweezers as a tool to investigate cellular interactions

Page 39: LA Ruiz Cantu, A Gleadall, C Faris, J Segal, K Shakesheff, J Yang
3D Bioprinting of mechanically strong chondrocyte-laden constructs for major nose reconstruction

Page 40: S Roman, N Mangir, V Hearnden
Angiogenic potential of adipose derived stem cells compared to the stromal vascular fraction

Page 41: C O’Rourke, T Eriksson, JB Phillips
Development of an in vitro model of reactive gliosis using stabilized collagen gels with defined and monitored stiffness environments

Page 42: D Delcassian, O Qutachi, K Shakesheff
Directing T cell phenotype with multi-functional biomaterials

Page 43: SL Waters
Mathematical models for tissue engineering

Page 44: E Prina, J Yang, R Wildman, FRAJ Rose
Laser fabrication of 3D limbal epithelial crypts: a first step towards cornea regeneration

Poster presentations

Page 45: HM Abu Awwad, KM Shakesheff, JE Dixon
Controlled release of get peptides and enhanced intracellular delivery of therapeutics

Page 46: A Aied, A Sigen, K Shakesheff, W Wang, J Yang
3D Biofabrication of soft tissue: Material challenges

Page 47: J Caldeira, M Molinos, H Osório, C Santa, B Manadas, R Gonçalves, R Seruca, M Barbosa
Decoding matrisome changes during development and ageing: on the path to IVD regeneration

Page 48: T Zhou, ED McCarthy, C Soutis, SH Cartmell
Synthesis and characterisation of novel bio-scaffolds using layered double hydroxide-carbonate and lactone monomers

Page 49: F Al-Dabbagh, D Musson, S Sapru, V Clerehugh, M Kellett, J Cornish, A Ghosh, SC Kundu, XB Yang
The potential of using human periodontal ligament cells and silk scaffolds for in vitro periodontal tissue regeneration

Page 50: GS Mandair, P Steenhuis, MD Morris
Bone-forming potential of calvarial-derived progenitor cells

Page 51: C Haury, A Wescott, D Beeby, B Austin, SQ Jones, WN Ayre, R Waddington, AJ Sloan
Attachment of bacteria involved in peri-implantitis to titanium and cobalt chromium

Page 52: S Schaepermeier, S Buesch, J Langer, K Atze, T D’Souza, L Hussain, V Vogel, J Schroeder
Cell culture and cell analysis using the real architecture for 3D tissue (RAFT™) culture system

Page 53: T Eriksson, S Fedele, RM Day, V Salih
Mechanical properties of tissue engineered bone-like tumour models

Page 54: K Wright, S Francis, JW Haycock
Developing a co-culture model to investigate fibroblast involvement in vascular inflammation

Page 55: MH Amer, FR Rose, LJ White, KM Shakesheff
Comprehensive evaluation of the impact of injectable delivery on mesenchymal stem cells: Finding the winning combination

Page 56: SA Khaghani, F Sefat, M Youseffi, R Rehman, CF Soon, G Akbarova
Effect of transforming growth factor-β on up/down regulation of integrin-β1 in primary chondrocyte culture

Page 57: M Pavlou, TWR Briggs, P Gikas, SJ Roberts, U Cheema
Development and optimisation of a 3-D in vitro model of osteosarcoma

Page 58: M Behbehani, A Glen, C Taylor, A Schuhmacher, JW Haycock
Development of a 3D neuronal-culture model for peripheral nerve studies

Page 59: FS Abukar, IB Wall
Towards the development of robust and meaningful potency assays for MSCs

Page 60: EP Everett, R Waddington, A Paul, AJ Sloan
Antimicrobial hydrogels for the control of pulpal infection to facilitate regenerative endodontics

Page 61: YH Martin, S Cutler, RA Brown, AD Metcalfe
Compressed collagen for the delivery of autologous keratinocytes on microcarriers to severe burn wounds

