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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2015, Collection 8

SFBD Congress   July 2015, Paris, France

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Restorative materials

Page 1: M Hanna, M Daou, A Naaman, C Zogheib
Push-out strength of 3 warm obturation techniques: Warm Vertical Compaction, GuttaCore, Gutta Fusion

Page 2: C Mocquot, A Cabrera, N Pradelle-Plasse
Influence of hyperbaric environment (diving conditions) on adhesive restorations: an in vitro study

Page 3: B Metairie, P Bouchain, J Bosco, N Pradelle-Plasse
Biodentine® in an “open sandwich restoration”: SEM observations and microleakage

Page 4: C Muraille, A Legros, Y Josset, P Lestriez
Three-dimensional modeling of the masticatory dynamics to the analysis by finite element method in restorative dentistry

Page 5: C Bernard, C Villat, B Grosgogeat
Tensile bond strengths of two adhesives on irradiated and non-irradiated human dentin

Page 6: T Prud’homme, K Khairoun, S Lopez-Cazaux, P Weiss, F Jordana
Weight variations of coated Glass-ionomer cement (GIC) stored in water

Page 7: L Anckenmann, D Favier, L Jacomine, C Gauthier, H Pelletier, N Liewig, O Etienne
Effect of the silane ageing on the shear bond strength of lithium disilicate ceramic luted to dentin

Page 8: H Bouckenooghe, G Stoclet, P Behin
Application of the essential work of fracture (EWF) concept for fracture toughness analysis of several luting agents under simulated oral conditions

Page 9: E Daniel, C Chatelain, R Kheng, E Dursun
Resin infiltration of proximal caries lesion: a systematic review

Biology and biomaterials

Page 10: M Ducret, H Fabre, O Degoul, G Atzeni, C McGuckin, N Forraz, J-C Farges, F Mallein-Gerin, E Perrier-Groult
Production of human dental pulp cells for cellularized biomaterials with a GMP approach

Page 11: ML Jourdain, L Budin, AC Taron, D Lantz, M Krall, P Millet, JL Bodnar
Contribution of infrared thermography in the diagnosis of pulp vitality

Page 12: T Giraud, P Rufas, C Jeanneau, J Dejou, I About
Pulp capping materials and Complement activation: implication in dentin-pulp regeneration

Page 13: A Aussel, X Berard, NB Thebaud, R Bareille, R Siadous, V Brizzi, A Montembault, L David, L Bordenave
Chitosan based hydrogels for vascular applications

Page 14: LS Loison-Robert, M Tassin, E Bonte, T Berbar, A Berdal, BP Fournier
Effects of two calcium silicate cements on human dental pulp stem cells

Page 15: E Bonte, M Tassin, LS Loison-Robert, MJ Sadoun, BP Fournier
Oral stem cells behaviour with new experimental dental biomaterials

Page 16: C Wulfman, A Aidan, A Hadida, H Fron-Chabouis, C Rignon-Bret
Interest of bone substitute material in immediate complete denture: a randomized controlled trial

Alloys, ceramics and modelling

Page 17: AS Vaillant, P Corne, P De March, S Fleutot, F Cleymand, JP Jiehl
Effect of recasting of cobalt-chromium alloy on its mechanical properties

Page 18: M Vincent, AM Gevrey, F Thiébaud, M Engels-Deutsch, T Ben Zineb
A new shape memory alloy for endodontic canal preparation: the single crystal CuAlBe

Page 19: M Atallah, M Abboud, EA Zebouni, N Rizk, M Daou Eggerickx, HY Rahme
Comparison of the tensile strength of yttrium-stabilized zirconia substructures bonded to dentin substrate and various core materials

Page 20: A Goujat, H Abouelleil, M Ducret, D Seux, B Grosgogeat
In vitro evaluation of internal/marginal fit of CAD/CAM glass ceramic (IPS e.max® CAD®) and composite nano ceramic (CerasmartTM) inlays

Page 21: P Corne, A-S Vaillant-Corroy, A Alsaabi, F Cleymand, P De March, J. Geringer
First investigation in fretting corrosion against dental implant and abutment

Page 22: F Heichelbech, J Krier, O Etienne
Ceramic veneers design preparation: evaluation with 3d finite elements

Page 23: M Dehurtevent, P Béhin, L Robberecht, E Deveaux,JC Hornez
Manufacturing alumina dental ceramic by stereolithography

Page 24: C Maillet, P Millet, H Citterio
3D modeling of sinus lift technique - Volume analysis

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file