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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2006, Collection 1

Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Biomaterials 2006
10 May 2006, Parktheater, Lindenstrasse, 2540 Grenchen

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

Page 1 : J Lemaître (Invited Lecturer, SSB President)
Bioresorption of Bone Substitutes Based on Calcium Phosphates

Page 2 : M Vert (Invited Lecturer)
Biocompatible, biofunctional bioresorbable polymers for temporary therapeutic applications: The Concept of Artificial Biopolymers

Page 3 : F Cengelli, F Tschuddi-Monnet, D Maysinger, A Petri-Fink, H Hofmann, J Grzyb, S Hanessian, L Juillerat-Jeanneret
Development of Superparamagnetic nanoparticles for magnetic imaging and as drug vectors for therapy

Page 4 : P Furrer, K Maniura, S Zeller, S Panke, M Zinn
Medium-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoate: a bacterial biopolyester for medical applications?

Page 5 : B San Miguel, M Ehrbar, C Ghayor, M Textor, F Weber
Enhanced bone regeneration by a bioresorbable and bioactive PLGA membrane

Page 6 : D Vonwil, M Schuler, A Barbero, S Ströbel, M Textor, U Aebi, I Martin
Response of adult human articular chondrocytes to a non-fouling RGD-peptide modified surface

Page 7 : O Casse, A Senti, A Taubert, W Meier
Polymer-controlled fabrication of calcium phosphate precipitates

Page 8 : O Jordan, Y Schuetz, R Gurny
Chitosan thermosetting hydrogel for local drug delivery

Page 9 : M Möller, T Trimaille, K Mondon, R Gurny
Poly(hexyl-substituted-lactides): novel functionalized PLA for delivery of hydrophobic drugs from semi-solid polymers and PEG-copolymer-micelles

Page 10 : V Luginbuehl, D Reichardt, K Ruffieux
Controlled release of tetracycline from biodegradable and biocompatible tricalciumphosphate bone material

Page 11 : SH Irsen, B Leukers, C Tille, F Beckmann, B Müller, H Seitz
Image-based analysis of 3D-printed scaffolds for bone augmentation

Page 12 : V Simon
Corrosion of alkali calcium phosphate bioglasses

Page 13 : Page 13: U Lembke, H-G Neumann
Bone formation on permanent and transient implants

Page 14 : J Mayer, S Ferguson, J Langhoff. Weber, A Mueller, L Torriani,
M Aeschlimann, B v.Rechenberg
Ultrasound assisted osseous fixation of degradable polymer implants


Page 15 : S Becker, I Boecken, M Bohner, G Bigolin, M Alini
Activation and biomechanical assessment of an injectable hybrid osteoconductive - osteogenic bone substitute

Page 16 : M Bohner, N Doebelin
Effect of alpha-tricalcium phosphate milling on the incorporation of calcium sulfate dihydrate during cement setting

Page 17 : C Bortun, L Sandu, S Porojan
Wax Up Failures in the Removable Partial Dentures Technology Using Light Curing Materials

Page 18 : TJ Brunner, RN Grass, WJ Stark
Glass and Bioactive Glass Nanopowders by Flame Synthesis

Page 19 : D Cacaina, M Vaahtio, H Ylänen, M Hupa, S Simon
Structure and chemical stability of yttrium silica sol-gel microspheres

Page 20 : S Cavalu, V Simon, C Hozan
Microstructure and bioactivity of bone cements for prosthetic surgery

Page 21 : SV Dorozhkin
A new preparation technique of the resorbable silicon-substituted calcium phosphates

Page 22 : F Fierz, B Leukers, Ö Degistirici, S Irsen, F Beckmann, B Müller
Design and Characterization of 3D-Printed Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds using Synchrotron-Radiation-based Micro Computed Tomography

Page 23 : Z Florita, M Romînu, C Sinescu, C Haiduc, A Kigyosi
The microleakage in open-sandwich class II restorations

Page 24 : M Negrutiu, C Sinescu, R Negru, M Romînu, C Haiduc
Bone degradation due to the tensions generated by fixed partial prosthesis. A three-dimensional photoelastic approach

Page 25 : LA Pfister, M Lörzer, M Papaloïzos, HP Merkle, B Gander
Controlled Release of Glial Cell Line-derived Neurotrophic Factor from Biodegradable Nerve Conduits

Page 26 : E Pletscher, P Furrer, R Hartmann, D Noger, M Zinn
Tailor - made biocompatible, biodegradable bacterial polyesters

Page 27 : D Reichardt, J Müller, PR Schmidlin, K Ruffieux
Injectable and PLGA coated beta-TCP granules hardening in situ: an in vitro study

Page 28 : M Romînu, Z Florita, RO Romînu, C Sinescu, C Haiduc, A Kigyosi
Microleakage associated with the use of ceramic inserts

Page 29 : L Sandu, V Bîrdeanu, C Bortun, F Topala
Laser welding procedures applied to removable partial dentures frameworks repairs

Page 30 : P Schüpbach, T Stoll, Y Bruderer
Evaluation of biological tissue response of beta-TCP bone substitute in high molecular sodium hyaluronate matrix in sheep for improved handling properties

Page 31 : C Sinescu, M Hluscu, M Romînu, M Negrutiu, A Stoia
Teeth preparations degradation due to the tensions generated by adhesive fixed partial prosthesis on the prosthetic field. A numerical simulation approach

Page 32 : C Sinescu, M Negrutiu, M Romînu, Z Florita, S Lakatos
Fixed partial bridge degradation due to the tensions generated by occlusal loading. A numerical simulation approach

Page 33 : F Spocci, N Senin, R Groppetti
A prototype system for testing biomaterials properties in controlled cutting conditions

Page 34 : B Tauzin, L Hermitte, S Ponsart
Influence of cross-linking process on rheology of the sodium hyaluronate matrix

Page 35 : MD Vlad, E Fernández, R Torres, J López, M Barracó, I Poeata
Ultrasound Monitoring of the Setting of Injectable Bone Cements

Page 36 : A Vladescu, A Kiss, M Braic, M Balaceanu, C Iordachel, L Buia, V Braic
Nanostructured multilayer nitride coatings for biocompatible materials

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