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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2008, Collection 1

Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomaterials.
Basel, Switzerland, May 2008

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

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Page 1. M Lewandowska-Szumiel
Mechanics of material/cell/tissue interactions in vitro

Page 2. A-K Born, A Bruinink, K Maniura
Cellular mechanosensing: Analysis of molecular interactions between fluorescent-tagged focal adhesion proteins talin and vinculin

Page 3. E Thomasson, M Aschwanden, R Ilinca, R Enning, A Stemmer, J Vörös,
A Franco-Obregón
Stretch induced cell sheet alignment

Page 4. A Bruinink, M Wiesli, T Lehnert, U Tobler, T Osterwalder
Effects of ridges on spinal cord neuron outgrowth

Page 5. D Gourdon, ML Smith, SL Morris, R Vukmirovic, KE Kubow, V Vogel
Fibronectin unfolding plays a major role in fibrils formation and anastellin binding

Page 6. M Benoit, JH Giovanola, K Agbeviade, M Donnet
Experimental characterization of pressure wave generation and propagation in biological tissues

Page 7. HA Garcia, AU Daniels, D Wirz
Dual-mode dynamic functional stiffness of articular cartilage

Page 8. D Mohn, SK Misra, TJ Brunner, AR Boccaccini, WJ Stark
Nano- versus micron-sized bioactive glass reinforcement of P(3HB) – Are nano-fillers the way forward?

Page 9. U von Ah, D Wirz, U Pieles, AU Daniels
Effects of silver nitrate and a silver nanoparticle biomaterial additive on E. coli growth, determined by isothermal micro-nano calorimetry (IMNC)

Page 10. C Sinescu, M Negrutiu, M Hughes, A Bradu, M Rominu, P Laissue, G Dobre, A Podoleanu
Optical coherence tomography: Applications in dentistry

Page 11. S Schweizer, A Taubert, G Siekmeyer
Polyelectrolyte multilayers on Nitinol

Page 12. G Guibert, T Rossel, G Weder, S Mikhailov, C Meunier, B Betschart
Control of Human Osteoblast adhesion on polymers after ion beam irradiation

Page 13. FE Weber, G McKenzie, B Hardwick, B San Miguel, C Ghayor, M Ehrbar KW Grätz
A bioactive biodegradable guided bone regeneration membrane: from the bench to the dental practice

Page 14. S Madduri, M Papaloïzos, B Gander 
Neurotrophic factors release from nerve conduits for peripheral axonal regeneration

Page 15. T Waltimo, D Mohn, F Paqué, TJ Brunner, WJ Stark, T Imfeld, M Schätzle, M Zehnder
Fine-tuning of bioactive glass for root canal disinfection

Page 16. MC Nolff, H Kokemüller, G Hauschild, M Fehr, A Kampmann, K Rohn, S Spalthoff , J-H Bormann, M Rücker, N-C Gellrich
Comparison of two different beta-TCP composites for reconstruction of ovine mandibular continuity defects.
*** Prize for the best student oral presentation ***

Page 17. I Martin, S Riboldi, M Jakob, D Wendt
Bioreactor-based tissue engineering strategies


Page 18. A Iulian, D Laptoiu, F Miculescu, R Istrate, C Trisca-Rusu
Microscopy analysis of total knee prosthesis failure caused by polyethylene wear

Page 19. F Baciu, D Vlăsceanu, M Târcolea, D Slăvescu, RM Târcolea, CM Cotrut, R Bololoi
Behaviour of mandible-implant interface under stress and temperature

Page 20. W Baschong, F Schmidli, M Imholz, B Goepfert, AU Daniels, D Wirz
Measuring dynamic stiffness of human teeth by single-impact micro-indentation (SIMI): A feasibility study

Page 21. M Bitar, P Imprund, A Rota, S Lischer, A Bruinink
Controlled surface functionalisation of orthopaedic titanium implants: In-vitro osteogenic bioactivity.

