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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2015, Collection 4

2015 Annual Meeting, 20th Anniversary conference
EPFL, Lausanne, June 9 and 10, 2015

Abstracts of presentations

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Invited Presentations

Page 1: M Epple
Biomaterials in regenerative medicine

Page 2: M Bohner
20 Years of biomaterials research

Page 3: J Malda
The application of 3D hydrogel printing technology for cartilage regeneration

Page 4: S McArthur
Biomaterials in Australia

Page 5: P Frey
Should the physician try to perform tissue engineering?

Oral Presentations

Page 6: MGM Marascio, PE Bourban, JA Månson, D Pioletti
Directional foaming of scaffolds by integration of 3D printing and supercritical CO2 foaming

Page 7: V Varjas, M Geven, DW Grijpma, X Wang, J Peng, D Eglin, L Kamer
Designing patient specific implants fabricated by stereolithography for orbital wall reconstruction

Page 8: BM Bailey, LN Nail, MA Grunlan
Fabrication of continuous PDMSstar-PEG gradients for osteochondral regeneration

Page 9: O Evrova, M Calcagni, E Bonavoglia, M Welti, P Giovanoli, V Vogel, J Buschmann
Elastic, biocompatible and biodegradable electrospun scaffold delivering growth factors for tendon repair

Page 10: K Thorwarth, G Thorwarth, C Voisard, M Kraft, L Bernard, J Patscheider
HiPIMS titanium metallization of PEEK for improved osseointegration

Page 11: C Stähli, J Thüring, L Galea, M Bohner, N Döbelin
Calcium deficiency in β-TCP platelets produced in organic media

Page 12: A Khoushabi, PE Bourban, A Schmocker, D Pioletti, C Schizas, C Moser, JA Månson
Fibre composite hydrogels: towards a load-bearing implant for nucleus pulposus replacement

Page 13: G-JA ter Boo, D Arens, I Keller-Stoddart, W-J Metsemakers, T Schmid, S Zeiter, RG Richards, DW Grijpma, TF Moriarty, D Eglin
An injectable formulation of thermo-responsive hyaluronic acid-pNIPAm loaded with gentamicin for infection prophylaxis in an in vivo contaminated fracture model in rabbits

Page 14: U Kettenberger, P Procter, DP Pioletti
Bisphosphonate-loaded in situ-mineralizing hydrogel for peri-implant bone augmentation

Page 15: F Noverraz, S Passemard, V Crivelli, R Mahou, F Borcard, S Gerber-Lemaire, C Wandrey
Tuning the properties of alginate hydrogels for cell microencapsulation

Page 16: O Guillaume, J Park, X Monforte, H Redl, A Petter-Puchner, S Gruber-Blum, A Teuschl
Optimization of silk mesh for soft tissue reinforcements: preliminary in vitro investigations toward cell-based therapy

Page 17: S Cao, S Mischler
Material degradation mechanism and wear modeling of metal-on-metal artificial hip joints

Page 18: S Kracht, M Messerer, KM Fromm, B Giese
Ag-nanoparticle formation via electron transfer through peptides

Page 19: N Rimmer, F Burgio, A Rohner, P Chavanne, S Zimmermann, P Gruner, R Schumacher, M de Wild, A Papadimitropoulos, I Martin, M Beaufils-Hugot, U Pieles
Improvement of mechanical properties of 3D printed hydroxyapatite scaffolds by culture of osteoblast-like cells under perfusion flow

Page 20: S Buchini, R Curno, P Péchy, B-O Aronsson
From the laboratory to the clinic: a revolutionary surface treatment for bone-anchored implants

Page 21: CN Bikis, G Schulz, B Müller, SE Hieber
Histology-validated, phase-contrast tomography for visualizing the cerebellum

Page 22: A Béduer, T Braschler, S Mosser, P Fraering, S Bencherif, DJ Mooney, P Renaud
Injectable and memory shape 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering applications

Page 23: S Wunderli, J Widmer, U Silván, JG Snedeker
Explanted tendons remain viable only under in vitro mechanical stimulus

Page 24: E Cavalli, C Loebel, D Eglin, M Zenobi-Wong
In-situ crosslinkable, extracellular matrix based scaffold for cartilage repair

Page 25: CF Buchanan, MA Swartz
In vitro lymph node to study stromal cell-mediated T cell migration

