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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2014, Collection 8

Swiss Society for Biomaterials and Regerative Medicine
20th Swiss Conference on Biomaterials and Regerative Medicine
Basel, May 7-8, 2014

Abstracts of presentations

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Invited Presentations

Page 1: A Spiegel, H Polzhofer, M Ammann
Material science from the implant industry point of view

Page 2: M Foss
Translating science into technology in biomaterials science: Strontium functionalized implants

Page 3: K Scherer Hofmeier, AJ Bircher
Prevalence of metal sensitization in a dermatologic patient collective and in patients with symptomatic metal implants

Page 4: I Martin
From engineering grafts to engineering developmental processes for regenerative medicine

Oral Presentations

Page 5: S Bugna, A Weinberger, R Urbanics, B Müller, A Zumbuehl, J Szebeni, T Saxer
Immune complement activation by a faceted nano-container in the pig model

Page 6: RP Huber, K Maniura-Weber, ND Spencer
Protein and blood-interaction studies on nano-roughness gradients

Page 7: H Kamata, U Chung, T Sakai
"Nonswellable" hydrogel without mechanical hysteresis

Page 8: M Kesti, M Müller, J Becher, M Schnabelrauch, M D’Este, D Eglin, M Zenobi-Wong
A novel bioink based on thermo- and photo-triggered tandem gelation for cartilage engineering

Page 9: S Kracht, KM Fromm
Antimicrobial metals trapped in responsive systems

Page 10: C Millan, E Cavalli, P Ammann, A Häller, Y Yang, T Groth, K Maniura-Weber, M Zenobi-Wong

Page 11: J Gagnon, MJD Clift, A Petri-Fink, B Rothen-Rutishauser, KM Fromm
Nanoencapsulation of silver-based antimicrobial drugs for biomaterial applications

Page 12: W Hoffmann, T Bormann, A Kessler, D Wendt, M de Wild
Ni release from rapid prototyped 3D NiTi scaffolds

Page 13: GA ter Boo, DW Grijpma, RG Richards, TF Moriarty, D Eglin
Hydrophobic gentamicin loaded poly(trimethylene carbonate) delivery system for the treatment of orthopaedic infections

Page 14: D Alexeev, B Andreatta, M Bohner
Dissolution of CaCl2 loaded into beta tricalcium phosphate porous blocks

Page 15: V Sacchi, MM Martino, R Gianni-Barrera, JA Hubbell, A Banfi
Short-term co-delivery of fibrin-bound VEGF and PDGF-BB proteins ensures normalization and stabilization of VEGF-induced angiogenesis

Page 16: M Reggane, B Gander, S Madduri
Bioactive scaffolds releasing collagen-binding neurotrophic factors (NTFs) for axonal growth and guidance

Page 17: S Gao, M Calcagni, M Welti, S Hemmi, N Hild, WJ Stark, GM Bürgisser, GA Wanner, P Cinelli, J Buschmann
Proliferation of ASC-derived endothelial cells in a 3D electrospun mesh: Impact of bone-biomimetic nanocomposite and co-culture with ASC-derived osteoblasts

Page 18: SE Hieber, AK Stalder, B Ilgenstein, N Chicherova, H Deyhle, F Beckmann, S Stübinger, B von Rechenberg, B Müller
Assessment of bone grafting materials in oral surgery

Page 19: R Osinga, N di Maggio, N Allafi, A Barbero, DJ Schaefer, I Martin, A Scherberich
Adipose-derived stromal cells form bone through endochondral ossification

Page 20: P Bourgine, B Pippenger, S Piegeot, E Gaudiello, T Klein, I Martin
Biomaterials functionalization by decoration with cell-laid extracellular matrices

Page 21: L Straumann, A Kessler, U Pieles, M de Wild, C Jung
Characterizing the mechanical stability of antibacterial copper deposits on anodized titanium implant surfaces

Page 22: B Weisse, S Valet, Ch Affolter, M Zimmermann
Entrapped biological residuals as a cause of ceramic femoral head in vivo failures

Page 23: F Beckmann, I Dziadowiec, L Lottermoser, P Thalmann, J Herzen, I Greving, G Schulz, SE Hieber, B Müller
High-energy microtomography using synchrotron radiation at PETRA III / DESY for the 3D characterization of caries lesions

Page 24: F Burgio, M Beaufils-Hugot, S Stevanovic, P Chavanne, A Rohner, O Braissant, P Gruner, R Schumacher, U Pieles
Osteoinduction and survival of human osteosarcoma MG-63 cells on nanoporous hydroxyapatite scaffolds

Page 25: M Burger, N Di Maggio, V Sacchi, RD Largo, M Heberer, JA Hubbell, I Martin, A Scherberich, DJ Schaefer, A Banfi
Short-term delivery of fibrin-bound VEGF protein in osteogenic grafts: increased vascularization with efficient bone formation

Page 26: M Buscema, T Pfohl, A Zumbuehl, B Müller
Comparing microfluidic devices and established glass capillaries in laboratory-based X-ray scattering of liposomes as nano-containers for drug delivery

Page 27: O Evrova, J Houska, M Calcagni, E Bonavoglia, P Giovanoli, V Vogel, J Buschmann
Bioactive DegraPol® electrospun scaffold produced by emulsion electrospinning for tendon repair application – scaffold characterization and release kinetics of biomolecules

Page 28: F Koch, U Pieles
Evaluation of network and pore morphology of self-assembling peptides for biomimetic therapy

Page 29: J Köser, K Siegmann, F Rossetti, M Winkler
Towards contact killing antimicrobial polymer surfaces

Page 30: D Kolbuk, P Denis, J Dulnik, P Sajkiewicz
Modifications of polycaprolactone films crystallinity in terms of tissue engineering applications

Page 31: C Loebel, M D’Este, M Alini, M Zenobi-Wong2, D Eglin
Precise tailoring of hyaluronan-tyramine hydrogels using DMTMM conjugation

Page 32: N Menzi, R Osinga, A Todorov, A Scherberich, I Martin, DJ Schaefer
Validation of a mechanical preparation method to isolate human adipose tissue-derived cells from excision fat

Page 33: M Müller, M Zenobi-Wong
Nanostructured pluronic hydrogels for bioprinting

Page 34: S Paulo, A Abrantes, M Laranjo, J Casalta-Lopes, K Santos, A Serra, M Botelho, M Ferreira
Role of biphasic calcium phosphates in the osteonecrosis of the jaw associated with bisphosphonates

Page 35: D Petta, U Eberli, G Calamita, P Gena, V Stadelmann, D Eglin, M D'Este, M Alini
Is Aquaporin-9 playing a role in osteoporosis?

Page 36: T Studer, P Fortunato, N Gadhari, D Frauchiger, R Rossi, B Gantenbein-Ritter
Engineering niches for intervertebral disc cells using random and aligned silk nano fibres

Page 37: R Suriano, C Credi, C De Marco, M Levi, S Turri
AFM nanoindentations of hydrogel scaffolds coated with hyaluronic acid for regenerative medicine

Page 38: K Thorwarth, D Jaeger, R Figi, M Stiefel, B Weisse, U Müller, G Thorwarth, R Hauert
Near zero wear of diamond like carbon coated implants for up to 100 years of articulation

Page 39: J Thüring, L Galea, M Bohner
β-TCP platelets with high aspect ratio produced in a tubular reactor

Page 40: N van Garderen, P Michel, M Bohner
Influence of the shape of glass beads on the injection properties of β-tricalcium phosphate – glass beads – water pastes

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file