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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2015, Collection 5

eCM XVI - Bone and Implant Infection
June 24-26, 2015, Convention Centre, Davos Platz, Switzerland

Abstracts of the meeting

Oral presentations, followed by Posters

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Page 1: M Schuetz, C Dlaska
Principles of management of infections of the long bones – Surgeon’s view

Page 2: AD Beswick, KT Elvers, AJ Smith, R Gooberman-Hill, A Lovering, AW Blom
Surgical treatment for infected hip and knee replacement

Page 3: W Boot, D Gawlitta, E van Genderen, JG Kusters, MB Ekkelenkamp, AC Fluit, JPM Vlooswijk, WJA Dhert, HCh Vogely
FISH-based detection of bacteria in orthopedic implant-related infections

Page 4: M Morgenstern, C Erichsen, S Hackl, J Mily, M Militz, J Friederichs, S Hungerer, V Bühren, TF Moriarty, V Post, RG Richards, SL Kates
Antibiotic resistance of commensal Staphylococcus aureus and coagulase negative Staphylococci in an international cohort of surgeons

Page 5: V Alt
The value of pre-clinical testing of antimicrobial biomaterials

Page 6: J Kikhney, A Wiessner, L Kursawe, J Hoffmann, A Petrich, J Schulze, S. Kasper, A Moter
Biofilms on implants: composition, complications and consequences

Page 7: J Sjollema, J Li, HC van der Mei
Macroscopic fluorescence imaging of biofilms

Page 8: R Kuehl, P Brunetto, A-K Woischnig, Z Rajacic, K Fromm, N Khanna
Preventing implant associated infections by silver coating

Page 9: A Braem, K De Cremer, K De Brucker, N Delattin, E Gerits, B Neirinck, K Vandamme, JA Martens, J Michiels, J Vleugels, BPA Cammue, K Thevissen
Novel anti-infective implant substrates: Controlled release of antibiofilm compounds from mesoporous silica-containing macroporous titanium

Page 10: R Akid, T Nichol, TJ Smith, JT Callaghan, PV Hatton
Novel antibiotic release coatings for cementless arthroplasty fixations

Page 11: S Dastgheyb, AE Villaruz, KY Le, VY Tan, AC Duong, SS Chatterjee, GYC Cheung, H-S Joo, J Parvizi, IM Shapiro, NJ Hickok, M Otto
Biofilms cause recalcitrance of staphylococcal joint infection to antibiotic treatment

Page 12: B Löffler, L Tuchscherr
Infection strategies of Staphylococcus aureus to cause chronic osteomyelitis

Page 13: A Widaa, T Claro, TJ Foster, FJ O’Brien, SW Kerrigan
Staphylococcus aureus protein A (SpA) binding to osteoblasts hinders bone remodelling in osteomyelitis infections resulting in a net bone loss

Page 14: NH Khamees, W Kafienah, DJ Hill
The interaction of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells with S. aureus is mediated by fibronectin binding protein

Page 15: LlGHarris, B Pascoe, G Meric, S Murray, L Magerios, D Mack, S Schwarz, H de Lancastre, R Bowden, SK Sheppard
Staphylococcus epidermidis, commensal to pathogenic?

Page 16: CA Akdis
Immune tolerance mechanisms in tissues during chronic inflammatory diseases

Page 17: WJB van Wamel, M Sandker, C Bos, APA Hendrickx, PM den Reijer
On the humoral immune response evoked by Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia and osteomyelitis

Page 18: P Hasgall, M Ferrando, CB Rieker
A new paradigm for the diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection

Page 19: W Boot, HCh Vogely, PGJ Nikkels, B Pouran, M van Rijen, WJA Dhert, D Gawlitta
Local prophylaxis of implant-related infections using a hydrogel as carrier

Page 20: PPS Balraadjsing, EC de Jong, DW Grijpma, SAJ Zaat
Dendritic cell induced T-cell responses to biomaterials in presence of staphylococcal infection

***Robert Mathys Foundation joint winner of the award for the best oral presentation by a student

Page 21: M Riool, L de Boer, V Jaspers, CM van der Loos, PHS Kwakman, SAJ Zaat
Pathogenesis of staphylococcal biomaterial-associated infection

Page 22: RA Proctor
Recent developments for Staphylococcus aureus vaccines: clinical and basic science challenges

Page 23: SN Bello-Irizarry, SL Kates, JL Daiss, EM Schwarz
Osteoimmunology of implant-associated osteomyelitis and development of a passive immunization for MRSA

Page 24: SE Lindsay, JD Crapo, EA Regan
Redox active compound improves infection control in biofilm-associated infected femur model

Page 25: P Ramakrishnan, M Maclean, S MacGregor, J Anderson, MH Grant
405 nm light technology shows potential for patient safe decontamination during orthopaedic surgery

Page 26: SAJ Zaat, M Riool, A de Breij, PHS Kwakman, L de Boer, PH Nibbering, RA Cordfunke, JW Drijfhout, PS Hiemstra, N Malanovic, K Lohner, O Cohen, N Emanuel, TF Moriarty
Synthetic antimicrobial and antibiofilm peptides from controlled release coatings to prevent implant-associated infection and derangement of immune responses