Page 26: MD Dominietto, P Thalmann, S Lang, SE Hieber, G Schulz, B Müller
Texture and shape quantification to characterize angiogenesis in tumour tissue

Page 27: A Ranga, A Meinhardt, D Eberle, E Tanaka, MP Lutolf
Synthetic extracellular microenvironments for neuroepithelial differentiation

Poster Presentations

Page 28: M Augello, KW Beck, P Cattin, A Bruno, P Jürgens
Using a computer-assisted and robot-guided laser osteotome (CARLO) in bone surgery - considerations on ergonomics, system accuracy and biological response

Page 29: F Berghänel, C Strehler
The ceramic ZircaPore® implant surface - in vitro / in vivo experiences

Page 30: A Bermúdez, A Esguerra-Arce, J Esguerra-Arce, S Mischler
Tribo-electrochemical wear resistance against bone of biomedical alloys

Page 31: PS Briquez, A de Titta, C Takeda, JA Hubbell
Development of an extracellular matrix (ECM)-mimetic nanoparticle-based platform to deliver growth factors for inner ear regeneration

Page 32: M Buscema, A Zumbuehl, T Pfohl, J Huwyler, B Müller
Understanding shear-stress sensitive nano-containers for targeted drug delivery

Page 33: P Chavanne, O Bill, R Schumacher
Density improvement of selective laser melting titanium structures for regenerative medicine

Page 34: N Chicherova, PC Cattin, G Schulz, K Fundana, B Müller, SE Hieber
Automatic matching of grating-based phase tomography dataset with histology

Page 35: AC de Luca, PG di Summa, W Raffoul, SP Lacour
Encapsulation of adipose-derived stem cells in fibrin gels for transplantation at a nerve injury site

Page 36: H Deyhle, P Thalmann, I Dziadowiec, F Beckmann, G Schulz, B Müller
Micro computed tomography for the investigation of tooth hard tissues

Page 37: R Duhr, I Martin, D Wendt
Division-linked phenotypic changes and chondrogenic potential of chondrocytes

Page 38: J Esguerra-Arce, A Esguerra-Arce, S Mischler, Y Aguilar, O Gutiérrez
Fretting corrosion of coatings against bone

Page 39: C Fonta, AC de Luca, SP Lacour
Optimization of fibrin gels for cell encapsulation

Page 40: DA Frauchiger, SCW Chan, LM Benneker, B Gantenbein
Silk membrane-fleece in combination with genipin-enhanced fibrin hydrogel for annulus fibrosus repair

Page 41: C Götz, H Deyhle, M Müller-Gerbl, B Müller, G Schulz
Absorption-based micro computed tomography measurements of a human knee joint

Page 42: S Guimond, M Rottmar, U Tobler, S Berner, K Maniura-Weber
Enhanced blood coagulation on ceramic versus titanium implant surfaces

Page 43: TC Hausherr, LA Applegate, DP Pioletti
Effect of a mechanical loading coupled with cell therapy in a bone tissue-engineering scaffold

Page 44: SE Hieber, CN Bikis, A Khimchenko, G Schulz, G Schweighauser, J Hench, B Müller
Three-dimensional imaging of brain tissue by grating-based micro computed tomography using synchrotron radiation

Page 45: M Hlavna, S Zollinger, K Wuertz
Development of a novel tissue culture model for degenerative disc disease

Page 46: E Hoch, A Weber, T Hirth, GEM Tovar, K Borchers
Preparation of zonal cartilage equivalents via bioprinting technology

Page 47: A Khimchenko, B Müller, G Schulz
Energy shift of the pink beam at the beamline ID19 measured with a grating interferometer and a liquid phantom

Page 48: L Kind, C Mangeng, S Stevanovic, B Bellon, S Winkler, U Pieles
Dental caries: biomimetic treatment and tooth model development

Page 49: F Kivrak Pfiffner, C Waschkies, Y Tian, A Woloszyk, M Calcagn, P Giovanoli, M Rudin, J Buschmann
A new in vivo MRI method to non-invasively monitor and quantify the perfusion capacity of 3D-biomaterials grown on the chorioallantoic membrane of chick embryos

Page 50: F Koch, U Pieles, S Mathes, U Graf
A new light comes up in the world of periodontal therapy – P11 peptides and their in vitro evaluation on human hard and soft tissue cells

