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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2008, Collection 5

Abstracts of the International Congress

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

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Page 1: MG Albu, L Popa, MV Ghica, M Leca, V Trandafir, I Titorencu
Collagen matrices for drug delivery: Preparation, characterization and kinetics of release

Page 2: L Ardelean, C Bortun, LC Rusu
Possible errors in full dentures casting

Page 3: A Barta, K Gábris, I Tarján
Structure anomalies of enamel and dentine connected with syndromes. Dental report of 2 cases

Page 4: E Ianes, F Streian, L Vasile, D Chioran
Diagnostic aspects in lymphoepitelial lesion of the parotid glands - case report

Page 5: C Marcauteanu, C Sinescu, M Negrutiu, E Demjan, G Dobre, AGh Podoleanu
Noninvasive alternative techniques for the early detection of occlusal overload

Page 6: MC Rusu, R Cergan, CA Comes, A Soficaru
The pterygopalatine fossa: Morphological considerations

Page 7: L Vasile, R Oancea, P Gaje, R Simulescu, M Iacovliev, V Bocan
Study of the caries by stereomicroscopy in the human differentiated tooth; Clinical and morphological correlations

Page 8: C Szuhanek, F Glavan, R Jianu
Modern possibilities of orthodontic treatment in adults

Page 9: RA Popovici, C Iftime, R Sava-Rosianu, R Oancea, A Galuscan, D Jumanca, AC Podariu
Strategic marketing in dental medicine

Page 10: S Manea, R Luca, M Prodana
Application of inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry to investigate the presence of trace metals in human tooth

Page 11: R Oancea, L Vasile, C Oancea, R Sava-Rosianu, D Jumanca, R Popovici
Morpho-cytological assay regarding behavior of dental pulp stem cells in high rich glucose medium

Page 12: S-I Stratul, D Rusu, A Didilescu, C Comes, D Epistatu, C Demian, A Bacila, M Mesaros-Anghel
In vitro evaluation of the residual obturation material after retreatment

Page 13: C Bratu, D Belengeanu, M Moise, S Dinu, V Belengeanu, F Glavan
Orthodontic management in genetic syndroms with orofacial pathern

Page 14: HF Hildebrand, N Tabary, N Blanchemain, F Chai, F Boschin, E Delcourt, B Martel
Functionalized guided tissue regeneration (GTR) membranes with improved drug delivery properties

Page 15: C Bortun, N Faur, A Cernescu, L Sandu, B Ghiban
Laser welding methods in removable partial dentures technology- a finite elements method analysis

Page 16: M Curescu, A Ionac
The risk of infectious endocarditis after dental procedures – Case presentation

Page 17: AS Valceanu, M Leretter, SI Stratul, M Anghel, C Bratu
Crown’s destructions restoration in the esthetical area - A multidisciplinary approach

Page 18: MD Anghel, D Lungeanu, V Argesanu, CA Comes, CI Talpos
Evidence of the need for ergonomics training of the dentists: There are costs of a flawed posture and working routine

Page 19: L Ardelean, LC Rusu, D Lupas, B Petcov
Electronic homeopathy in testing compatibility to dental alloys

Page 20: SM Bica, BA Oprescu
Spaces accomodating dental care facilities – Architectural problems

Page 21: C Bortun, N Faur, A Cernescu, L Sandu B Ghiban
Experiments based on fracture toughness and cracks spreading speed of dental resins

Page 22: CV Gurban, D Drugarin
Immun-inflamatory markers in the periodontal disease

Page 23: MC Rusu, CA Comes, D Stanciu, L Podoleanu, AM Jianu, F Miculescu, M Miculescu
Structural analyses of the human temporomandibular joint disk: the chondrocytes

Page 24: L Vasile, A Galuscan, E Lazar, R Simulescu, P Gaje, A Valeanu
Cytodiagnosis as a screening method for the periodontal disease

Page 25: C Szuhanek, E Schiller, F Glavan
Digital age in cephalometric analysis

Page 26: EA Pauncu, L Jebereanu, L Ardelean
Dental health in a group of workers from Timisoara

Page 27: RA Popovici, R Barlea, R Sava-Rosianu, R Oancea, A Galuscan, D Jumanca, AC Podariu
Modern ways of communication in oral health education

Page 28: L Stanciu
Using mandible inter-occlusal devices in painful joint pathology

Page 29: R Oancea, L Vasile, V Ordodi, C Oancea, R Sava-Rosianu, A Galuscan, A Podariu
Cyto-histological aspects in dental caries on experimental model

Page 30: S-I Stratul, D Rusu, D Onisei, A Didilescu, C Comes, D Epistatu, C Demian, A Bacila, M Mesaros-Anghel
Serial sections and digital microphotography for evaluation of vertical condensation using 3 types of Gutta- percha cones

Page 31: MC Sandu, S Jebereanu, D Jebereanu, L Jebereanu
Acute infection dissemination from the face to the endocranium

Page 32: D Rusu, S-I Stratul, A Anghel F Lenghel A Didilescu C Comes D Epistatu
Correlations between microbiological features of the endodontic space and the periodontal pocket in combined endo-perio lesions

Page 33: P Negrea, M Motoc, A Negrea, L Lupa, M Ciopec
Quantitative analysis of trace metals accumulation in teeth through atomic absorption spectrometry

Page 34: E Ianes, S Butariu, F Streian, A Lacatusu, A Nicoara
Tooth extraction in patients with haemophilia

Page 35: D Jumanca, RA Popovici, D Demeter, R Sava-Rosianu, A Galuscan, R Oancea, AC Podariu
The approach of oral health at individual and community level

Page 36: C Marcauteanu, E Demjan, M Negrutiu, E Ianes, C Sinescu, M Moldovanu
Canine guidance restoration in bruxing patients – Aesthetic and occlusal priority

Page 37: ECh Lovasz, V Argesanu, M Jula, M Anghel, I Carabas, V Vacarescu
Human spine investigation for a good posture in dental medicine

Page 38: F Glavan, C Szuhanek, R Jianu, C Bratu, M Popa
Role of orthodontics in oral rehabilitation of dento-alveolar malocclusion with spacing

Page 39: F Chai, A Ochsenbein, S Winter, M Traisnel, J Breme, HF Hildebrand
Osteoblast responses to different oxide coatings prepared by the sol-gel process on titanium substrates

Page 40: CD Bratu, DI Blebea, M Moise
Adjuvant orthodontic therapy in the periodontally compromised patient

Page 41: A Galuscan, M Cornianu, L Vasile, A Samoila, R Sava-Rosianu
The importance of immunohistochemical assay in the evaluation and prognosis of periodontal disease

Page 42: V Belengeanu, S Farcas, C Popa, M Stoian, N Andreescu, A Belengeanu, N Meszaros
Oro-facial phenotypes associated to several genetic syndromes with scheletal dysplasia

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file