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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2013, Collection 1

Abstracts of [MEET THE EXPERT – IMPLANTS] Materials - Surfaces - Manufacturing
22-23 April 2013, Interlaken

Abstracts of presentations

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Page 1: K Borchers, C Bierwisch, S Engelhardt, C Graf, E Hoch, R Jaeger, P Kluger, H Krüger, W Meyer, E Novosel, O Refle, C Schuh, N Seiler, G Tovar, M Wegener, T Ziegler
Biocompatible elastomers for 3D biomaterials by additive manufacturing

Page 2: A Weishaupt, J Bernhard, B Söderberg
Development of an atrial septal occluder using a biodegradable framework

Page 3: CM Sprecher, RJ Boudrieau, T Suter, JH Keating, RJ McCarthy, S Milz
Is increased occurrence of peri-implanted osteosarcoma associated with
cast stainless steel implants?

Page 4: S Schenk, F Dallmann, D Delfosse
Development of a novel glenoid implant

Page 5: R Heuberger, J Krieg, P Wahl, E Gautier
Antibiotic loaded plaster of Paris: Wear of artificial hip joints in the presence of gypsum particles

Page 6: GN Duda, A Petersen, S Checa, B Wildemann
Employing biological and mechanical cues for bone regeneration

Page 7: G Blugan, F Dalcanale, M Gullo, J Grossenbacher, T Graule, H Tevaearai, J Kuebler, J Brugger
Implantable ceramic MEMS electrodes for cardiac pace makers

Page 8: UG Hofer, A Gammeter
Evaluation of process capability of implant manufacturing

Page 9: M Zimmermann, S Leyen, W Rieger
Trends and developments of high-performance ceramics for implants

Page 10: C Kottler, M Krieger, V Revol, R Kaufmann, A Konrad, A Neels, A Dommann
Phase contrast and X-ray dark field imaging: New possibilities for non-destructive testing of materials and components

Page 11: B Knobel, C Findeisen, G Imboden
Development of a miniaturized hand-held navigation system for medical applications: recent results

Page 12: H Schmotzer, S Stübinger, D Velten
Colorimetry on implant surfaces for esthetically demanding applications

Page 13: H Strakov, A Santana
CVD coating technology: A coating alternative for CoCr alloys

Page 14: BM Keller, MA Gehri, S Maric, H Fisch
Silver as a lubricant additive for implant manufacturing

Page 15: R Wauthle, J-P Kruth, ML Montero, L Thijs, J Van Humbeeck
New opportunities for using tantalum for implants with Additive Manufacturing

Page 16: S De Boodt, C Bichlmeier, L Vigneron
Breakthroughs in patient matched medicine through advancements in 3D image analysis

Page 17: J Stifter, A Ringenbach
Patient specific implants in orthopaedics – Efficient production with software

Page 18: O Hedin
Regulatory approval of implants produced with Additive Manufacturing

Page 19: M Schmidt
Fixation concept for a metalback/ceramic connection

Page 20: U Brodbeck
Contemporary dental implant systems: Clinical, biological and mechanical aspects


Page 21: K Thorwarth, U Müller, R Figi, B Weisse, G Thorwarth, R Hauert, D Jaeger
101 million cycle simulator wear characterization of diamond like carbon coated CoCrMo articulating implants

Page 22: W Hoffmann, T Bormann, F Schlottig, M Mertmann, I Martin, D Wendt, M de Wild
Smart NiTi constructs for 3D cell culture applications

Page 23: L Straumann, N Balimann, F Meier, M de Wild, C Jung
Effect of ultrasound on the electrochemical deposition of antibacterial copper particles on anodized titanium implant surfaces

Page 24: S Stevanovic, P Chavanne, O Braissant, U Pieles, P Gruner, R Schumacher
Additive manufactured ceramic/polymer scaffolds

Page 25: P Robotti, G Zappini, E Preve, A Drechsler, S Stübinger, B George
Macroporous titanium coating for challenging substrates

Page 26: A Nolte
Simulation of muscle and joint reaction forces as boundary conditions for implant design appropriate to the load

Page 27: CM Sprecher, V Braunstein, D Nehrbass, S Milz, F Gohlke, R Hertel, M Jäger, N Südkamp, F Schmidutz
Hemi-resurfacing implants of the shoulder: short term osseous integration

Page 28: C Schmied, A Friedrich
Biological safety testing on implant devices

Page 29: R Dewarrat, A Savoy
Data Analytics: progress without experimental design

Page 30: J Lungershausen, A Stumpp, A Ferrari, D Poulikakos, V Kurtcuoglu
Advanced laser ablation for the surface microstructuring of cardiovascular implants

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file