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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2005, Collection 2

Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Biomaterials 2005
1 June 2005, Medicoat AG, Mägenwil

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

Page 1 : H Gruner (Medicoat host profile)
Plasma spraying for medical applications

Page 2 : J Gold (Invited speaker)
Surface modification of biomaterials from an academic research perspective

Page 3 : O Fodor, I Tig, M Moldovan
"In vitro" evaluation of the composite adhesion of dentine.

Page 4 : L Feller, S Cerritelli, M Textor, J Hubbell, S Tosatti
Poly (Propylene Oxide)-BL-Poly (Ethylene Glycol), (PPS-PEG), on gold: a step towards surface modification in biosensor research

Page 5 : TB Gallagher, GW Hanlon, AW Lloyd, J-Y Maillard
Disinfection of Silicone Surfaces using Photo-Activated Disinfection

Page 6 : I Gerber, S Koch, T Zehnder, J Mayer, T Wallimann, M Textor, L Faber, S Mikailov
Effects of TIMAXTM on growth and differentiation of human osteoblast-like cells under serum-free culture conditions

Page 7 : D Scharnweber, J Michael, R Beutner, I Israel, U Hempel, B Schwenzer, H Worch
Surface modification of titanium based alloys with bioactive molecules utilizing electrochemically fixed oligonucleotides

Page 8 : MG Albu, M Leca
Rheological Behaviour of some Cross-linked Collagen Hydrogels for Drug Delivery Use

Page 9 : M Textor
Surface modification to direct biological response to inorganic materials

Page 10 : C Alb, M Manole, S Alb, M Moldovan, D Dudea
The structure, composition and visual opacity of some dental composite resins

Page 11 :S Hofmann, CW Foo, F Rossetti, M Textor, HP Merkle, DL Kaplan, L Meinel
Silk as a biomaterial for controlled drug delivery

Page 12 : L Sandu, V Bîrdeanu, C Borþun
Weldability Study on Biocompatible Co-Cr-Mo Alloys for Removable Partial Dentures using a Pulsed Laser

Page 13 : F Baumgartner, K Maniura, S Tosatti, M Textor, A Bruinink
The effect of surface topography on human bone marrow cells

Page 14 : M Garcia-Fuentes, C Prego, D Torres, M J Alonso
Design of surface-modified lipid nanostructures for oral calcitonin delivery


Page 15 : L Ardelean, C Bortun, L Sandu
Non-Destructive Defectoscopic Tests On Laser Welding Points In Partial Denture Alloys

Page 16 : TM Blättler, M Textor, J Vörös
Etching Particle Assembly Systems: Producing Ordered Nanochemical Patterns

Page 17 : A Boger, S Verrier, M Bohner, P Heini, E Schneider
Properties of an injectable low modulus PMMA bone cement for vertebroplasty

Page 18 : M Bohner, GH van Lenthe, S Grünenfelder, W Hirsiger, R Evison, R Müller
Synthesis and characterization of porous beta-tricalcium phosphate blocks

Page 19 : A Colceriu, M Moldovan, C Prejmerean, T Buruiana, EC Buruiana, G Furtos, L Vezsenyi, D Prodan, C Tamas
Nanocomposite used in dentistry

Page 20 :L Colceriu, S Cimpean, A Pop, M Moldovan, A Colceriu
Using mineral trioxide aggregate and calcium hydroxide as a pulp-capping materials

Page 21 : CM Davies, PI Jäggi, CW Archer, DB Jones, RG Richards
Cell viability and matrix synthesis of cancellous bone explants maintained ex vivo within the "Zetos" culture system

Page 22 : S Di Nunzio, M Miola, E Vernè, A Massè, G Maina, G Fucale
Antibacterial Behaviour of a Silver-Doped Glass for Bone Surgery

Page 23 : G Guibert, F Munnik, S Mikhaïlov
The mico/nano proton beam as a tool for the Bio PIXE analysis of the in vivo biocompatibility of implants at the bone interface

Page 24 : LG Harris, L Mead, E Müller-Oberlander, RG Richards
Cytocompatibility of coated titanium surfaces impregnated with an antiseptic to staphylococci and fibroblasts

Page 25 : P Kern, P Schwaller, J Michler
Electrolytic Deposition of Valve Metal Oxide Thin Films as Interference Coatings on Biomedical Implants

Page 26 : TP Künzler, T Drobek, ND Spencer
A High-Throughput-Screening Approach for Surface Morphology - Easy way to the cell's preferred topography?

Page 27 : V Malinova, C Wandrey
Polyelectrolytes on Surfaces

Page 28 : A Malsy, M Bohner
Brushite conversion into apatite

Page 29 : DO Meredith, L Eschbach, MO Riehle, ASG Curtis, RG Richards
Effect of metal implant surface on fibroblast behaviour

Page 30 : L Reclaru, L Reto, PY Eschler, M Zuberbühler, A Blatter, P Wehrli
New in vitro technique for the evaluation of prostheses: Dynamic fatigue combined with crevice corrosion

Page 31 : C Borþun, I Mitelea, L Milo, V Bîrdeanu, L Sandu
Analysis of laser welded joints on "C" alloy used in the removable partial dentures technology

Page 32 : M Schuler, S Tosatti, DW Hamilton, CM Sprecher, M deWild, DM Brunette, M Textor
Primary Osteoblasts Outgrown from Rat Calvarial Explants Form a "Fried-egg"-like Image on Non-fouling Peptide-modified Titanium Surfaces

Page 33 : C Tamas, C Prejmerean, M Moldovan, A Colceriu, L Vezsenyi, G Furtos, D Prodan
Water sorption of some experimental dental composites based on (modified-Bis-GMA) superior olygomers

Page 34 : IA Tig, O Fodor, M Moldovan
Comparative S.E.M. Observation of Classical and Bonded Amalgam Restorations

Page 35 : L Uebersax, S Hofmann, H Hagenmüller, R Müller, HP Merkle, L Meinel
Highly porous silk scaffolds for bone defect repair

Page 36 : GL Zhen, S Zürcher, D Falconnet, E Kuennemann, J Vörös, N Spencer, M Textor
NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid)-derivatized Poly(L-lysine)-g-poly(ethylene glycol): A Novel Polymeric Interface for Binding and Study of 6xHistidine-tagged Proteins

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