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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2010, Collection 5

3rd International NanoBio Conference 2010, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
August 24-27 2010

List of abstracts in alphabetical order by author (Note: up to Page 286 - following pages 287-290 were added at a later date due to late submission by the authors)

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Page 1: D Ackermann, M Famulok
A double-stranded DNA rotaxane

Page 2: M Adamczak, HJ Hoel, J Barbasz, P Warszyński
Complexes of polyelectrolytes with quantum dots

Page 3: M Ramuz, D Leuenberger, N Adsul
Integrated optical biosensor based on organic optoelectronic components

Page 4: C Aimé, T Coradin
Development of a spectroscopic probe to assess the structure of new hybrid silica-based biomaterials

Page 5: G Altay, A Khademhosseini, V Hasirci
Free standing layer-by-layer films of biopolymers for cornea engineering

Page 6: J Althaus, S Adam, H Schift, J Gobrecht, U Pieles, B Müller, K Peters
Plasma treated and nano/micro-structured PEEK substrates for adipose tissue-derived stem cell studies

Page 7: R André, MN Tahir, W Tremel, WEG Müller, HC Schröder
Biomineralization as a tool for assembly of hierarchical structures: silicatein-silintaphin interaction

Page 8: SJ Ashrafi, MF Rastegar, B Jafarpour, SA Kumar
Use of plant pathogenic fungi Fusarium moniliforme for biosynthesis of silver nano particles with emphasis to time

Page 9: G Gergely, IE Lukács, M Tóth, L Illés, F Wéber, Cs Balázsi
Hydroxyapatite - biopolymer mats by electrospinning

Page 10: F Baldelli Bombelli, D Walczyk, M Monopoli, I Lynch, KA Dawson
What the “cell” sees in bionanoscience

Page 11: V Bansal, SK Soni, SK Bhargava
Self-assembled protein nanocapsules in ionic liquids as templating nanoreactors for enzyme-encapsulated hollow nanocontainers

Page 12: EF Banwell, JG Heddle
Understanding the assembly of a novel protein nanotube

Page 13: Y Barak, S Moraïs, A Heyman, O Shoseyov, EA Bayer
Enhanced cellulose degradation by nano-complexed enzymes

Page 14: Zs Baranyai, K Horváti, G Mező, Sz Bősze
Synthesis and in vitro functional characterization of peptide conjugates that inhibit the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

Page 15: E Battista, F Causa, R Della Moglie, PA Netti
A novel platform for surface investigation of bio-conjugated ligands

Page 16: S Bauer, J Park, K von der Mark, P Schmuki
TiO2 nanotubes for stimulated cell response: Control of cell-surface interactions at the nanoscale

Page 17: M Ivanova, S Gordeyev, B Baziyan
Requirements to structure, material components and surface properties of implantable brain-computer interface for cortical vision prosthesis

Page 18: P Behr, D Ossola, P Dörig, M Gabi, E Sarajlic, M Bijl, J Vörös, T Zambelli
Combining AFM with hollow cantilevers towards electrophysiological measurements

Page 19: A Bezrukova 
Nanobioparticles interactions: on-line optical evidence/control

Page 20: J Blacklock, A Vetter, D Oupický, H Mohwald
Tuning the mechanical properties of bioreducible multilayer films for improved cell adhesion and transfection activity

Page 21: M Bohner, S Gruenenfelder, N Doebelin, W Hofstetter, R Luginbuehl, RJ Egli
Nanodefects to tune the chemical and biological properties of calcium phosphate biomaterials

Page 22: L Bonacina, J Extermann, C Kasparian, Y Mugnier, R Le Dantec, J-P Wolf
Second harmonic imaging probes for bio-labeling

Page 23: DK Bora, N Kasoju, RR Bhonde, U Bora
Novel self assembled conjugation chemistry based nanoparticle system as effective nano bullets for cancer

Page 24: A-K Born, V Vogel, R Kemkemer, K Maniura-Weber
Analysis of molecular interactions between focal adhesion proteins talin and vinculin using FRET

Page 25: PJ Bosch, A Ebner, P Hinterdorfer, JS Kanger, V Subramaniam
Towards nano-scale controlled actuation of cell membrane receptors

Page 26: S Boujday, AL Morel, CM Pradier
Building a model 3D immunosensor on gold nanoparticle monolayers

Page 27: S Bozzini, S Farè, L Altomare, P Petrini, A Bandiera, MC Tanzi
Human elastin-like polypeptides: recombinant biopolymers for regenerative medicine

Page 28: E Briand, P Maillard, V Rosilio
Interaction between tethered supported lipid bilayers and a glycodendrimeric porphyrin studied by combined QCM-D and EIS

Page 29: PS Brunetto, KM Fromm
New antibacterial coated surfaces for self-protecting implants

Page 30: F Bruxel, S Cojean, A Bochot, H Teixeira, PM Loiseau, E Fattal
Characterization and in vitro evaluation of antimalarial oligonucleotides adsorbed to cationic nanoemulsions

Page 31: A Buchkremer, J Bretschneider, M Reismann, G von Plessen, U Simon
Gold nanoparticles as actuators for biomolecular reactions

Page 32: S Burazerovic, TR Ward
Hierarchical self-assembly of one and two dimensional protein networks

Page 33: G Calderó, C Bouaoud, MJ García-Celma, C Solans
Multifunctional polymeric nanoparticles prepared from O/W nano-emulsions by a low-energy method

Page 34: V Carvalho, P Castanheira, C Gonçalves, P Madureira, C Faro, L Domingues, M Vilanova, FM Gama
Dextrin nanoparticles as a protein delivery system: The Interleukin-10 case study

Page 35: EMS Castanheira, AS Abreu, MJRP Queiroz, PMT Ferreira
Studies of encapsulation of a new potential antitumoral indole derivative in nanoliposomes for drug delivery applications

Page 36: W-S Kim, SH Kim, S-M Chang, JM Kim
Real time monitoring of a calcium carbonate biomineralization process on a silk fibroin via QCM and AFM

Page 37: SJ Chang, PL Kang, CH Yao, WT Liu, SM Kuo
Enhanced induction of MSCs to cardiomyocytes by 5-azacytidine/nano-sized collagen I molecules

