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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2016, Collection 3

2016 SSB + RB

Annual Meeting, 20th Anniversary conference
Schulthess Clinic, June 9 and 10, 2016

Abstracts of presentations

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Invited Presentations

Page 1: WJ Stark
Translating nanotech inventions: Nanomaterial-based solutions for drinking water, human blood purification, and improved root canal fillers

Page 2: K De Bock
From muscle to endothelium and back

Page 3: SP Hoerstrup
Cell based therapies for the heart

Page 4: C Werner
Glycosaminoglycan-based polymer matrices for medical technologies

Oral Presentations

Page 5: R Lerf, C Witt, D Delfosse
Carbon reinforced carbon: Its potential as material for orthopaedic applications

Page 6: E Müller, M Rottmar, S Guimond, U Tobler, M Stephan, S Berner, K Maniura
In vitro model for developing a 3rd generation ceramic dental implant surface

Page 7: AD Schoenenberger, A Schipanski, V Malheiro, M Kucki, JG Snedeker, P Wick, K Maniura-Weber
Macrophage polarization by titanium dioxide (TiO2) particles: size matters

Page 8: Q Vallmajó-Martín, A Negro, M Lütolf, M Ehrbar
Deciphering hematopoietic stem cell niche factors in bioengineered human bone marrow models in vivo

Page 9: G Yazgan, V Tyagi, G Rotaru, M Rottmar, RM Rossi, K Maniura-Weber, G Fortunato
Steering electrospun fiber surface topography by use of Hansen solubility parameters and environmental conditions

Page 10: E Stalder, A Zumbuehl
Mechano-sensitive liposome-containing hydrogel: towards an intra articular on-demand drug delivery system

Page 11: U Blache, S Metzger, Q Vallmajo-Martin, I Martin, M Ehrbar
Transferring 3D cell biology to synthetic environments: Microvascularization in PEG hydrogels

Page 12: T Razafiarison, U Silvan, M Jovic, JG Snedeker
How surface wettability drives ligand assembly and stem cell osteogenic differentiation

Page 13: M Kesti, P Guillon, P Fisch, E Mazza, D Simmen, M Harder, T Linder, M Zenobi-Wong
Bioprinting patient-specific auricular grafts

Page 14: A Schmocker, A Khoushabi, DA Frauchiger, C Schizas, B Gantenbein, PE Bourban, C Moser, DP Pioletti
In situ photopolymerized composite hydrogels for implants: application to a nucleus pulposus replacement

Page 15: MD Dominietto, G Verona-Rinati, C Verona, B Müller, G Magrin
Biocompatibility and MRI imaging of radiation microdosimeter

Page 16: VYF Leung, M Karapetkova, T Brusa, D Abler, B Osmani, T Töpper, FM Weiss, E Fattorini, L Brügger, C Gingert, P Büchler, B Müller
Biomimetic implants based on smart materials for severe incontinence treatment

Page 17: C Stüdle, A Barbero, M Centola, S Metzger, M Ehrbar, I Martin
Direct induction of endochondral ossification of human bone marrow- derived mesenchymal stromal cells in a functionalized hydrogel system

Page 18: E Öztürk, Ø Arlov, G Skjak-Braek, M Zenobi-Wong
Biomimetic sulfated hydrogels suppress IL-1β-mediated inflammation in human articular chondrocytes

Page 19: D Petta, CM Sprecher, DW Grijpma, D Eglin, M D'Este
Exploiting enzymatic-visible light dual-gelation for 3D printing of tyramine-modified hyaluronan

Page 20: G Vadalà, M D'Este, F Russo, M Alini, D Eglin, R Giordano, V Denaro
A hyaluronic acid / platelet rich plasma hydrogel for mesenchymal stem cells delivery to the intervertebral disc: rheological and biological characterization