Page 27: H Choe, RA Bonomo, PN Rather, EM Greenfield
Mechanisms by which Staphylococcus and Acinetobacter inhibit osseointegration

Page 28: N Kavanagh, A Widaa, FJ O’Brien, SW Kerrigan
Staphylococcus aureus infection causes hyper mineralisation by osteoblasts in a 3D extra-cellular matrix environment

***Robert Mathys Foundation joint winner of the award for the best oral presentation by a student

Page 29: ETJ Rochford, SM van Putten, K Sjollema, BNG Giepmans, HJ Busscher, RA Bank, TG van Kooten, J Sjollema
Modelling the multidisciplinary nature of biomaterial associated infection

Page 30: M Sabaté Brescó, K Kluge, M Ziegler, G Richards, L O'Mahony, F Moriarty
The role of biomechanical stability on Staphylococcus epidermidis osteomyelitis in a murine fracture model

Page 31: E Seebach, J Holschbach, N Buchta, RG Bitsch, K Kleinschmidt, W Richter
Implantation of mesenchymal stroma cells for stimulation of long bone healing aggravates Staphylococcus aureus induced osteomyelitis

Page 32: S Hungerer, M Morgenstern, J Fischer, M Militz, V Bühren
Trauma, osteomyelitis and reconstruction of long bones

Page 33: JC Wenke
Strategies for reducing infection in open fractures

Page 34: N Emanuel, WJ Metsemakers, O Cohen, RO Estrada, M Reichert, A de Breij, I Potapova, T Schmid, D Segal, RG Richards, SAJ Zaat, TF Moriarty
Efficacy of a lipid-and-polymer-based drug delivery coating containing doxycycline for the prevention of implant-related osteomyelitis

Page 35: N Logoluso, K Malizos, M Blauth, A Danita, K Simon, CL Romanò
Anti-bacterial hydrogel coating of osteosynthesis implants. Early clinical results from a multi-center prospective trial

Page 36: P Hoffmeyer
Are infections still a problem in orthopaedics?

Page 37: EA Gruskin
Translational research challenges for a drug releasing fracture fixation device

Page 38: RG Werner Zimmerli
Current concepts in diagnosis and treatment of periprosthetic joint infection

Poster presentations

Page 39: MG Albu, E Kutan, M Veshler, C Ozcakir, Tomruk, I Cristescu, MV Ghica
Efficacy of DOXICOLL – a novel drug delivery systems for infected bone tissue

Page 40: MG Albu, A Ficai, M Marin, DA Kaya, R Constantinescu, I Cristescu, S Marin, A-M Ene, MV Ghica
Antimicrobial hydrogels based on collagen and zinc oxide

Page 41: ML Azi, M Kfuri, R Martinez, LA Salata
The effects of polymethylmethacrylate with gentamicin on the healing of infected segmental bone defects in rabbits

Page 42: A Bettencourt, S Silva, I Ribeiro, A Almeida, L Gonçalves, A Matos
Potential for a novel acrylic bone cement formulation against staphylococcus bone infection

Page 43: N Bormann, L Schön, S Kasper, K Hilpert, R Volkmer, A Moter, B Wildemann
Antimicrobial efficacy and cytotoxicity of a new antimicrobial peptide

Page 44: M Bottagisio, L Drago, CL Romanò, AB Lovati
Animal models of dose-related methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis infected non-union after osteosynthesis

Page 45: X Chen, H Hirt, S-U Gorr, C Aparicio
The role of physic-chemical properties on the activity of antimicrobial GL13K-peptide coatings

Page 46: JH Cheung, M Ip, LK Hung, WN Leung, KW Leung, CW Chan
Sonodynamic antimicrobial effect of curcumin in mouse model of post-traumatic Staphylococcus aureus-infected femoral osteomyelitis

Page 47: F Costa, S Maia, P Gomes, MCL Martins
Dhvar5 antimicrobial peptide immobilization for the development of an antibacterial coating

Page 48: C Farrugia, J Camilleri
Effects of sterilization techniques on glass and resin-based materials

Page 49: MC Fernández‐Calderón, M Delgado‐Rastrollo, SC Cifuentes, MT Blanco‐Blanco, JL González‐Carrasco, M Lieblich, C Pérez‐Giraldo, ML González‐Martín Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms on reinforced PLLA with Mg and MgZn

Page 50: B Gutt, SCW Chan, F Zuber, Q Ren, K Maniura-Weber
Evaluation of the antimicrobial and cytotoxic activity of metal ions in different eukaryotic cell culture media

Page 51: I Hornyák, Z lacza
Increased release time of antibiotics from bone allografts through a novel biodegradable coating

Page 52: JA Inzana, RP Trombetta, EM Schwarz, SL Kates, HA Awad
3D printed bioceramics for dual antibiotic delivery to treat implant-associated bone infection

Page 53: C Jaspers, G Jimenez-Tobon, D Bridi, J Guy, C Tricot, S Matthijs, S Flahaut
Surfactin or iodined treatments to remove staphylococci biofilm

Page 54: C Jung, M de Wild
Modifying titanium implant surfaces with antibacterial copper: Is this feasible?