Page 38: Y Chang, H-K Kim, J-C Park, J Yoo
Gallium-64 labeled gold nanoparticles with gadolinium-dtpa coating as a PET/CT/MRI triple contrast agent

Page 39: CA Che Abdullah, P Asanithi, EW Brunner, C Lewis Azad, R Ovalle-Robles, MD Lima, X Lepro, S Collins, RH Baughman, RP Sear, AB Dalton
Cell patterning and alignment on nanostructured isotropic and anisotropic carbon nanotubes substrates

Page 40: Y-C Chen, W-Y Huang, H-O Ho, M-T Sheu
Self-microemulsifying premicroemulsion systems (SMEPMSs) as the template for preparing nanodrugs and nanoparticles

Page 41: P Chonpathompikunlert, T Yoshitomi, J Han, K Toh, H Isoda, Y Nagasaki
Comparison of the effects of TEMPO, radical containing nanoparticle and radical containing nanoparticle combination piperine on Ab amyloid toxicity

Page 42: TW Chung, YF Chen, HS Chen
Shortening blood clots formation using ADP decorating chitosan nanoparticles

Page 43: M Claesson, N-J Cho, C Frank, M Andersson
Vesicle adsorption on mesoporous silica and titania

Page 44: C Conteduca, N von Goetz, K Hungerbühler
Consideration of aggregation processes for nanoparticle exposure assessment

Page 45: P Couvreur
Nanomedicines: a new approach for the treatment of severe diseases

Page 46: HG Craighead
Nanostructures for biological investigations

Page 47: T Daberkow, F Meder, L Treccani, K Rezwan
Interaction of oxide nanoparticles with bone cells

Page 48: AB Dahlin, T Sannomiya, R MacKenzie, B Dielacher, J Vörös
Electrochemical processes in plasmonic nanostructures

Page 49: SS Daube, D Bracha, A Buxboim, RH Bar-Ziv
Compartmentalization by directional gene expression

Page 50: P de Thier, CC Dupont-Gillain
Monitoring the adsorption of monoclonal IgGs by QCM-D

Page 51: D de Bruyn Ouboter, ThB Schuster, Ch Dittrich, WP Meier
Self-assembled peptide microspheres

Page 52: E Delamarche, SR Coyer, DJ Solis, AJ García
Patterning proteins on surfaces: at what scales and what for?

Page 53: MF Delcroix, W Van Camp, FE Du Prez, CC Dupont-Gillain
Mixed PEO/PAA brushes for the control of protein adsorption

Page 54: S Demarche, A Studer, D Langenegger, J Vörös, L Tiefenauer
Free-standing lipid bilayers in porous supports for investigating ion channels

Page 55: K Demeter, K Kenesei, A Czeh, L Török, B Orsolits, G Lustyik, E Madarász
Cell labelling with functionalised nano-beads

Page 56: I De Santo, F Causa, PA Netti
Sub-diffusion in nanochannels by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

Page 57: S Deshpande, D Steinhauser, S Arnold, T Pfohl
Actin self-assembly: a microfluidic approach

Page 58: P Kuhn, J Puigmartí-Luis, I Imaz, D Maspoch, PS Dittrich
Towards nanowire sensors on a microfluidic platform: In-situ formation, positioning and sizing of nanowire bundles

Page 59: TA Do, J Pleiss
Modeling of peptide binding to polar surfaces OF ZnO by molecular dynamics simulations

Page 60: P Dörig, P Stiefel, P Behr, M Gabi, J Vörös, J Vorholt, T Zambelli1
Controlled displacement of single mammalian and microorganism cells by FluidFM technology

Page 61: A Doostmohammadi, A Monshi, MH Fathi, U Pieles, AU Daniels
Preparation and physico-chemical characterization of bioactive glass nano particles

Page 62: D Dorokhin, SH Hsu, N Tomczak, C Blum, V Subramaniam, J Huskens, DN Reinhoudt, AH Velders, GJ Vancso
Engineering of quantum dot pattern luminescence via energy transfer for sensing applications

Page 63: A dos Santos, M Cornelissen, E Schacht, P Dubruel
Electrospun materials with cell adhesion and proliferation promoting surfaces

Page 64: D Drescher, G Orts-Gil, W Österle, J Kneipp
Investigation of cytotoxicity of silica nanoparticles using viability tests and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Page 65: JM Dugan, JE Gough, SJ Eichhorn
Oriented cellulose nanowhiskers guide myoblast fusion to produce highly aligned myotubes

Page 66: SPE Deacon, B Apostolovic, AK Schott, RJ Carbajo, MJ Vicent, A Pineda-Lucena, H-A Klok, R Duncan
Polymer therapeutics containing coiled-coils: new therapeutics and linkers

Page 67: CC Dupont-Gillain, J Landoulsi, S Demoustier-Champagne
Incorporation of collagen in LbL assemblies: mechanism and synthesis of size-controlled nanotubes

Page 68: BS Necula, LE Fratila-Apachitei, SAJ Zaat, I Apachitei, J Duszczyk
Bactericidal coatings with silver nanoparticles

Page 69: EK Pramod Kumar, NM Christensen, RV Benjaminsen, TL Andresen
Synthesis and characterization of self-organized cross-linked nanoparticle sensors for intracellular pH measurements

Page 70: B Eker, MD Yilmaz, A Gonzalez-Campo, P Jonkheijm, J Huskens, H Gardeniers
General supramolecular approach for ATP sensing and surface bound alkaline phosphatase kinetics using microfluidic platform

Page 71: CM Elvin, T Vuocolo, AG Brownlee, M Huson, M Kim, RE Lyons, L Sando, GA Edwards, NE Liyou, JAM Ramshaw, JA Werkmeister 
Photochemical fabrication of a highly elastic and adhesive surgical tissue sealant

Page 72: H Engel, EJ Windhab
Controlled production of uniform vesicles by shear-enhanced pore extrusion

Page 73: T von Erlach, T Lühmann, H Hall
Uptake and transfection efficiency of peptide modified and unmodified PLL-g-PEG-DNA nanocondensates in dependence to the cell cycle