Page 62: E Roldán, ND Reeves, G Cooper, K Andrews
Influence of solvent concentration on morphology, topography and mechanical properties of gelatin electrospun nanofibers: Analysis of induced cell behaviour

Page 63: D Kong, S di Cio, K Nguyen, JE Gautrot
Cells sense the nanoscale geometry and mechanical properties of their matrix

Page 64: J Bratt, A El Haj, N Forsyth, P Wu
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia: an in vitro model

Page 65: X Lim, J Dye, H Ye, Z Cui
Smart scaffolds: Utilizing a microfluidic hydrogel platform to synthesize gelatin-based microchannel dermal scaffolds to enhance vascularisation

Page 66: DA Qassim, H Colley, GC Reilly
The effect of xeno-free media on human MSC viability and differentiation for bone tissue engineering

Page 67: GM Dougill, P Nadipi-Reddy, K Andrews, ND Reeves, C LeMaitre, G Cooper
Experimental measurement of energy dissipation in healthy and degenerate intervertebral discs

Page 68: X Lim, J Dye, H Ye, Z Cui
Evaluation of electrospun scaffolds as biocompatible epidermal carrier delivery system

Page 69: GE Melling, SJ Avery, SL Evans, RJ Waddington, AJ Sloan
Nanocarrier delivery of antimicrobial and bioactive matrices for dental tissue repair

Page 70: C Hamilton, A Callanan
Paracrine factors immobilised on collagen enhances endothelial cell function

Page 71: C Walsh, N Ovenden, E Stride, U Cheema
Bubble-cell interactions in collagen hydrogels

Page 72: P Shellard, D Kumar, F Fei, C Blanford, J Gough
Functionalised graphene layer-by-layer constructs as support for NIH-3T3 fibroblasts and implications in wound-healing applications

Page 73: JM Silva, E Erro, J Bundy, S Chalmers, T Mukhopadhyay, B Fuller, C Selden
Development of a small scale fluidised bed bioreactor for encapsulated cell systems to be tested simultaneously, thereby speeding up the R&D process

Page 74: J Gonzalez-Molina, B Fuller, C Selden
Extracellular fluid viscosity enhances cell-substrate interaction and impacts on cell size and morphology

Page 75: R Gater, T Ipek, S Bhunia, D Nguyen, AJ El Haj, Y Yang
Investigation of the effect of growth factors and inhibitors on fibroblasts in a glaucoma conjunctival model

Page 76: I Nawi, VL Workman, AF Miller, SH Cartmell, A Saiani
The presence of charge and arginine in self assembling peptide hydrogels affects initial cells morphology

Page 77: R Wood, M Georgiou, J dos Reis, I Wall
Investigating the interaction between olfactory fibroblasts and olfactory ensheathing cells in co-culture

Page 78: DR Marques, D Kumar, G Crichton, YA Kharaz, E Comerford, JE Gough
Anterior cruciate ligamentocyte response to electrospun scaffolds decorated with fibrillin

Page 79: CS Taylor, R Chen, JA Hunt, J Curran, JW Haycock
The use of modified amino-silane coatings for use in peripheral nerve tissue engineering

Page 80: M Hollingworth, J Ware, L Buttery
Osteoblast chemotaxis: differential responses to PDGF-BB and TGF-B1 at defined stages of differentiation

Page 81: A Mujeeb, G Saint-Pierre
The power of bespoke biocompatible and biodegradable hydrogels with tailored properties and functionalities

Page 82: C Adams, A Delaney, D Carwardine, N Granger, D Chari
Engineering canine olfactory cell grafts using magnetic particle mediated delivery of therapeutic genes: Implications for canine spinal injury

Page 83: C Kayal, R Shipley, JB Phillips
Effect of collagen gel concentration gradients on neurite elongation

