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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2010, Collection 3

Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomaterials.
Empa Dübendorf, Switzerland, May 5th 2010

Abstracts of presentations at the meeting

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Page 1. CA van Blitterswijk, D Stamatialis, H Unadkat, B Papenburg, J Rouwkema, R Truckenmuller, A van Apeldoorn, M Wessling, J de Boer
Materiomics: dealing with complexity in tissue engineering

Page 2. H Hall
Advanced 3D-fibrin matrices for molecular medicine

Page 3. OV Semenov, O Guillaume-Gentil, A Malek, K Maniura, M Ehrbar, J Voros, AH Zisch
Conductive substrates for stem cell sheet engineering

Page 4. S Wüst, BW Thimm, S Hofmann, R Müller
Influence of scaffold pore size on extracellular matrix production by human mesenchymal stem cells cultured on silk fibroin scaffolds

Page 5. G Guex, G Fortunato, E Körner, J Yin, X Liu, H Tevaearai, M-N Giraud
Orientation of myoblasts in response to scaffold architecture

Page 6. M Peroglio, D Mortisen, M Alini, D Eglin
Injectable hyaluronan hydrogels for cell and drug delivery

Page 7. AY Nilsson, AJ Meinel, S Panke
Engineered RGD-silk scaffold for improved cell adhesion

Page 8. OD Schneider, B von Rechenberg, PR Schmidlin, F Weber, WJ Stark
In vivo evaluation of cotton wool-like amorphous-TCP/PLGA nanocomposites

Page 9. MJ Stoddart, Z Li, D Eglin, M Alini
The role of mechanical load on the chondrogenesis of human bone derived mesenchymal stem cells in fibrin-polyurethane scaffolds

Page 10. CA Schütz, LJ Harwood, P Käuper, KC McCullough, C Wandrey
Surface modification to optimize nanogel-based antigen delivery

Page 11. AE Örs, M Diener, R Spolenak
Corrosion behaviour of metallic implant materials in simulated body solutions

Page 12. M Zinn, S Dilettoso, S Lischer, K Maniura, S Milz, B Weisse, R Hufenus
Melt-spun fibers From polyhydroxyalkanoate and polylactate for fiber implant applications

Page 13. T Bormann, R Schumacher, B Müller, M Mertmann, U Pieles, M de Wild
Properties of NiTi-structures fabricated by selective laser melting

Page 14. P Schmutz, M Berg, N Homazava, AC Hänzi, S Tosatti, PJ Uggowitzer
In vitro investigation and tailoring of corrosion mechanisms for biodegradable Mg-alloys implants

Page 15. AS Alanazi, K Hirakuri
Blood compatibility of DLC films

Page 16. J Althaus, U Pieles, K Peters, B Müller
PEEK substrates for measurement of contractile cell forces of primary cells

Page 17. O Bolos, C Bortun, A Cernescu, A Bolos, L Szabo, S Gaman
Compression tests on heat-curing dental resins

Page 18. A-K Born, V Vogel, K Maniura-Weber
Analysis of molecular interactions between focal adhesion proteins talin and vinculin using FRET

Page 19. C Brose, M Bitar, V Friederici, P Imgrund, A Bruinink
The influence of surface topography and chemistry on the behaviour of human bone marrow stromal cells

Page 20. N Döbelin, M Bohner
Brushite cement samples for XRD phase analysis prepared under simulated physiological conditions

Page 21. L Galea, M Habib, G Baroud, M Bohner
Influence of particle size distribution on injectability of CaP-based pastes

Page 22. CM Haller, C Brubaker, J Egger, AS Mallik, N Ochsenbein-Kolble, PB Messersmith, E Mazza, R Zimmermann, M Ehrbar, AH Zisch
Mussel-mimetic sealant for fetal membrane repair

Page 23. T Hefti, M Frischherz, H Hall, F Schlottig, ND Spencer
Comparison of surface topography of bone resorption pits and structured titanium surfaces

Page 24. J-P Kaiser, X Maeder, HF Krug, P Wick
Single walled carbon nanotubes affect cell physiology of epithelial cells

Page 25. P Kleiner, J Branch, J Bushman, J Kohn, R Burgkart
qPCR as a screening method to investigate the influence of surface features and soluble factors in matters of Osteoblast differentiation for hMSCs

Page 26. J Köser, U Pieles, B Müller
Contractile cell forces on rigid substrates

Page 27. E Körner, D Hegemann
Antibacterial yet still cytocompatible plasma nanocomposite coatings by controlled Ag+ release properties