Page 74: B Fadeel, A Shvedova, V Kagan
Interactions of engineered nanomaterials with the immune system

Page 75: MA Faramarzi, H Forootanfar, M Shakibaei, AR Shahverdi
Microalgal synthesis of gold nanoparticles by Tetraselmis suecica

Page 76: N Farkas, JA Dagata, C Yang, A Rait, KF Pirollo, EH Chang
Physical characterization methods for nanomedicine: structure-function relationships

Page 77: C Fattinger
Exploiting biological diversity

Page 78: M Favre, A Meister, S Dasen, G Gruener, R Ischer, T Overstolz, J Bitterli, P Vettiger, M Liley, H Heinzelmann
Parallel AFM imaging and force spectroscopy using 2-dimensional probe arrays for applications in cell biology

Page 79: A Felber, B Castagner, J-C Leroux
Smart pH-responsive nanocarriers for nucleic acid drug delivery

Page 80: E Ferrari, F Darios, M Soloviev, B Davletov
NanoLock polypeptide for the permanent immobilization of recombinant proteins on SNAP25 functionalized supports

Page 81: L Feuz, H Agheli, A Gunnarsson, F Höök
A simple nanoplasmonic sensor with microliter sample handling

Page 82: V Forster, P Luciani, J-C Leroux
In vitro optimization of injectable nanovesicles to treat drug overdose

Page 83: C Freese, RE Unger, CJ Kirkpatrick, MI Gibson, H-A Klok
Uptake of gold nanoparticles of different sizes, shapes and coatings in human endothelial cells

Page 84: R Frost, G Coué, JFJ Engbersen, B Kasemo, S Svedhem
Responsive insulin-loaded polymeric nanoparticles interacting with model lipid membranes

Page 85: K Fuhrmann, MA Gauthier, J-C Leroux
Cross-linking polymers for nanocrystal stabilization

Page 86: K Fukazawa, Q Li, S Seeger, K Ishihara
Molecular-NANOintegrated surface for selective protein recognition by molecular imprinting concept

Page 87: L García-Fernández, R Sperling, J Arbiol, V Puntes
Controlling the loading number and orientation of Immunoglobin G on gold nanoparticles and the induced formation of nano-assemblies

Page 88: HE Gaub
Force and function: Probing proteins with single molecule force spectroscopy

Page 89: G Heltovics, Zs Ötvös, G Filipcsei, F Darvas
Novel nanostructured drug delivery technology to enhance bioavailability, increase solubility and drug loading

Page 90: A Giese, C Padeste, K Ballmer-Hofer
Monitoring vessel formation of endothelial cells on micropatterned biochips

Page 91: EV Giger, R Schlatter, B Castagner, J-C Leroux
PEG-bisphosphonate-stabilized calcium phosphate nanoparticles for gene delivery

Page 92: G Giudetti, P Lisboa, L Sirghi, H Rauscher, P Colpo, F Rossi
Force spectroscopy study of a nano-patterned organothiol surface fabricated by colloidal lithography

Page 93: DP Go, JA Palmer, SL Gras, AJ O’Connor
Delivery of an anti-inflammatory hormone via layer-by-layer assembly of biomolecules

Page 94: T Goda, K Ishihara, Y Miyahara
Direct cell-membrane penetration using amphipathic polyphosphobetaines

Page 95: B Thierry, C Barbe, F Al-Ejeh, M Brown, HJ Griesser
PEGylated nanoparticles for cancer detection and treatment

Page 96: D Grünstein, R Kikkeri, LH Hossain, G Bellapadrona, AB Tesler, A Vaskevich, I Rubinstein, PH Seeberger
Carbohydrate-modified LSPR transducers for protein recognition

Page 97: A Gunnarsson, P Jönsson, P Sjövall, F Höök
Probing molecular recognition on the single molecule level

Page 98: G Gyulai, CsB Pénzes, P Petrik, T Lohner, É Kiss
Wettability and protein adsorption properties of biodegradable polymeric nanolayers

Page 99: M Håkanson, S Kobel, M Charnley, M Lutolf, M Textor
An in-vitro method to study anti-apoptotic signaling from the extracellular environment

Page 100: B Halamoda-Kenzaoui, C Chapuis, L Juillerat-Jeanneret
Development of methods for testing the toxicological profile of nanoparticles used in the biomedical field

Page 101: H Hall, T Lühmann, S Tang
Cell type specific cell guidance in Wound Healing

Page 102: P Hammar, N Grantcharova, P Leroy, J Elf
LacI search kinetics changes with number of operators

Page 103: U Hartfelder, J Puigmartí-Luis, I Imaz, D Maspoch, PS Dittrich
Formation of metal-bioorganic nanofibres on a microchip

Page 104: D Hartono, Hody, KL Yang, LYL Yung
A new biomimetic interface: liquid crystal-supported mixed phospholipid/cholesterol monolayer

Page 105: Y Hayashi, P Engelmann, HV Pedersen, J Wang, J Scott-Fordsmand, DS Sutherland, LH Heckmann
Linking cellular and organismal toxicities of silver nanoparticles in the model earthworm Eisenia fetida

Page 106: WX He, J Bielecki, CS Knee, M Andersson
Biomimetic nanocrystalline apatite resembling bone

Page 107: FF Miranda, K Iwasaki, S Akashi, K Sumitomo, M Kobayashi, I Yamashita, JRH Tame, JG Heddle
A self-assembled artificial protein nanotube

Page 108: J Hedlund, A Lundgren, H Elwing
Real-time monitoring of nanostructured surface build-up and function using a novel micro-impedance measurement instrument (z-LAB)

Page 109: FM Hilty, M Arnold, M Hilbe, A Teleki, TJN Knijnenburg, F Ehrensperger, RF Hurrell, SE Pratsinis, W Langhans, MB Zimmermann
Iron from nanocompounds containing iron and zinc is highly bioavailable in rats without tissue accumulation

Page 110: K Hirano, M Aoyagi, T Ishido, T Ooie, H Frusawa, M Asakawa, T Shimizu, M Ishikawa
Controlling orientation and measuring length of lipid nanotubes using high-frequency AC electric field

