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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2007, Collection 3

13th General Meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomaterials. Neuchatel, Switzerland, May 9 2007

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

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Page 1 : A Dommann
Polymer MEMS for medical purposes
(No Abstract)

Page 2 : RE Geertsma, B Roszek, SL Hoekstra-van den Bosch, WH de Jong
Nanotechnology in medical applications: Risk management issues for emerging technologies

Page 3 : P Käuper, N Rossi, C Laue, F Schmitt, L Lagopoulos, L Juillerat, C Wandrey
Chitosan-based nanoparticles for medical applications - stability in physiological environments

Page 4 : TJ Brunner, M Bohner, C Dora, C Gerber, WJ Stark
Comparison of amorphous TCP nanoparticles to micron-sized ?-TCP as starting materials for calcium phosphate cements
(Joint winner student prize)

Page 5 : I Hauser-Gerspach, P Scandiucci de Freitas, AU Daniels, J Meyer
Adhesion of Streptococcus sanguinis to glass surfaces can be measured by microcalorimetry

Page 6 : V Simon, H Mocuta, D Eniu, D Trandafir, S Simon
Structural investigation of composite biomaterials for hyperthermia

Page 7 : O Gröning
Nanomaterials: Technological potentials and risks
(No Abstract)

Page 8 : A Arosteguis, S Gay, J Lemaître
Fabrication and study of mechanical properties of Poly-L-lactic / nanohydroxyapatite dense composites for bone tissue engineering

Page 9 : JS Hayes, CW Archer, RG Richards
In vitro effect of surface polishing for reducing bony-overgrowth

Page 10 : G Reuter, U Reich, PP Müller, T Stöver, E Fadeeva, B Chichkov, T Lenarz
Fine-tuning of cochlear implant material-cell interactions by femtosecond laser microstructuring

Page 11 : G Fortunato, D Keller, D Balazs, E Körner, T Humbert, H Tevaearai, MN Giraud
Selection of synthetic extracellular matrices for cardiac muscle tissue engineering

Page 12 : F Cengelli, F Tschudi-Monnet, D Maysinger, X Montet, A Montoro, A Ferrari, A Petri-Fink, H Hofmann, L Juillerat-Jeanneret
Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: a multifunctional tool in biomedical applications
(Joint winner student prize)


Page 13 : K Jähn, MJ Stoddart, PI Furlong, CW Archer, RG Richards
Effect of a serum free medium containing TGF-beta3 on osteocyte viability of cultured human cancellous bone explants

Page 14 : C Sinescu, A Podoleanu, M Negrutiu, M Rominu
Optical coherent tomography investigation on apical region of dental roots

Page 15 : C Sinescu, M Negrutiu, R Negru, Z Florita, N Faur
Root canal tensions investigated with electric tensional stamps during the rotative Instrumentation

Page 16 : Z Florita, C Haiduc, M Rominu, C Sinescu, R Rominu, A Kigyosi
Class V compomer restorations: the effect of RMGI primers on microleakage

Page 17 : D Vonwil, A Barbero, T Quinn, I Martin
Expansion of adult human chondrocytes on an extendable surface: A strategy to reduce passageing-related dedifferentiation

Page 18 : PY Eschler, R Ziegenhagen, H Lüthy, L Reclaru
Effects of texture of austenitic stainless steels on pitting and crevice corrosion

Page 19 : C Haiduc, D Dodenciu, C Sinescu, M Negrutiu, G Draganescu, V Mara
Pulp chamber temperature variations using three types of light curing units

Page 20 : M Negrutiu, C Sinescu, C Sticlaru, A Davidescu, M Rominu
The analysis of removable partial dentures with clasps made from thermoplastic and chemoplastic materials. A biomechanical approach of the interface between clasps and denture

Page 21 : M Negrutiu, C Sinescu, M Rominu, G Draganescu
Optimization of physical parameters in laser welding. Procedure for fixed partial dentures technology

