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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2015, Collection 8

Congress in Paris July 2015

The SFBD is a scientific society that brings together teachers, researchers and practitioners working in the field of dental biomaterials. France, Belgium, Switzerland and Lebanon are the most represented countries.

In the month of July, an original scientific conference was organized by the French Society of Dental Biomaterials (SFBD) in Paris, at the Faculty of Dental Surgery (Montrouge – France). It was a congress of dental biomaterials dedicated to students and young practitioners.

Indeed, it is the latter, not or barely entered the professional life, the SFBD wanted to convince that recent advances in biomaterials have dramatically changed the face of dentistry. All their lives, biomaterials, transversal thematic, will remain at the heart of their practice, regardless of their clinical discipline of choice and ... whatever the conditions imposed by the current environment office practice (regulations, cases of social insurance, mutual ...).

The organizing committee was very pleased with the enthusiasm - unprecedented - aroused by this initiative, which has seen an influx of 530 participants from all over France, Belgium, Switzerland and even Lebanon. This enthusiasm of youth generated a breath of optimism among all managers or seniors.

The content of these days, rich and varied, involving recognized speakers from many disciplines (restorative dentistry, prosthesis, endodontics, pediatric dentistry ... etc.) included biomaterials and new technology (machining, 3D printing, bioactivity, tissue engineering, nanotechnology ...).

This conference resulted in serie of very good level scientific communications (24) validated by the scientific committee directed by Dr Elisabeth Dursun.

Enjoy reading,

Jean-Pierre ATTAL
President of the SFBD

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