Page 84: L Thanabalasundaram, L Stevanato, AGE Day, C Murray-Dunning, E Grace, G Cameron, J Sinden, JB Phillips
Viability and phenotype of differentiated CTX human neural stem cells in aligned RAFT-stabilised collagen hydrogels for nerve tissue engineering

Page 85: FAA Ruiter, C Alexander, FRAJ Rose, J Segal
A Design of Experiments (DoE) approach to identify the key fibre morphology influencing parameter interactions of electrospun scaffolds

Page 86: J Appelt, AD Metcalfe, GJ Phillips,Y H Martin
Macroporous microporous scaffold for adipose tissue reconstruction

Page 87: JSL Kirk, RM Hall, JB Phillips, G Tronci, D Wood, RM Hall, JL Tipper
Development of a synthetic hydrogel system with tuneable mechanical properties to support a 3D spinal cord injury model

Page 88: SA Smith, HE Colley, P Sharma, RJ Shipley, J Madden, M Cronin, SD Webb, C Murdoch
Functional expression of xenobiotic metabolising enzymes in human skin and tissue engineered skin equivalents

Page 89: M Plotczyk, KS Bhangra, JB Phillips
Engineered neural tissue model of the Schwann cell response to hypoxia in vitro

Page 90: J dos Reis, M Georgiou, I Wall
Development of in vitro assays for functional testing of OECs for neural regeneration

Page 91: F Busuttil, MP Hughes, KS Bhangra, PJ Kingham, JB Phillips, AA Rahim
Enhancing peripheral nerve repair through tissue engineering and gene transfer

Page 92: CS Taylor, A Glen, F Claeyssens, JW Haycock
The use of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) as a material for peripheral nerve repair and nerve guide tissue engineering

Page 93: A Sanghani Kerai, M Coathup, S Samazideh, P Kalia, L Di Silvio, G Blunn
CXCR4 improves the migration of stem cells from osteopenic animals

Page 94: RN Pradhan, J Pape, M Pavlou, JB Phillips, U Cheema
Three-dimensional tumour models to study metastatic cancer invasion through aligned stroma

Page 95: A Sanghani Kerai, M Coathup, L Osagie, S Samazideh, G Blunn
Osteoporosis and ageing affects stem cell function and migration

Page 96: RJ Shipley, SD Webb, J Madden, S Smith, P Sharma, M Cronin, HE Colley, C Murdoch
Mathematical modelling predicts the spatial distribution of metabolism in skin

Page 97: JM Page, LS Kimpton, JP Whiteley, SE Dunphy, AJ El Haj, SL Waters
Modelling indentation testing of hydrogel discs for use in tissue engineering

Page 98: R Xue, S Mobini, S Cartmell
A comparative study evaluating the ability of electro-bioreactors to deliver electric field for tissue engineering by finite element modelling

Page 99: JA Morales-Valencia, J Flores-Estrada, MV Flores-Merino
Poly(ethylene glycol) and chitosan hydrogels as scaffolds for soft tissue engineering applications

Page 100: K Srirussamee, S Mobini, SH Cartmell
Effect of direct electrical stimulation on pH changes and viability of human mesenchymal stem cells

Page 101: J Helliwell, D Thomas, V Papathanasiou, S Homer-Vanniasinkam, E Ingham
Development of a decellularised porcine dermis for cutaneous wound healing

Page 102: J Niu, J Henckel, A Hart, M Tamaddon, C Liu
Cysts and low subchondral bone mineral density: are they relevant to cartilage damage?