Page 51: W Kuo, P Thalmann, G Schulz, A Marmaras, EP Meyer, A Lang, SE Hieber, U Olgaç, B Müller, V Kurtcuoglu
Comparing vascular casts of murine kidneys with and without tissue corrosion

Page 52: C Lavet, I Badoud-Georges, J Nohava, P Ammann
Development of methodology for nanoindentation testing of cartilage of rats

Page 53: M Moldovan, C Prejmerean, V Popescu, I Cojocaru, C. Saroşi, D.Prodan, I.Baldea
The effect of bleaching agents on the surface hardness and biological test upon composite materials

Page 54: JJ Zhang, A Mujeeb, Y Du, Z Ge
Probing cell-matrix interactions in RGD-decorated macroporous PEG hydrogels for in vitro chondrocyte culture

Page 55: D Mueller, A Zumbuehl
Amido, urea and thiourea ethanolamine monolayers

Page 56: B Osmani, T Töpper, F Weiss, F Wohlfender, V Leung, C Bippes, B Müller
Nanomechanical characterization of polydimethylsiloxane films

Page 57: G Pagliccia, M Kesti, F Formica, G Gelardi, M Zenobi-Wong
Bioprinting of three-dimensional sulfated polysaccharide structures for local growth factors delivery

Page 58: D Pasche, C Stähli, N Döbelin, M Bohner
A method compensating for ICP-MS signal instabilities to accurately determine calcium phosphate

Page 59: M Pawelkiewicz, L Leoty, A Bruinink, P Uggowitzer, P Schmutz
Interaction of ultra-high purity magnesium with artificial body fluids for biodegradable implant applications

Page 60: PR Moshtagh, AA Zadpoor, N Korthagen, H Weinans
Age-related biomechanical changes in articular cartilage and osteoarthritis

Page 61: T Razafiarison, JG Snedeker
Hydrophobicity of PDMS affects collagen I assembly, stem cell early signalling events and osteogenic differentiation – an underappreciated confounding factor

Page 62: M Rusch, LC Bouchez
Novel synthetic surfaces to study stem cell receptors & signalling

Page 63: VA Stadelmann, C Guenther, U Eberli, K Camenisch, S Zeiter
The effects of age on bone implant integration: in vivo monitoring in a rat model

Page 64: E Stalder, A Zumbuehl
Phosphate Test 2.0: a high throughput, hands-off approach using microwave chemical digestion

Page 65: AK Stalder, B Ilgenstein, SE Hieber, B Müller
Searching the counterpart of histology in micro tomography data to approach the regenerative capacity of bone grafting materials

Page 66: A Tekari, SCW Chan, DA Frauchiger, K Wuertz, D Sakai, LM Benneker, S Grad, B Gantenbein
Nucleus pulposus contain progenitor-like cells able to differentiate into osteogenic and adipogenic lineages in vitro

Page 67: P Thalmann, AK Stalder, B Ilgenstein, N Chicherova, H Deyhle, F Beckmann, B Müller, SE Hieber
Combination of micro computed tomography and histology for the investigation of bone grafting

Page 68: T Töpper, B Osmani, F Weiss, B Müller
Viscoelastic properties of polydimethylsiloxane studied by cantilever bending

Page 69: P Urwyler, A Pascual, H Schift, B Müller
Surface treatment of polyetherketoneketone for load-bearing implants

Page 70: FM Weiss, F Schmidli, M Jungo, B Müller
Incompatibility of dental alloys: Evaluation by ec-pen corrosion measurements

Page 71: SL Wuest, M Horn, R Baumann, M Egli
Novel model to study intervertebral disc degeneration under simulated microgravity condition

Page 72: W Shen, D Pioletti, H-w Ouyang
Long-term effects of knitted silk-collagen sponge scaffold on anteriorcruciate ligament reconstruction and osteoarthritis prevention

Page 73: W Zhao, J Lemaître, P Bowen
A novel method for in vitro evaluation of apatite forming ability of chemically treated titanium metals

Page 74: D Petta, D Eglin, DW Grijpma, M D'Este
Synthesis and characterization of hyaluronan amphiphilic derivatives for biomedical applications

Page 75: N Rimmer, F Burgio, A Rohner, P Chavanne, S Zimmermann, P Gruner, R Schumacher, M de Wild, A Papadimitropoulos, I Martin, M Beaufils-Hugot, U Pieles
Improvement of mechanical properties of 3D printed hydroxyapatite scaffolds by culture of osteoblast-like cells under perfusion flow

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file