Page 22. A Boger, K Wheeler, A Montali, E Gruskin
Modification of PMMA using NMP in a stiffness-adapted bone cement for vertebroplasty

Page 23. C Bortun, N Faur, A Cernescu, S Porojan, O Gombos, L Sandu, B Ghiban
Finite element analysis for stress distribution in welded zones used in RPD technology

Page 24. L Brauchli, M Eichenberger, A Wichelhaus
Contamination of bonding sites and its influence on conventional etching and conditioning with a self-etching primer. An in vitro study.

Page 25. C Brochhausen, CB Wiedenroth, VH Schmitt, S Halstenberg, CJ Kirkpatrick
The intermediate filament Nestin is not a specific marker for proliferating endothelium – its expression in situ and in vitro

Page 26. C Brochhausen, VH Schmitt, CB Wiedenroth, B Krämer, TK Rajab, M Wallwiener, C Wallwiener, D Wallwiener, H Planck, CJ Kirkpatrick
Remesothelialization of a polylactide-based membrane for the prevention of peritoneal adhesions

Page 27. EF Burguera, JP Kaiser, M Bitar, S Lischer, A Bruinink
Multidye coculture methodology to study fibroblast-osteoblast interactions

Page 28. S Ciuca, G Cosmeleata, R Borsa, M Tarcolea, F Miculescu, B Ghiban, A Carrado, E Gyorgy, IN Mihailescu
Bioceramic coatings obtained by physical and chemical techniques

Page 29. A Colceriu, C Fratila, I Roman, M Moldovan, M Trif, C Prejmerean, C Tamas
Microstructural and cytotoxicity evaluation for different surface treatments of TA6V4 alloy

Page 30. CM Cotrut, CN Zoita, A Kiss, M Braic, M Balaceanu, V Braic, A Vladescu, I Antoniac
Structural, mechanical and anti-corrosive properties of biocompatible Zr/ZrCN coatings

Page 31. H Deyhle, F Zuber, M Hirayama, B Müller
Morphology of metal-coated silicone films

Page 32. Y Dirix, A Becker, L Brunner, H Schmotzer
Oxidation of Vitamin-E stabilized crosslinked UHMWPE after 7 years ageing

Page 33. ZA Floriţa, DM Pop, CD Haiduc, AE Stoia, RO Romînu, ML Negruţiu, C Sinescu, C Clonda,Gh Dobre, AGh Podoleanu
En-face optical coherence tomography scanning of amalgam-hard dental tissues interface

Page 34. M Gahlert, S Röhling, CM Sprecher, S Eichhorn, E Steinhäuser, M Wieland, H Kniha, S Milz
Osseointegration of zirconia dental implants with a new rough surface. A biomechanical and histological study in mini pig.

Page 35. B Ghiban, C Borlun, G Cosmeleata, S Ciuca, N Ghiban, I Carceanu,
Structural characteristics of some cobalt dental alloys after heat treatments

Page 36. I Hauser-Gerspach, R Meier, H Lüthy, J Meyer
Adhesion of oral Streptococci to all-ceramics dental restorative materials

Page 37. J Herzen, F Beckmann, A Haibel, A Schreyer, F Pfeiffer, T Donath, C David
Differential phase contrast – new imaging method for HARWI-II beamline at DESY using hard x-ray grating interferometer

Page 38. J Köser, J Gobrecht, U Pieles, B Müller
Detection of the forces and modulation of cell-substrate interactions

Page 39. S Lang, M Dominietto, F Beckmann, J Herzen, B Müller
Vessel staining in tumours by Angiofil®

Page 40. TF Moriarty, L Debefve, L Boure, RG Richards
Effect of polishing of titanium internal fracture fixation plates upon infection resistance.