Page 28. FK Juillerat, UT Gonzenbach, C Scaletta, S Gerber-Lemaire, LA Applegate, L Juillerat-Jeanneret, LJ Gauckler
Microstructured open-porous ceramic scaffolds for orthopedic tissue engineering

Page 29. J-M Kutschy, F Schmidli, M Jungo, B Müller
Measuring corrosion resistance of metallic alloys in the oral cavity

Page 30. S Lischer, CR Bradbury, B Wampfler, Q Ren, Ph Gruner, K Maniura
Silver releasing hydroxyapatite coatings for implant application

Page 31. A Lungu, DM Dragusin, IC Stancu, C Tucureanu, A Salageanu, DS Vasilescu, H Iovu
3D porous casein – loaded hydrogels. Calcification induction

Page 32. R Mahou, C Wandrey
Alginate-poly(ethylene glycol) hybrid microspheres for immobilization and delivery: synthesis and physical properties

Page 33. RF Mhanna, P Schlink, J Vörös, M Zenobi-Wong
A new design for 3D loading of cells using controlled alginate gelation

Page 34. M Moczulska, M Bitar, W Święszkowski, A Bruinink
Comparison of two cell culture set-up for identification of optimal textile scaffold regarding cell response

Page 35. D Mohn, M Zehnder, C Bruhin, T Imfeld, WJ Stark
Bioactive root canal filling materials

Page 36. Y Morán, B Saldamli, V Hoffmann, M Kozielec, K Rischka, R Sader
In vitro biocompatibility of synthetic mussel adhesive peptides

Page 37. M Özcan, M Dundar, E Comlekoglu
Inhibition of dentin biodegradation using biologically active compounds and TiF4

Page 38. E Piccinini, D Wendt, A Scherberich, I Martin
Ceramic granules coated with fibrin sealant as a scaffold for perfusion bioreactor in bone tissue engineering

Page 39. AHC Poulsson, ETJ Rochford, TF Moriarty, RG Richards
The effect of plasma surface modification of PEEK – parallel studies of cytocompatibility and bacterial adhesion

Page 40. M Rottmar, V Vogel, K Maniura-Weber
Single stem cell fate – influence of dimensionality on adipogenesis

Page 41. M Schinhammer, AC Hänzi, F Moszner, JF Löffler, PJ Uggowitzer
Biodegradable Fe-based alloys for medical applications: design strategy and degradation characteristics

Page 42. I Stefanescu, I Antoniac, IC Stancu, C Cotrut, D Vranceanu
Characterization of some composites ALG-HA potentially used as bone regeneration scaffolds

Page 43. I Stefanescu, D Bojin, I Antoniac
Deposition of composite layers made from hydroxyapatite and silver nanoparticles

Page 44. A Stepuk, OD Schneider, D Mohn, WJ Stark
Light-curable bioactive polymeric composite glues for bone defect treatment

Page 45. Z Tadic, K Lehmann, R Graf, B Gander
Piroxicam loaded PLGA microspheres for portal vein embolization

Page 46. S Taghavi, C Oneil, JA Hubbell
N-dimensional PEG hydrogel - block copolymer scaffolds for controlled mouse stem cell differentiation

Page 47. K Thorwarth, U Müller, G Thorwarth, CV Falub, M Stiefel, Ch Affolter, B Weisse, C Voisard, R Hauert
Failure mechanisms of DLC coated joint replacements

Page 48. P Urwyler, O Haefeli, H Schift, J Gobrecht, B Müller
Disposable polymeric micro-cantilever arrays for biomedical applications

Page 49. V Diana, I Antoniac, D Laptoiu, C Corobea, I Stefanescu
Functionalized magnetic nanoparticles used for drug delivery in knee injuries

Page 50. DM Vranceanu, CM Cotrut, I Antoniac
Corrosion resistance of Zr based coatings for medical applications

Page 51. F Wein, U Tobler, C Brose, J-P Kaiser, A Bruinink
The development of a Triple-Celltype-System (TCS) that mimics the bone environment to study cell-cell-cell interactions/competition and biocompatibility

Page 52. C Zink, L Clasohm, ND Spencer
Two-dimensional morphological gradients for cell biology

Page 53. F Topala, L Sandu, S Porojan, N Faur
Stress evaluation in major connectors of maxillary removable partial dentures

Page 54. S Porojan, L Sandu, F Topala, D Pop, A Podariu
In vitro study on internal fits of crown frameworks achieved by different technologies

Page 55. L Sandu, F Topala, S Porojan, N Faur, A Podariu
Numerical investigation of telescopic retained mandibular overdentures

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file