Page 111: H Kabata, K Kawasaki, K Hirai, R Tsuruoka, H Takahashi
Controlled redistribution of blood peptides (BPs) between human serum albumin (HSA) and mesoporous silica (MPS)

Page 112: C Hirsch, F Wessling, K Fischer, M Roesslein, P Wick, H Hofmann, HF Krug
A novel comprehensive evaluation platform to assess nanoparticle toxicity in vitro

Page 113: M Hirsimäki, L Kanninen, N Jokinen, P Jussila, K Lahtonen, R Pärna, E Nõmmiste, M Valden
Synthesizing bioactive silane layers on nanopatterned stainless steel surfaces

Page 114: SY Hong, R Kikkeri, M Collot, M Maglinao, B Lepenies, PH Seeberger
Glyco-dendrimers for lectin-dimerization

Page 115: S Hossfeld, H Hartmann, U Mittnacht, H Oliveira, AP Pêgo, D Stoll, B Schlosshauer, R Krastev
Biodegradable multilayered systems with incorporated siRNA nanoparticles as a powerful technique for local drug delivery

Page 116: JA Hubbell, MA Swartz, S Hirosue, AJ van der Vlies, D Velluto, CP O’Neil, E Simeoni, A Stano, C Nembrini, SN Thomas, I Kourtis
Polymeric nanomaterials in vaccine adjuvancy

Page 117: SW Hyun, SC Hong, SJ Kim, CS Kim
An anisotropic changes in manganese ferrite nanoparticle by proton irradiation

Page 118: J Idaszek, A Bruinink, W Święszkowski, KJ Kurzydłowski
Biodegradable ternary nanocomposites with improved mechanical properties

Page 119: M Ignat, I Alexa, E Popovici
Biomolecules adsorption onto ordered mesoporous carbon

Page 120: P Ilg, E Del Gado
Highly non-linear response of dipolar colloidal gels

Page 121: T Inagaki, M Kawahara, T Nagamune
A rapid antibody isolation system (RAntIS) based on in vitro immunization

Page 122: T Ishido, M Ishikawa, K Hirano
Measurement of condensation speed and size of single globular DNA molecule by laser trapping

Page 123: K Ishihara, T Nakanishi, M Takai, Y Inoue
Nanoforce measurement during protein adsorption to well-controlled polymer brush surfaces

Page 124: N Jain, Y Arntz, V Goldschmidt, G Duportail, Y Mely, AS Klymchenko
Self-assembled nanostructures from organic bolaamphiphiles for gene delivery

Page 125: S Jegou, J Hall
Can SBF methods be used to predict the bioactivity of different titanium surfaces?

Page 126: P Jönsson, MP Jonsson, JP Beech, JO Tegenfeldt, F Höök
Shear-driven motion of supported lipid bilayers in microfluidic channels

Page 127: E Josef, M Zilberman, H Bianco-Peled
Nanoparticles embedded in alginate hydrogels: an innovative approach for sustained release of hydrophobic drugs

Page 128: A Joshi, R Srivastava
Fluorescent nanoparticles as implantable “Smart Tattoo” biosensors for dissolved oxygen monitoring

Page 129: G Kada, M Duman, H-P Huber, C Rankl, P Hinterdorfer, F Kienberger
A versatile toolset for nanometer scale research in life science

Page 130: B Kainz, S Küpcü, K Steiner, UB Sleytr, JL Toca-Herrera, D Pum
Nanostructured fluorescent S-layer coatings on silica particles

Page 131: A Kaminska, J Weyher, J Waluk, S Gawinkowski, R Holyst
High efficiency GaN-based platforms for biology and medicine

Page 132: HW Kang, BJ Lee, SM Chang, YS Kwon, H Muramatsu
Monitoring for intra cellular cytoskeletal change by chemical stressors using quartz crystal microbalance

Page 133: L Kanninen, N Jokinen, K Lahtonen, P Jussila, H Ali-Löytty, M Hirsimäki, J Leppiniemi, V Hytönen, M Kulomaa, N Ahola, K Paakinaho, M Kellomäki, M Valden
Surface science analysis and surface modification methods for biomaterials research

Page 134: MR Kano, H Nishihara, K Kataoka, K Miyazono
Treating “intractable” tumours using nanoDDS and TGF-beta inhibitor

Page 135: T Karakouz, AB Tesler, TA Bendikov, A Vaskevich, I Rubinstein
Thermal stabilization of localized plasmon transducers

Page 136: JKR Kendall, BRG Johnson, PH Symonds, G Imperato, RJ Bushby, JD Gwyer, C van Berkel, SD Evans, LJC Jeuken
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as a tool for studying ion channels in tethered bilayer lipid membranes

Page 137: N Kimizuka
Adaptive self-assembly in coordination nanoparticles

Page 138: T Kitagawa, Y Inoue, M Takai, K Ishihara
Monitoring of initial cell adhesion process on nanometer-scaled and organized surfaces

Page 139: AS Klymchenko, RV Rodik, N Jain, L Richert, VI Kalchenko, Y Mely
Cationic amphiphilic calixarenes for hierarchical assembly of DNA nanoparticles and gene delivery

Page 140: O Knopfmacher, A Tarasov, W Fu, M Calame, C Schönenberger
Sensitivity considerations in dual-gated Si-nanowire FET sensors

Page 141: J Köser, J Althaus, B Müller, F Battiston, U Pieles 
From molecules to cells: sensing the nanomechanical way

Page 142: D Kohler, M Schneider, C-M Lehr, M Krüger, H Möhwald, D Wang
Preparation of elongated polyelectrolyte particles from particles

Page 143: T Konno, K Taniguchi, H Nishida, H Kambara, K Ishihara
Single cell analysis based on functional phospholipid polymers

Page 144: VN Konopsky, EV Alieva
Optical biosensing based on photonic crystal surface waves

Page 145: Z Kozakova, V Babayan, M Sedlacik, I Kuritka, V Pavlinek
Rapid microwave-assisted method for preparation of magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia treatment

Page 146: L Krapf, J Dimitrijevic, A Schüth, J Niehaus, S Becker, C Schmidkte, T Vossmeyer, G Hüttmann, A Gebert, H Weller
Tailor-made fluorescent nanocrystals for 2-photon in vivo imaging