Poster Presentations

Page 21: J Buschmann, E Balli, SC Hess, WJ Stark, P Cinelli, S Märsmann, M Welti, W Weder, W Jungraitmayr
Adipose-derived stem cell seeded biominerizable nanocomposite for chest wall repair: suppression of inflammatory response in a murine model

Page 22: O Evrova, GM Bürgisser, M Calcagni, C Scalera, E Bachmann, J Snedeker, P Giovanoli, V Vogel, J Buschmann
Bioactive, elastic and biodegradable double – layered emulsion electrospun DegraPol tube delivering PDGF-BB for tendon rupture repair: in vitro and in vivo assessment

Page 23: M Lee, H Lee
Mussel-inspired chemistry for long-term in vitro maintenance of human pluripotent stem cells

Page 24: M Müller, E Öztürk, Ø Arlov, P Gatenholm, M Zenobi-Wong
Alginate-sulfate nanocellulose bioinks for cartilage bioprinting application

Page 25: GA ter Boo, T Schmid, I Zderic, DW Grijpma, RG Richards, D Eglin, TF Moriarty
Efficacy of a thermo-responsive hyaluronan based hydrogel containing gentamicin in an in vivo fracture model with plating osteosynthesis and S. aureus contamination

Page 26: M Rubert, JR Vetsch, I Lehtoviita, M Sommer, AR Studart, R Müller, S Hofmann
Scaffold architecture influences the outcome of dynamic bone tissue engineering cultures

Page 27: C Wyss, A Khoushabi, B Caglar, D Pioletti, PE Bourban
Influence of swelling on the fatigue behaviour of composite hydrogel for disc implant

Page 28: A La Gatta, R Salzillo, L Corsuto, A D’agostino, M De Rosa, C Schiraldi
A study for the optimization of hyaluronan-based eye drops

Page 29: J Pasquale, MGM Marascio, JA Månson, D Pioletti, PE Bourban
Correlation between viscosity and 3D printing quality of polylactide structures

Page 30: C Bikis, L Degrugillier, H Deyhle, G Schulz, G Schweighauser, J Hench, B Müller, S Madduri, SE Hieber
Using laboratory μCT for assessing peripheral nerve regeneration

Page 31: M Buscema, H Deyhle, T Pfohl, SE Hieber, S Matviykiv, A Zumbuehl, B Müller
Studying shear-stress sensitive liposomes using microfluidics

Page 32: E Carreño-Morelli, M Zinn, M Rodriguez-Arbaizar, M Bassas
Nickel-free P558 stainless steel processed from metal powder – PHA biopolymer feedstocks

Page 33: YR Devaud, MP Lutolf, V Milleret, M Ehrbar
Increased screening throughput for cell recruitment into growth factor modified PEG-hydrogel

Page 34: FA Formica, E Öztürk, M Rottmar, SC Hess, WJ Stark, K Maniura-Weber, M Zenobi-Wong
A bioinspired nanofiber-hydrogel mimic of the cartilage extracellular matrix

Page 35: DA Frauchiger, S Heeb, LM Benneker, M Wöltje, B Gantenbein
Differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells towards intervertebral disc-like cells on genetically-engineered silk

Page 36: C Griffoni, S Chan, M Rottmar, K Maniura-Weber
Advanced 3D skin wound healing model for the study and development of materials

Page 37: O Guillaume, M Geven, K Kluge, U Eberli, S Zeiter, D Grijpma, M Alini, D Eglin
Poly(trimethylene carbonate)-hydroxyapatite printed scaffolds for bone healing: in vitro and in vivo characterization

Page 38: M Hertl, E Cavalli, A Gerstenberg, D Weber, M Zenobi-Wong
Recycling supernumerary digits: a new source of chondrocytes

Page 39: SE Hieber, C Jaquiery, C Kunz, B Ilgenstein, B Müller
Bone evaluation of stem cell treatments in jaw bone

Page 40: B Kessel, R Wieduwild, Y Zhang
Gel-phase 3D bioprinting of a physical hydrogel to create cell-laden scaffolds perfused by a channel network