Page 55: MG Katsikogianni, REW Hancock, DA Devine, DJ Wood
Cell vs. bacterial viability in the presence of host defence peptides and RGD

Page 56: J Kikhney, A Wiessner, L Kursawe, J Hoffmann, A Petrich, J Schulze, S Sutrave, A Moter
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis of biofilms on device surfaces

Page 57: WJ Metsemakers, K Handojo, N Roels, V Wijnen, S Nijs
Epidemiology of musculoskeletal complications after intramedullary nailing of long bone fractures

Page 58: MA Pacha-Olivenza, MC Garrido-Gallardo, AM Gallardo-Moreno, ML González-Martín
Competition in dynamic flow adhesion between S. mutans and S. sanguinis on a titanium alloy surface

Page 59: S Perni, K Margulis, S Magdassi, P Prokopovich
Antimicrobial activity of bone cements with embedded organic nanoparticles

Page 60: S Perni, P Prokopovich
Nanocarrier controlled delivery of antibiotics for acrylic bone cement applications

Page 61: MM Pisetsky, AG Chemis, VE Mamonov
Possibilities of two-stage revision knee replacement for treatment of the deep periprosthetic infection in haemophilia patients

Page 62: V Post, M Morgenstern, RG Richards, TF Moriarty
Characterisation of nasal Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from orthopaedic surgeons

Page 63: V Post, P Wahl, RG Richards, TF Moriarty
Eradication of bacterial biofilms from titanium implants by vancomycin: beyond the reach of common local delivery

Page 64: C Prinz, U Lembke, H-G Neumann
Titanium-copper-nitride coated implants as a protection against colonizing bacteria

Page 65: G Putzeys, M Boudewijns, P Voet, S Lambrecht, K Croes
In vitro release of cefazolin and vancomycin from three types of impregnated bone chips quantified using UPLC-DAD chromatography

Page 66: F Ravanetti, A Cacchioli, FM Martini, J Gavini, MC Ossiprandi,P Marzio, P Eleonora, F Bucciotti, R Chiesa
Chemical and morphological surface modification titanium for tissue integration and bacteria adhesion and proliferation prevention

Page 67: M Riool, L de Boer, PHS Kwakman, A de Breij, PH Nibbering, LT Nguyen, HJ Vogel,
JW Drijfhout, SAJ Zaat
Development of novel synthetic antimicrobial and antibiofilm peptides (SAAPs) using the thrombocidin-1-derived peptide L3 as a scaffold

Page 68: LS Santos, S Cogo, S Espósito, P Soares
Biocompatible calcium-phosphorous-boron doped titanium coating

Page 69: I Santos-Ferreira, LMD Gonçalves, AJ Almeida, A Trampuz, S Kasper, J Kikhney, A Moter, A Bettencourt
Fluorescence in situ hybridization as a tool for the evaluation of microparticles-biofilms interaction

Page 70: T Schmid, I Keller, GJ terBoo, TF Moriarty, D Eglin, S Zeiter
Elevated C reactive protein level is an indicator of infection in rabbits in a contaminated fracture model

Page 71: M Seidenstuecker, J Ruehe, NP Suedkamp, A Serr, A Wittmer, A Bernstein, HO Mayr
Novel composite material for delayed release of antibiotics

Page 72: M Smolinská, H Bujdáková
Bacterial inactivation using a light-activated methylene blue embedded in colloidal materials

Page 73: VA Stadelmann, K Camenisch, U Eberli, P Furlong, TF Moriarty
Patterns of bone evolution near infected implants

Page 74: PJ Taylor, NH Williams, JW Haycock
‘Dip and dry’ micropattern-capable bioactive coatings for biomaterial surface modification in treating implant related infection and inflammation

****Robert Mathys Foundation award winner for the student poster presentation

Page 75: D Teker, F Muhaffel, H Cimenoglu
Antibiotic loaded micro porous oxide coatings for titanium-based dental implants

Page 76: G-JA ter Boo, D Arens, I Keller-Stoddart, W-J Metsemakers, T Schmid, S Zeiter, RG Richards, DW Grijpma, TF Moriarty, D Eglin
Release of gentamicin from a thermo-responsive hyaluronan hydrogel in an in vivo contaminated fracture model

Page 77: TG Vladkova, M Albu, A Shalaby, A Staneva, Y Dimitriev, I Ivanova, A Kostadinova
Preparation and antimicrobial activity of novel porous collagen/bioactive nanocomposite biomaterials

Page 78: AR Wijenayaka, D Yang, M Kogawa, SP Kidd, S Vreugde, CR Moran, DM Findlay, LB Solomon, GJ Atkins
Osteocyte participation in the response to orthopaedic surgery-related Staphylococcus aureus infection

Page 79: CJ Wilcock, M Fatima, P Gentile, GP Stafford, CA Miller, Y Ryabenkova, G Möbus,
PV Hatton
Antibacterial silver-doped nanoscale hydroxyapatite paste: an injectable bone graft substitute

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file