Page 103: RA Unadkat, M Riehle, R Burchmore, A Hart
Growth by stretch: an interdisciplinary approach to improve current practice

Page 104: JR Henstock, JCFA Price, AJ El Haj
Mesenchymal stem cells differentiate in response to dynamic pressure

Page 105: J Zabala Mancebo, LS Wong, JA Hunt, JM Curran, SM Richardson
Nanofabricated cell culture surfaces to control self-renewal and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells

Page 106: AJ Capel, M Smith, M Haghighi-Abyaneh, RW Kay, RA Harris, SDR Christie, MP Lewis
Aerosol jetting of conductive polymer coatings for neuronal stimulation

Page 107: LAB Ferreras, KM Shakesheff, JE Dixon
Characterising the enhanced intracellular delivery of magnetic nanoparticles by GET

Page 108: A Fotticchia, R Wong, LA Bosworth, J Wong, S Cartmell
Study on suitable contrasting agents to resolve murine tendon internal structure with microCT

Page 109: MM Pardo-Figuerez, NRW Martin, DJ Player, AJ Capel, SDR Christie, MP Lewis
Neuronal wiring in vitro: Chemical patterns for neuronal guidance

Page 110: S Hollings, Y Hancock, DJ Wood, AC Hannon, PG Genever, RA Martin
Neutron diffraction to determine the short range order of strontium apatite-wollastonite bioactive glass

Page 111: SE Thomson, C Charalambous, M Syntouka, R Wallace, B Nottelet, AM Hart, PJ Kingham, MO Riehle
Bioengineering a 3-D nerve conduit to enhance nerve regeneration

Page 112: L Thiagarajan, KM Shakesheff, JE Dixon
Directed differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells by delivering transcription factors using GET system

Page 113: M Tamaddon, G Blunn, C Liu
3D printed PLA/collagen hybrid scaffolds for bone-cartilage interface tissue engineering

Page 114: MD Humphreys, SM Richardson, JA Hoyland
Development of a novel notochordal cell culture system for long term in vitro population expansion and survival

Page 115: NC Foster, H Markides, E Hassan, AJ El Haj
Tagging mechanoreceptors for promoting chondrogenesis

Page 116: C Lee-Reeves, JB Phillips, C O’Rourke
Improving disease modelling for neurodegenerative drug development using engineered neural tissue with human iPSCs

Page 117: KM Moisley, G Tronci, S Russel, E Jones, P Giannoudis
Bone repair using collagen membranes and autologous cells: Comparison between bone marrow aspirate and platelet-rich plasma

Page 118: K Bondarenko, M Riehle, S Thomson
EPAC: a pharmaceutical target for enhanced peripheral nerve regeneration?

Page 119: N Jetter, S Thomson, M Syntouka, A Hart, M Riehle, P Kingham
The impact of surface topography on adipose derived stem cell proliferation and differentiation towards a Schwann cell like phenotype

Page 120: AG Kay, G Long, J Middleton, O Kehoe
Mesenchymal stem cell and MSC conditioned medium influence T cell differentiation to moderate immune responses in antigen induced arthritis

Page 121: AH Shamsah, SM Richardson, SH Cartmell, LA Bosworth
Mimicking the annulus fibrosus with electrospun nanofibre scaffolds

Page 122: GZ Teoh, M Kasimatis, A Darbyshire, W Song, BG Cousins, MA Birchall
Development of resorbable nanocomposite polymers for paediatric airway tissue engineering

Page 123: RP Harrison, J Thurman-Newell, N Medcalf, J Petzing, QA Rafiq
Cell microfactories: Manufacturing cell-based therapeutics

Page 124: DR De Silva-Thompson, J Knowles, M Micheletti, I Wall
Scalable production of tissue engineered microunits for bone regeneration using bioactive glass microspheres and dynamic culture conditions

Page 125: G Detela, A Valinhas, I Wall
Development of potency assays to assess MSCs functionality for the treatment of ischemic injury

Page 126: M Nweze, T Baker, GA Limb, RJ Shipley
Mathematical modelling as a tool to inform the design of spray systems for cell-based therapies

Page 127: TJ Callue, MJ Ellis, PA De Bank
Myoblast compatibility with a two-dimensional zein scaffold

Page 128: N Kandemir, N Jakubovics, W Vollmer, J Chen
The investigation of mechanisms about bacteria-hydrogels interactions