Page 147: M Krishnan, N Mojarad, V Sandoghdar
Passive trapping, levitation and assembly of nanometric objects in a fluid

Page 148: S Kristensen, J Malmström, J Lovmand, M Duch, DS Sutherland
Protein nanopatterning for studying cell adhesion

Page 149: SK Küster, D Lombardi, PS Dittrich
High-throughput analysis of vesicle membrane permeation using a
droplet-based microfluidic system

Page 150: L Kummer, P Mittl, A Plückthun
Knowledge-based design of a reagentless protein kinase activity biosensor from designed ankyrin repeat proteins

Page 151: J Kurz, U Pieles, Ch Schönenberger
Silicon nanowires as biochemical sensors

Page 152: N Kuznetsova, N Bovin, C Sevrin, D Lespineux, C Grandfils, E Vodovozova
Hemocompatibility of liposomes loaded with diglyceride esters of methotrexate and melphalan

Page 153: IC Kwon
Polymer nanotechnology for molecular imaging

Page 154: MW Lee, CW Lan, YT Lin, TW Liu, SM Kuo
Influences of nano-sized type I collagen molecules on hepatocyte cultures

Page 155: A Leifert, Y Pan, D Ruau, S Neuss, J Bornemann, G Schmid, W Brandau, W Jahnen-Dechent, U Simon
Size and ligand dependent cytotoxicity of gold nanoparticles

Page 156: A Lemelle, A Bidus, S Morgan
Detection of fluorescent silica nanoparticles in cells using confocal microscopy

Page 157: VA Schulte, M Diez, M Möller, MC Lensen
Cellular responses to physically and mechanically patterned biomaterials

Page 158: S Lv, DM Dudek, Y Cao, MM Balamurali, J Gosline, H Li
Protein mechanics: from single molecule to biomaterials

Page 159: M Liebi, J Kohlbrecher, T Ishikawa, P Fischer, P Walde, EJ Windhab
Magneto-responsive biomolecular nanodiscs

Page 160: C-Y Hsu, J-W Huang, K-J Lin
Significantly improved sensitivity of localized surface plasmon resonance at interstice of two-dimensional gold nanoparticles

Page 161: JU Lind, TS Hansen, TL Andresen, NB Larsen
Preparing bio-molecule gradients on PEDOT-N3 using electro-click reactions

Page 162: R Lösel, M Möller, D Klee
Photoreactive biodegradable electrospun fibers

Page 163: D Lombardi, PS Dittrich
Investigation of drug-protein interactions by means of droplet microfluidics and magnetic beads

Page 164: SB Lowe, JE Ghadiali, MM Stevens
Quantum dot-peptide conjugates for determination of transferase enzyme activity

Page 165: R MacKenzie, C Fraschina, B Dielacher, T Sannomiya, V Auzelyte, J Vörös
LSPR-based biosensing & simultaneous optical-electrochemical sensing with gold nanowire arrays

Page 166: K Markó, E Gócza, Á Apáti, T Kőhidi, E Madarász
A novel synthetic adhesive peptide conjugate supports the xeno-free culturing of embryonic and neural stem cells

Page 167: Y Maeda, A Matsumoto, Y Miura, Y Miyahara
Hydrogel-based field effect transistor for lectin detection

Page 168: AD Malay, JG Heddle
Wrapped up in a circle: sensing RNA-protein interactions using a FRET-based approach

Page 169: J Malmström, B Christensen, HP Jakobsen, J Lovmand, R Foldbjerg, S Kristensen, ES Sørensen, DS Sutherland
Large area protein patterning for control of focal adhesion development

Page 170: AA Martens, M Bus, EJR Sudhölter, LCPM de Smet
A comparative atomic force microscopy study on the interaction between the CD44 cell surface receptor and different glucosaminoglycans

Page 171: T Berthing, S Bonde, CB Sørensen, P Utko, J Nygård, KL Martinez
Intact mammalian cell function on semiconductor nanowire arrays: new perspectives for cell-based biosensing

Page 172: R Marty, R Szilluweit, H Frauenrath
Organic electronic materials from oligopeptide-polymer conjugates

Page 173: A Matsumoto, N Sato, R Yoshida, K Kataoka, Y Miyahara
Bio-transistor for label free living cell diagnosis

Page 174: Y Matsumura
A new aspect of drug delivery system in cancer therapy 

Page 175: SL McArthur
Plasma polymers in biotechnology: power, patterning and PDMS

Page 176: HH Shen, JG Crowston, F Huber, KM McLean, S Saubern, PG Hartley
Phosphatidylserine-containing phytantriol cubic-phase particles: influence of lyotropic liquid crystalline phase behaviour on cellular response

Page 177: F Meder, T Daberkow, L Treccani, K Rezwan
Variation of surface functional groups of oxide nanoparticles and their impact on protein interactions

Page 178: R Mejard, M Kurkuri, H Griesser, B Thierry
Long-range SPR sensors integrated in microfluidic device for sensitive detection

Page 179: GML Messina, G Marletta
Protein adsorption onto nanopores at the nanometer scale

Page 180: J Adamcik, J-M Jung, J Flakowski, P De Los Rios, G Dietler, R Mezzenga
Understanding amyloid aggregation by statistical analysis of atomic force microscopy

Page 181: B Müller, H Deyhle, G Schulz, S Mushkolaj, O Bunk
The nanostructure of biological tissues: a scanning X-ray scattering study

Page 182: M Roussey, Q Tan, A Cosentino, V Musi, S Herminjard, HP Herzig
Plasmonic and nano-photonic elements for bio-sensing application

Page 183: N Hadidi, N Nafissi-Varcheh, F Kobarfard, R Aboofazeli
Optimization of carbon nanotubes PEGylation by response surface methodology

Page 184: MA Nash, P Yager, AS Hoffman, PS Stayton
Magnetic enrichment of “smart” gold nanoparticle-antibody conjugates for high-sensitivity diagnostic immunochromatography

Page 185: A Nel
Nanotoxicology as a predictive science: from cells to whole animals