Page 22 : M Martino, M Mochizuki, M Smith, JA Hubbell, T Barker
Fibrin delivery of molecular variants of fibronectin central cell-binding domain that provide integrin-specific instructions to mesenchymal stem cells

Page 23 : S Saxer, S Zürcher, S Tosatti, K Gademann, M Textor
Novel screening protocol for wet chemical surface functionalization

Page 24 : CY Li, CK Hsu, FH Lin, L Stobinski
Diamine diomolecules surface functionalization single-walled carbon nanotube as gene-delivery vector

Page 25 : L Sandu, F Topala, V Bârdeanu, C Bortun
Optimization of operator parameters for microplasma welding of dental alloys

Page 26 : L Sandu, F Topala, N Faur, C Bortun
Three dimensional teeth designs generated by NURBS modelling

Page 27 : C Bortun, A Cernescu, N Faur, L Sandu, F Topala
Reverse enginering and finite elements analysis in removable partial denture

Page 28 : A Petrut, A Ivanov, I Antoniac, F Miculescu, G Cosmeleata
Experimental researches about technological and microstructural aspects in the case of cobalt-chromium dental alloys

Page 29 : M Rominu, C Sinescu, D Dodenciu, M Negrutiu, A Kigyosi
A method for measuring the pulp chamber temperature during light curing

Page 30 : M Rominu, Z Florita, C Haiduc, R Rominu, M Negrutiu, A Kigyosi
The influence of silanes on microleakage in class II composite filled-cavities

Page 31 : I Antoniac, M Sajin, F Miculescu, P Antoniac, M Ciurea
Adhesion formation in response to some biodegradable structures used in mesh repair of abdominal wall hernia

Page 32 : C Bortun, S Porojan, L Sandu, M Iacob, B Ghiban
Thermic treatments for some welded CoCrMo alloys used in removable partial dentures technology

Page 33 : B Nottelet, D Mandracchia, E Pektok, B Walpoth, R Gurny, M Möller
Electrospinning of drug loaded poly(eta-caprolactone) nanofibers: In vivo evaluation of novel degradable small-sized vascular grafts

Page 34 : CM Cotrut, A Vladescu, I Antoniac, A Kiss, R Zamfir, CN Zoita, M Braic, V Braic
Corrosion resistance of the biocompatible nitride and carbide thin films

Page 35 : G Weder, M Giazzon, J Polesel-Maris, A Meister, M Liley, H Heinzelmann
Measuring cell adhesion forces as a function of the cell cycle by force spectroscopy

Page 36 : F Fierz, F Beckmann, B Leukers, S Irsen, M Huser, A Andronache, B Müller
Interconnected porous scaffolds for bone augmentation

Page 37 : K Dittmar, A Tourvielle, H Hofmann, C Lowe
Nanostructured ceramic coatings for drug delivery

Page 38 : J Herzen, F Beckmann, B Müller, F Witte, T Donath, B Leukers, SH Irsen, M Störmer, N Hort, A Schrott-Fischer, R Glueckert, A Schreyer
Microtomography on biomaterials using the HARWI-2 beamline at DESY

Page 39 : B Saldamli, G Thorwarth, P Jürgens, C Hammerl, M Kuhn, B Stritzker, R Sader, C Leiggener
Morphology of osteoblasts grown on doped diamond-like carbon coatings - an electron microscopy study
(joint winner student Poster prize)

Page 40 : O Casse, A Taubert
Morphology of osteoblasts grown on doped diamond-like carbon coatings - an electron microscopy study

Page 41 : DT Eniu, D Eniu, I Neagoe, I Brie, V Simon, S Simon
Clinical applications of 90Y glass microspheres in oncology: opportunities and risks

Page 42 : S Gürel, A Braccini, I Martin, F Beckmann, B Müller
Three dimensional micro-structure of scaffolds for tissue replacement

Page 43 : M Röllinghoff, S Saladin, J Mayer, R Müller
Investigation and development of the osseous part of bonewelding® hybrid implants

Page 44 : S Schweizer, A Taubert
Electrospinning of polyesters

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file