Page 41. M Negrutiu, C Sinescu, L Goguta, M Hughes, A Bradu, R Rominu, D Pop, S Cânjău, A Podoleanu
The detection of denture material defects by a non-invasive method

Page 42. MC Nolff, H Kokemüller, G Hauschild, M Fehr, A Kampmann, K Rohn, S Spalthoff, J-H Bormann, M Rücker, N-C Gellrich
Comparison of computed tomography and microradiography for beta-TCP graft evaluation after mandibular reconstruction.

Page 43. B Pidhatika, R Konradi, S Al-Bataineh, M Textor
PMOXA-based dual-functional antimicrobial surfaces

Page 44. L Brauchli, S Pintus, A Wichelhaus
Suitability of flow composites as adhesives in bonding fiber reinforced composites for orthodontic retention. An in vitro study.

Page 45. S Popa-Nita1, A Montembault, P Alcouffe, C Rochas, L David, A Domard
Control of the hydrophilic/hydrophobic interaction balance in the processing of chitosan physical hydrogels for tissue engineering

Page 46. S Porojan, L Sandu, F Topală, C Borţun
The importance of heat treating nickel based alloys used in fixed prostheses technology

Page 47. AHC Poulsson, RG Richards
Surface modification of PEEK to aid primary human osteoblast attachment and functionality

Page 48. M Romînu, Z Floriţa, M Hughes, G Dobre, C Sinescu, A Bradu, AGh Podoleanu
Confocal microscopy and en-face C-scan OCT investigations in class V composite restorations

Page 49. RO Romînu, C Sinescu, M Rominu, M Negrutiu, M Hughes, A Bradu, D Dodenciu, P Laissue, S Mihali, AGh Podoleanu
Investigation of the bond strength of aesthetic brackets on human enamel – an innovative approach

Page 50. LC Rusu, L Ardelean, C Bortun
Errors in full dentures casting

Page 51. L Sandu, F Topală, N Faur, S Porojan, C Borţun
3D modelling and stress distribution in cast and combination dental clasps

Page 52. F Schmidli, M Büchler, M Jungo, B Müller
Corrosion resistance measurements of dental alloys

Page 53. C Schütz, F Schmitt, L Lagopoulos, N Rossi, N Busso, L Juillerat-Jeanneret, C Wandrey, P Käuper
Efficient delivery of photosensitizer for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatment by photodynamic therapy (PDT)
*** Prize for the best student poster presentation ***

Page 54. S Ionela, I Antoniac, D Laptoiu, M Negrusoiu, P Antoniac, R Istrate
Combined mechanical and corrosion failure mechanism of a tumoral reconstruction hip prosthesis: a case report with SEM evaluation

Page 55. V Simon, S Cavalu, M Prinz, E Vanea, M Neumann, S Simon
Albumin adsorption on the surface of iron containing aluminosilicates

Page 56. M Tarcolea, F Miculescu, S Ciuca, RM Piticescu, I Patrascu, LT Ciocan
ESEM investigation on osseo integration of Ti alloy implants

Page 57. M Târcolea, AE Dumitru, AM Sandu, F Miculescu, CM Cotrut, N Miculescu
Investigations on precipitation phenomena in a SMA (Ni-Ti)

Page 58. F Topală, L Sandu, N Faur, S Porojan
Investigation of the preparation design on stresses resulted in ceramic inlays restored premolars

Page 59. A Vladescu, V Braic, M Balaceanu, CM Cotrut, M Braic
Biocompatible coatings of TiNiNb shape memory alloys

Page 60. A Vladescu, V Braic, M Balaceanu, M Braic, P Drob
Corrosion resistance of the biocompatible Ti and Zr oxynitride thin films

Page 61. E Wenk, AR Murphy, L Uebersax, DL Kaplan, HP Merkle, L Meinel
FGF-2 binding to modified silk fibroin films mimicking the extracellular matrix

Page 62. A Zumbuehl, L Ferreira, D Kuhn, A Astashkina, L Long, Y Yeo, T Iaconis, M Ghannoum, GR Fink, R Langer, DS Kohane
Antifungal Hydrogels

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file