Page 186: MA Neto, EL Silva, CMF Gomes, AJS Fernandes, FJ Oliveira, RF Silva
Cytotoxicity evaluation of boron-doped diamond surfaces obtained by the HFCVD technique in osteoblast-like cells

Page 187: K Nguyen, V Seligy, P Rippstein, A Tayabali
Cadmium telluride quantum dot nanoparticles cause oxidative stress and apoptosis in mammalian cells

Page 188: E Nilebäck, O Lindau-Jonsson
QCM-D as a tool for sensing at polymer based nano-biointerfaces

Page 189: DR Nisbet, DI Finkelstein, JS Forysthe
Integration of functionalised injectable hydrogels for brain tissue engineering

Page 190: C Nowak, W Knoll, RLC Nauman
Conformational changes of cytochrome c oxidase: varying the redox state by electronic wiring

Page 191: G Ohlsson, S Tabaei, M Brändén, JO Tegenfeldt, F Höök
Detecting water transport through lipid membranes on a millisecond level using microfluidics and fluorescent dyes

Page 192: CI Olariu, HPP Yiu, L Bouffier, T Nedjadi, E Costello, CM Halloran, MJ Rosseinsky Multifunctional nanoparticles for healthcare applications

Page 193: L Opilik, T Schmid, J Stadler, RM Balabin, R Zenobi
Using tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the nanoscale chemical analysis of cell membrane-like structures

Page 194: S Orsi, G Romeo, D Guarnieri, PA Netti
Particle shape effect on trafficking in tissue-like media

Page 195: H Özçelik, C Padeste, J Ziegler, A Schleunitz, M Bednarzik, V Hasırcı
Replication of nano-pillar array structures for tissue engineering applications

Page 196: S Pagliara, A Camposeo, AAR Neves, A Polini, R Cingolani, D Pisignano
Integration of polarized light-emitting nanostructures for biomarker sensing

Page 197: RM Lee, YJ Park, K-H Yoo
Capacitance-based real time monitoring of chemosensitivity

Page 198: L Pasquardini, E Agostini, L Lunelli, C Potrich, L Vanzetti, C Pederzolli
Aptamer-based biofunctional layer for thrombin detection

Page 199: CsB Pénzes, M Mohai, G Mező, I Szabó, Sz Bősze, É Kiss
Chemical and morphological characterization of polypeptide layers deposited for directed cell attachment

Page 200: P Pereira, FM Gama
Chitosan-based nanoparticles prepared by template polymerization

Page 201: AG Pershina, VY Serebrov, AE Sazonov
Investigation of interaction between oligonucleotides and cobalt ferrite nanoparticles

Page 202: L Pinheiro, A Matos, J Crespo, L Padrela, MA Rodrigues, HA Matos, M Castro, A Durte, AJ Almeida, A Bettencourt
Antibacterial activity of tigecycline micro/nanoparticles under supercritical fluids conditions

Page 203: L Pluduma, K Salma, L Berzina-Cimdina
Thermal characterization of Hap/TCP bioceramics with variable phase ratio

Page 204: S-F Pop, RIS van Staden, R-M Ion, JF van Staden, HY Aboul-Enein
Electroanalysis of oseltamivir phosphate using new microsensors based on nanostructured materials 

Page 205: J Popplewell, MJ Swann, M Brändén
Measurement of the changes in the shape and permeability of tethered liposome layers under challenge from an antimicrobial peptide

Page 206: S Boujday, AL Morel, CM Pradier
Building a model 3D immunosensor on gold nanoparticle monolayers

Page 207: E-M Prinz, E Eggers, H-H Lee, U Steinfeld, R Hempelmann
Biomedical functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles and their uptake into T lymphocytes

Page 208: M Rabe, D Verdes, S Seeger
Understanding cooperative protein adsorption events: a comparison between experiment and Monte Carlo simulations

Page 209: R Ramanathan, SK Bhargava, V Bansal
Biosilicification studies using amino acids in ionic liquid [BMIM-BF4]

Page 210: H Rauscher, F Broggi, V Mariani, J Ponti, F Rossi
Sedimentation of nanoparticles in in vitro toxicity assays

Page 211: NP Reynolds, M Rabe, D Verdes, A Soragni, E Liverani, R Riek, S Seeger
α-synuclein aggregation on supported lipid

Page 212: K Ritos, EM Kotsalis, JH Walther, Y Ding, M Praprotnik, P Koumoutsakos
Multiscale flow simulation of water past a fullerene

Page 213: P Rivera Gil, S De Koker, BG De Geest, WJ Parak
Intracellular processing of proteins mediated by biodegradable polyelectrolyte capsules

Page 214: D Rodríguez, G Vidal, P Sevilla, FJ Gil
Electrochemical analysis of peptide-functionalized titanium dental implant surfaces

Page 215: ON Rogacheva
A brief view into protein kinase A I α activation process

Page 216: B Rothen-Rutishauser, M Clift, Ch Brandenberger, A Lehmann, L Müller, D Raemy, P Gehr
A sophisticated model of the human epithelial airway barrier to study uptake, cell responses and intracellular distribution of nanoparticles

Page 217: M Rottmar, R Mhanna, M Wong-Zenobi, K Maniura-Weber
3D microenvironments to control the chondrocyte phenotype

Page 218: B Rudat, SBL Vollrath, E Birtalan, H-J Eisler, U Lemmer, TS Balaban, S Bräse
Photophysics of peptoid transporters – From the ensemble down to the single-molecule level

Page 219: M Sakai, X Wei, U Kübler, S Huber, U Ehlert, A Stemmer
Electrical energy extraction from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Page 220: J Sander, AR Studart
Nanoparticle assembly into functional capsules by double emulsion templating

Page 221: S Ritz, J Dorn, S Belegrinou, M Nallani, W Meier, E-K Sinner
Cell-free expression of ohe odorant receptor OR5 into artificial membranes

Page 222: MG Santonicola, GW de Groot, M Memesa, GJ Vancso
Responsive polymer brushes: functional -platforms for membrane protein assays

Page 223: C Santos, MM Almeida, MEV Costa
Synthesis and characterization of amino-acid funcionalized hydroxyapatite nanoparticles