Page 129: T Hodgkinson, JA Hoyland, SM Richardson
Growth differentiating factor 6 receptor expression in intervertebral disc cells and mesenchymal stem cell populations – implications for stem cell therapy

Page 130: T Hodgkinson, L White, K Shakesheff, JA Hoyland, SM Richardson
Effect of controlled growth differentiating factor 6 release from PLGA microparticles on adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell differentiation towards a nucleus pulposus-like phenotype

Page 131: JS Khaw, A Nĕmcová, M Curioni, P Skeldon, C Bowen, SH Cartmell
Innovative design of an electrochemical anodisation setup for in-vitro medical applications

Page 132: J Vega, MJ Ellis
Cultured meat bioprocessing – bioreactor selection and design based on cell culture conditions and energy requirements

Page 133: C Sherborne, IU Rehman, F Claeyssens
Laser based additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques of emulsion based biomaterials

Page 134: TM Fortunato, G Pula, PA De Bank
Human platelet lysate as a bioactive scaffold coating for endothelial progenitor cell culture

Page 135: S Samizadeh, C Liu
Mesenchymal stem cells osteogenic differentiation on 3D printed titanium scaffolds

Page 136: RMH Rumney, S Lanham, L Thiagarajan, J Dixon, KM Shakesheff, ROC Oreffo
Augmentation of bone repair via delivery of pro-angiogenic, pro-osteogenic genes to human skeletal and endothelial populations.

Page 137: ID Burova, IB Wall, RJ Shipley
Mathematical modelling of oxygen, glucose and lactic acid reaction kinetics for osteoblasts and mesenchymal stem cells

Page 138: L Mohammad Hadi, E Yaghini, M Loizidou, AJ MacRobert
Photochemical internalisation in 3D compressed collagen models of breast and ovarian cancer

Page 139: JH Pang, A Darbyshire, J Tsui, BG Cousins
Chemical modification of urethane pre-polymer to enhance endothelial cell fate

Page 140: M Zegeye, P Sawadkar, Z Merchant, L Bozec, V Mudera
A novel collagen cross linker for various tissue engineering applications

Page 141: N Munir, A Callanan
The fabrication of novel phase separated PCL/collagen scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering

Page 142: K Burgess, V Workman, D Oceandy, A Saiani
Injectable peptide based hydrogels for cardiac regeneration

Page 143: KS Bhangra, AGE Day, JB Phillips
Hypothermic storage of engineered neural tissue

Page 144: RP Rimington, AJ Capel, SDR Christie, MP Lewis
Materials 3D printed via fused deposition modelling elicit myofibrillar alignment and enhanced differentiation of skeletal muscle cells in-vitro

Page 145: MLD Rayner, J Healy, JB Phillips
Using advanced 3D engineered cell cultures to analyse the effect of drugs on peripheral nerve regeneration in vitro

Page 146: A Syed, T Burnett, P Withers, A Hidalgo-Bastida
Micro-computed tomography as a correlative imaging tool for the assessment of bone morphology

Page 147: DJ Page, JI Dawson, R Mani, ROC Oreffo, CE Clarkin, ND Evans
Novel growth factor delivery using clay gels for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers

Page 148: S Huang, K Chen, Y Yang
Investigation of hydrogen sulphide effect on the reducing reperfusion injury in an acute myocardial infarction model

Page 149: A Varone, S Lesage, D Knight, F Vollrath, AM Rajnicek, W Huang
The potential of novel silk-based biomaterial in combination with growth promoting cues to promote central nervous system axonal regeneration

Page 150: R Docherty, M Riehle
Synergistic or antagonistic? The interaction between topography induced signalling and growth factor signalling in regenerating dorsal root ganglia

Page 151: M Alvarez-Paino, MR Alexander, C Alexander, K Shakesheff, D Needham, FRAJ Rose
Textured microparticles to study the influence of particulate topography on mammalian cell adhesion

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