Page 41: A Khimchenko, G Schulz, I Zanette, M-C Zdora, A Hipp, H Deyhle, S E Hieber, C Bikis, G Schweighauser, J Hench, P Thalmann, B Müller
Single grating X-ray phase-contrast tomography for evaluation of brain tissue degeneration on cellular level

Page 42: J Koeser, U Bruggisser, S Beck, PM Kristiansen
Targeting selective cell response by topographical structuring of resorbable polymer implants

Page 43: A Krismer, R Cabra, S Kohl, A Tekari, DA Frauchiger, RD May, SS Ahmad, B Gantenbein
Activation of ligamentocytes from the anterior cruciate ligament on 3D collagen patches with platelet rich plasma (PRP)

Page 44: B Le Gars Santoni, C Stähli, N Döbelin, L Galea, P Bowen, M Bohner
Synthesis of Monetite platelets for composite bone graft substitutes

Page 45: CSJ Levinson, E Cavalli, G Salzmann, M Zenobi-Wong
Developing strategies to promote chondrocyte outgrowth in 3D scaffolds

Page 46: N Lobsiger, FA Formica, M Zenobi-Wong
Inducing chondrogenic redifferentiation by combining an engineered C3 exoenzyme and vinylsulfone-modified electrospun PCL fibers

Page 47: C Loebel, B Cosgrove, M Alini, M Zenobi-Wong, RL Mauck, D Eglin
Crosslinking chemistry of hyaluronan-tyramine hydrogels alters mesenchymal stem cell attachment and behaviour

Page 48: S Matviykiv, M Buscema, S Bugna, T Mészáros, J Szebeni, A Zumbuehl, B Müller
Complement activation of artificial liposomes about 100 nm in diameter

Page 49: N Meyer, F Koch, M Hug, R Jung, S Mathes
Self-assembling peptides a novel treatment strategy to regenerate periodontal ligament

Page 50: M Molnar, M Müller, M Zenobi-Wong
Development and characterisation of a new bio-ink for 3D bone layer printing as basis for a multilayered osteochondral construct

Page 51: A Muhlenbroich, E Cavalli, N Broguière, LA Laurent-Applegate, M Zenobi-Wong
Decellularized cartilage particles and their regenerative potential in combination with an in-situ crosslinkable hydrogel for cartilage repair

Page 52: P Papageorgiou, PS Lienemann, S Metzger, M Ehrbar
Hydrogel-based cell traps for capturing MPCs participating in bone healing and regeneration

Page 53: K Pelttari, M Mumme, A Barbero, I Martin
Development of human tissue engineered cartilaginous grafts in a 3D-model mimicking osteoarthritic conditions in vivo

Page 54: T Stauber, E Öztürk, C Loebel, D Eglin, M Zenobi-Wong
Hydrogels made from cartilage-mimetic sulfated alginate polymers via di-tyramine bond formation show increased stability and adhesion to cartilage

Page 55: M Travnickova, E Filova, L Bacakova, M Jelinek, J Zemek, J Houdkova, J Remsa
Diamond-like carbon layers enriched with chromium as a potential biomaterial for osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells

Page 56: L Weidenbacher, A Mertgen, A Abrishamkar, M Rottmar, K Maniura-Weber, RM Rossi, G Fortunato
Cell-laden electrospun hybrid membrane to mimic native blood barrier

Page 57: FM Weiss, F Schmidli, M Jungo, B Müller
Oxidative passivation of Ti for dental implants characterized by ec-pen

Page 58: S Bachmann, C Betschart, AP Simões-Wüst
Improvement of the porcine ex vivo model for adrenergic and muscarinic signalling in smooth muscle

Page 59: E Cavalli, N Broguiere, LA Applegate, M Zenobi-Wong
An in-situ crosslinkable, adhesive scaffold for cartilage repair: in vitro and in vivo characterization

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file