Page 224: SS Pedrosa, FM Gama
Self-assembled hyaluronic acid nanoparticles: effect of molecular weight and two different chemical approaches

Page 225: C Satriano, ME Fragalà, Y Aleeva
Enhanced fluorescence at protein-nanostructured ZnO interfaces

Page 226: I Casuso, N Buzhynskyy, L Liu, F Rico, S Scheuring
Membrane proteins in native membranes studied by atomic force microscopy: watching biological nano-machines at work

Page 227: R Wyrwa, N Michaelis, K Wagner, T Seemann, M Nikolajski, JH Clement, R Müller, T Heinze, M Schnabelrauch
Novel superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles stabilized with chelating amino cellulose

Page 228: H Schönherr, D Tranchida, E Sperotto, S Abdulhussain, E Wassel
Local properties of block copolymer thin film based biointerfaces

Page 229: A Schueth, L Krapf, J Dimitrijevic, A Klinger, R Orzekowsky-Schroeder, T Vossmeyer, G Huettmann, H Weller, A Gebert
Uptake of 200 nm latex particles and 20 nm quantum dots by the small intestinal mucosa – an intravital two-photon microscopy study in mice

Page 230: CA Schütz, LJ Harwood, B Halamoda-Kenzaoui, P Käuper, KC McCullough, L Juillerat-Jeanneret, C Wandrey
Nanogels based on chitosan: characterization, toxicological evaluation and applications

Page 231: D Schuster, S Küpcü, UB Sleytr, D Pum
Construction of S-layer cages

Page 232: ThB Schuster, D de Bruyn Ouboter, WP Meier
Vesicular structures using short amphiphilic peptides

Page 233: M Schwingel, M Bastmeyer
Multiple traps optical tweezers for live cell force mapping in initial focal contacts

Page 234: KB Sebby, E Mansfield
The stability and surface coverage of polymer stabilized gold nanoparticles

Page 235: OV Semenov, O Guillaume-Gentil, A Malek, K Maniura, M Ehrbar, J Voros, AH Zisch
Cell sheet engineering - new way for prospective stem cell transplantation

Page 236: M Shah, MH Choi, SC Yoon
Poly(4-hydroxybutyrate)-b-monomethoxy (polyethylene glycol) copolymer nanoparticles as a potential drug carriers

Page 237: U Shaheen, Y Cesbron, R Lévy
Bacterial toxin for cytosolic delivery of gold nanoparticles

Page 238: KGH Silva, RR Santiago, KS Silva, KCH Silva, EST Egito
Rheological properties of sesame oil emulsions

Page 239: KGH Silva, RR Santiago, KS Silva, KCH Silva, F Alexandrino-Júnior, EST Egito
Systematic development of emulsions for formulation design

Page 240: KGH Silva, X Zhang, RR Santiago, G Barratt, EST Egito
How the method of preparation of a penicillin G benzathine nanoemulsion interferes on its stability

Page 241: KGH Silva, RR Santiago, G Barratt, EST Egito
Phase behavior and physicochemical aspects of sesame oil containing microemulsion systems

Page 242: M Simon, A Plückthun, U Zangemeister-Wittke
Tumor targeting with a fusion toxin derived from an EpCAM-specific designed ankyrin repeat protein using polymeric nanoparticles

Page 243: AB Sorensen, P Hartley, RJ Williams
Biocatalysed peptide hydrogels: an investigation of self-assembly kinetics using NMR spectroscopy

Page 244: B Städler, R Chandrawati, L Hosta-Rigau, F Caruso
Capsosomes: an approach toward cell mimicry

Page 245: VE Stefanov, AA Tulub
Spin-dependent mechanism of polymerization of nucleotides

Page 246: SI Stupp
Cell signaling with nanostructures for regeneration

Page 247: SI Stupp
Cell signaling with nanostructures for regeneration

Page 248: K Sugihara, J Vörös, T Zambelli
A gigasealing lipid bilayer on a single polyelectrolyte multilayer-filled nanopore for ion channel sensors

Page 249: H Sun, RV Benjaminsen, K Almdal, TL Andresen
Folate targeting polymeric pH nanosensors with a full dynamic pH range for live cell measurement

Page 250: G-C Sung, H-W Kang, B-J Lee, S-M Jang, C Kim, Y-S Kwon
Electrical properties of silsesquioxane dendrimer (G2-6Ph) LB films with containing phenyl group by STM

Page 251: N Suwannateep, S Wanichwecharungruang, J Lademann
Curcumin encapsulation using biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles: controlled release, photostability and transdermal skin penetration

Page 252: I Székács, I Pál, Zs Környei, I Szendrő, E Madarász
Initial cell attachment: events and kinetics of surface adhesion of NE-4C neural stem cells

Page 253: A Takahashi, N Ohkohchi, T Kinoshita, Y Matsumura
Potent antitumor effect of NK012 (polymeric micelles incorporating SN-38) against hepatic metastases in a model of colorectal cancer

Page 254: JPK Tan, SH Kim, F Nederberg, K Fukushima, DJ Coady, A Nelson, JL Hedrick, YY Yang
Efficient delivery of anti-cancer drugs using functional poly(carbonate) micelles stabilized by hydrogen bonding groups

Page 255: ZL Zhou, B Tang, AHW Ngan
Deformability of K562 cells studied by optical tweezers

Page 256: S Tang, H Hall
The glycocalyx of endothelial cells under static and flow conditions

Page 257: L Tian, R Szilluweit, H Frauenrath
Nanostructures from oligopeptide-polymer conjugates

Page 258: R Dootz, AC Toma, T Pfohl
Structural properties and dynamics of linker-histone H1 binding to DNA

Page 259: S Toughraï, WP Meier
Solid-supported biomimetic block copolymer membranes

Page 260: R Urbani, HM Evans, T Pfohl
Encapsulation and study of fibrillar networks in microfluidic droplets

Page 261: P Urwyler, O Haefeli, H Schift, J Gobrecht, F Battiston, B Müller
Polymeric micro-cantilever arrays for sensing

Page 262: A Van Hoeck, S Paulussen, B Sels
A new one step biomolecule immobilization strategy using atmospheric pressure plasma technology

