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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2012, Collection 2

Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomaterials.
Balgrist Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland, May 3 2012

Abstracts of presentations at the meeting

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Oral Presentations

Page 1: F Witte
Biodegradable metals as temporary implants: historically from bedside to bench and back

Page 2: A Khoushabi, SE Darwiche, P Abdel-Sayed, LA Applegate, DP Pioletti
Epiphyseal chondro-progenitors exhibit spontaneous chondrogenesis in photoencapsulating polyethylene glycol dimethacrylate hydrogels

Page 3: M D'Este, M Alini, D Eglin
A new single step synthesis for thermoresponsive hyaluronan hydrogels

Page 4: D Studer, M Zenobi-Wong, K Maniura-Weber
Proliferation rate as an indicator for the chondrogenic potential of mesenchymal stromal cells in 3D pellet culture

Page 5: P Lezuo, M Alini, M Stoddart
Degradation of fibrin gels during monoculture of human MSCs

Page 6: Y Loosli, C Labouesse, R Luginbhuel, B Vianay, JG Snedeker
A maturation thresholding process regulates cell adhesion at the distal lamellum

Page 7: L Galea, M Bohner, O Loeffel, S Gruenenfelder, M Niederberger, T Graule
Resorbable ceramic platelets for reinforcement of bone substitutes

Page 8: R Lerf, D Delfosse, D Zurbrügg
Vitamin E stabilised, cross-linked UHMWPE: Leaching out of vitamin E?

Page 9: LS Karfeld-Sulzer, C Ghayor, FE Weber
Covalent conjugation of bone morphogenetic protein-2 in fibrin hydrogels with cell-determined release for intervertebral disc regeneration

Page 10: C Sfeir, A Roy, S Zaky, S Yoshizawa, B Costello, PN Kumta
Novel resorbable calcium phosphate putty for bone tissue engineering

Poster presentations

Page 11: J Barros, CM Manuel, L Grenho, FJ Monteiro, L Melo, OC Nunes, MP Ferraz
Design of a modular reactor for biofilm formation studies in biomaterials

Page 12: S Carmo, J Costa-Rodrigues, FJ Monteiro, MH Fernandes
Influence of microstructured and nanostructured hydroxyapatite surfaces on human osteoclast differentiation and activation

Page 13: A Carvalho, A Pelaez-Vargas, D Gallego-Perez, MH Fernandes, DJ Hansford, FJ Monteiro
Micropatterned bioactive thin films for guided bone regeneration

Page 14: N Döbelin, U Eggenberger, M Bohner
The effect of micro-porosity on the thermal stability of α-TCP

Page 15: AB Faia-Torres, M Rottmar, S Lischer, T Goren, M Charley, K Maniura-Weber, ND Spencer, M Textor, RL Reis, NM Neves
Osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow stromal cells via polycaprolactone roughness gradients in the absence of dexamethasone

Page 16: J Gagnon, KM Fromm
Nanoencapsulation of silver-based drugs

Page 17: L Grenho, FJ Monteiro, MP Ferraz
Synthesis and antibacterial activity of nanohydroxyapatite/ZnO nanoparticles composites

Page 18: A Grognuz, A Farron, W Raffoul, LA Applegate
Human progenitor tenocytes for re-cellularization of matrix for rotator cuff repair

Page 19: J Köser, U Pieles
Towards optimized fluoride particles for dental care applications

Page 20: J Kurz, A Leisibach, U Pieles, M de Wild
Nitroxide antioxidants immobilized on the metal oxide surface

Page 21: S Lischer, M Rottmar, U Tobler, K Maniura-Weber
Different cell fate for human osteoblasts and osteosarcoma cell line MG63 on implant surfaces

Page 22: C Millan, Y Yang, T Groth, J Vörös, M Zenobi-Wong
Engineering MSC condensations for cartilage tissue engineering

Page 23: M Obarzanek-Fojt, E Lizundia, JR Sarasua, A Bruinink
MWCNT reinforced PLLA composite - a good candidate to produce bone implants?

Page 24: M Peroglio, D Eglin, LM Benneker, M Alini, S Grad
Evaluation of a thermoresponsive hyaluronan hydrogel as stem cell carrier for intervertebral disc regeneration

Page 25: M Ribeiro, L Grenho, FJ Monteiro, MP Ferraz
Influence of surface proteins on Staphylococcus epidermidis adhesion to nanohydroxyapatite as a substrate for bone regeneration

Page 26: P Rieder, G Garavaglia, A Filieri, HWA Wiskott, S Durual
TiNOx coatings duplicate the effects of SLA"active"

Page 27: M Rottmar, M Richter, X Mäder, K Grieder, B von Rechenberg, K Nuss, E Zimmermann, S Buser, A Dobmann, J Blume, A Bruinink
Revcel, a resorbable biomaterial as wound dressing

Page 28: RI Sharma, G Bartalena, JG Snedeker
Cell instructive biomaterial design for enhancing cell contractility and osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells

Page 29: I Altimari, M Curcio, F Iemma, UG Spizzirri, F Puoci, N Picci
Preparation and characterization of novel biodegradable nanoparticles for pharmaceutical applications

Page 30: Z Li, R Sirkis, M Peroglio, A Wertzel, K Mevorat-Kaplan, M Alini, A Yayon, S Grad
Biomimetic fibrinogen-hyaluronan conjugates for nucleus pulposus regeneration

Page 31: L Luca, A-L Rougemont, BH Walpoth, R Gurny, O Jordan
Hydrogels for BMP-2 delivery: influence of carrier nature and pH on ectopic bone formation

Page 32: R Mahou, NM Tran, M Dufresne, C Legallais, C Wandrey
Encapsulation of Huh-7 cells within alginate-poly(ethylene glycol) hybrid microspheres

Page 33: M Mohamed, V Bernau, H Hofmann, G Thalmann G Borchard, O Jordan
Bone cements for localized treatment of tumors through combined hyperthermia and chemotherapy

Page 34: M Priebe, KM Fromm
Encapsulation of antimicrobial compounds into inorganic nanocontainers

Page 35: ETJ Rochford, AHC Poulsson, L O'Mahony, M Ziegler, RG Richards, TF Moriarty
The effect of material choice on the immune response to bacterial contamination

Page 36: P Urwyler, A Pascual, J Gobrecht, H Schift, B Müller
Chemical stability of ultraviolet-ozone treated, injection-moulded poly lactic acid micro-cantilevers

Page 37: N Wismer, S Thöny, G Fortunato, S Ferguson, S Grad, D Eglin
Electrospun scaffolds for annulus fibrosus repair. A scanning electron microscopy study

Page 38: F Witte, K Kalla, M Meier
Magnesium corrosion associated gas cavity formation imaged in vivo using MRI

Page 39: F Witte, E Willbold, W Czayka, J Nellesen, W Tillmann
Basic setup for microtomography of biosamples under cryo conditions

Page 40: X Zhao, P Urwyler, B Müller
Optimization of the optical readout of PEEK cantilevers

Page 41: M Mohamed, V Bernau, H Hofmann, G Thalmann, G Borchard, O Jordan
Bone cements for localized treatment of tumors through combined hyperthermia and chemotherapy

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file