Page 263: L Vecbiskena, Z Irbe, K Salma, L Berzina-Cimdina
Characterization of bone graft substitutes prepared by transformation of β-tricalcium phosphate to hydroxyapatite in aqueous environment

Page 264: D Velluto, S Thomas, M Swartz, JA Hubbell
New block copolymer nanoparticles for gene delivery

Page 265: C Vollrath, PS Dittrich
Monitoring of gene expression of single mammalian cells in a multilayer microfluidic device

Page 266: M Vukomanović, SD Škapin, I Šarčev, N Ignjatović, D Uskoković
Perspectives of novel poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide)/hydroxyapatite core-shell nanoparticles as carriers of antibiotics

Page 267: A Walther, L Berglund, O Ikkala
Biomimetic, large-area, layered composites with superior properties

Page 268: N Welsch, M Ballauff
Investigating the interactions between proteins and thermosensitive microgels

Page 269: M Werner, F Merenda, R Salathé, H Vogel
Multiple optical tweezers combined with microfluidics as a tool for single cell studies

Page 270: P Wick, A Malek, PA Diener, A Zisch, HF Krug, U von Mandach
Human placenta: an efficient barrier for nanomaterials?

Page 271: L Wieczorek, B Raguse, E Chow, K-H Müller, JS Cooper, L Hubble
Gold nanoparticle chemiresistors – towards a universal (bio) chemical sensor system

Page 272: I Willner
Functional biomolecule nanostructures for sensing, catalysis and circuitry

Page 273: B Windschiegl, TL Andresen
Polyethylenimine/DNA coated gold nanoparticles for gene delivery

Page 274: KG Witten, C Rech, T Eckert, L Elling, W Richtering, U Simon
Synthesis of glyco-DNA-gold nanoparticle conjugates

Page 275: PP Wyss, DF Kennedy, J Mardel, J Kimpton, M Hill, C Drummond
High throughput metal organic framework materials for use as
MRI contrast agents

Page 276: H Toda, M Yamamoto, H Kohara, Y Tabata
Site-specific immobilization of JAGGED1 on glass substrates for ex vivo expansion of a bone marrow cell population containing hematopoietic stem cells

Page 277: H Yoshida, M Matsusaki, M Akashi
Fabrication of biodegradable hydrogels with controlled vascular networks

Page 278: JO Yu, JRH Tame, C Addy, JG Heddle
Ring-shaped trap as a template for the formation of silver nanoparticles

Page 279: S Zakharchenko, N Puretskiy, G Stoychev, M Stamm, L Ionov
Temperature controlled encapsulation and release using partially biodegradable thermo-magneto-sensitive self-rolling tubes

Page 280: V Zalite, D Loca, J Locs, L Berzina-Cimdina
Porous bioceramic bone grafts for drug immobilization

Page 281: V Zaporojtchenko, T Hrkac, T Strunskus, VSK Chakravadhanula, N Alissawi, R Podschun, C Röhl, D Garbe-Schönberg, F Faupel
Tuning of the silver ion release from antibacterial nanocomposite coatings

Page 282: ES Zarie, S Kaps, X Jin, S Wille, YK Mishra, R Adelung
Fabrication of ZnO structures as templates for interaction with microorganisms

Page 283: R Zenobi
Label-free chemical nanoanalysis of biological samples using tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS)

Page 284: K Zhou, D Nisbet, G Sun, ,C Bernard, G Thouas, JS Forsythe
Surface biofunctionalization with polyelectrolyte multilayers – scaffolds for neural tissue engineering

Page 285: G Zuccheri, A Vinelli, M Onofri, B Samorì
Surface-bound DNA self-assembly or enzymatic reactions toward the PCR-free amplification of nucleic acids biosensor signals

Page 286: TH Vong, J ter Maat, S Schoffelen, J van Hest, T van Beek, H Zuilhof
Enzymatic cascade reactions in microchannels: monolayer patterning & reversible embedding of DNA-enzyme hybrids

Page 287: LM Verissimo, F Alexandrino-Júnior, AL Silva, AS Martins, KGH Silva, GC Silva, LF Agnez-Lima, EST Egito
Reproducibility evaluation of stearylamine containing nanoemulsions for gene therapy

Page 288: I Bdikin, F Marques, VS Silva, PP Gonçalves, MK Singh, J Gracio
High resolution atomic force microscopy of MG63 cells on composite substrates

Page 289: K Brinkiene, R Kezelis, V Mecius, J Cesniene
Nanostructured bioceramic coatings obtained by plasma spray technique

Page 290: YW Chang, J Oh, S Yoo, DJ Kim, S Im, YJ Park, D Kim, K-H Yoo
Carbon nanotube-base dual mode biosensor for electrical and surface plasmon resonance measurements

Page 291: L Thijsen, DR Schaart, AG Denkova
Modelling of nano-carriers for improved alpha radiotherapy

Page 292: A Heredia, I Bdikin, G Baltazar, A Kholkin
Ferroelectric properties of dried rat embryonic neurons from the substantia nigra by the piezoresponse force microscopy

Page 293: H Cui, J Jiang, P Zhang, W Gu, Q Liu
Application of nano-TiO2 sol in crop diseases control

Page 294: W Gu, H Cui1, J Cui, Q Liu, Y Lu, H Ren, K Li
Transfection of pig somatic cells using magnetic nanoparticle as gene carrier

Page 295: HJ Kim, E-K Lim, S Haam, K-H Yoo
Large scale separation of metallic and semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes using magnetic nanoparticles: application to carbon nanotubes based biosensor

Page 296: C Park, S Asadi, JK Kim
Monte Carlo simulation of gold nanoparticle-enhanced radiation therapy

Page 297: S-M Lee, H Park, K-H Yoo
Local delivery of drug and heat using multifunctional nanoparticles and their synergistic anticancer activities

Page 298: CMA Streng, DS Escalante, AG Denkova, E Mendes
Ultra stable block copolymer assemblies for nuclear imaging and therapy

Page 299: J Yang, Y Zeng, W Zhu, C Song
Local infused A-MCP-1 nanoparticles to inhibit rabbit intimal hyperplasia

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file