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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2004, Collection 2

Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Biomaterials 2004
1 July 2004, Congress Centre, Davos

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Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

Page 1 : J.Kirkpatrick (invited lecture)
The challenge of regulating angiogenesis in tissue engineered implants

Page 2 : A.Wenger, A.Stahl, U.Kneser, G.B.Stark, G.Finkenzeller
Alterations in gene expression in a 3D spherodial co-culture model of endothelial cells and osteoblasts regarding angiogenesis and differentiation.

Page 3 : S.Grad, K.Gorna, S.Gogolewski, M.Alini
Scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering: effect of pore size.

Page 4 : M.P.Lutolf, J.A.Hubbell
Synthetic biomolecular hydrogels for the conduction of tissue regeneration.

Page 5 : L.Meinel, S.Hofmann, O.Betz, R.Fajardo, H.P.Merkle, G.Vunjak-Novakovic, R.Langer, D.Kaplan
Osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells cultured on silk biomaterials: comparison of adenoviral gene and protein delivery of bmp2.

Pages 6-7 : F.Feyerabend, M.Schossig, A.Slobodianski, P.Adamietz, H.Clemens, R.Willumeit Lipid coating supports osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells.

Page 8 : S.Fawzi-Grancher, S.Slimani, C.Vaquette, X.Wang, S.Muller
Effect of biochemical factors on the neogenesis of ligament tissue.

Page 9 : M.Schuler, G.R.Owen, S.Tosatti, D.M.Brunette, M.Textor
Peptide-functionalized protein-resistant adlayers on titanium surfaces: an approach for producing cell-selective biomaterial surfaces.

Page 10 : C.M.Davies, P.Jäggi, R.G.Richards.
Maintenance of cancellous bone explants ex vivo.

Pages 11-12 : S.Fischer, C.Foerg, H.P.Merkle, B.Gander
Chitosan coated plga-microspheres - a modular system for targeted drug delivery.
(First Prize for presentation by a student)

Page 13 :S.Hofmann, D.Kaplan, G.Vunjak-Novakovic, H.P.Merkle, R.Langer, L.Meinel
Engineering cartilage-like tissue from human mesenchymal stem cells on silk scaffolds.

Pages 14-15 : T.Boontheekul1, D.J.Mooney
Regulating myoblast phenotype through controlled alginate scaffold degradation: a delivery vehicle for skeletal muscle tissue engineering.
(Second Prize for presentation by a student)

Pages 16-17 : L.A.Pfister, T.Christen, H.P.Merkle, M.Papaloïzos, B.Gander
Novel biodegradable nerve conduits for peripheral nerve regeneration.

Page 18 : J.Davies (invited lecture)
Scaffolds and cells for bone engineering


Pages 22-23 : N.Ashammakhi, M.Veiranto, P.Viitanen, K.Knuutila, E.Suokas, J.Tiainen, S.Leinonen, S-M.Niemelä, H.Syrjälä, T.Waris, P.Törmälä.
Update on multifunctional materials (mfm): bioabsorbable osteoconductive drug-releasing hard tissue fixation screws.

Pages 24-25 : Y.Dirix, H.Gellner, H.Schmotzer.
The influence of steam sterilization on retrieved UHMW-PE parts.

Page 26 : M.R.Dusseiller, M.Koch, D.Schlaepfer, R.Kroschewski, M.Textor.
Microfabricated cell culture system for single cell analysis in 2.5 dimensions.

Page 27 : L.Feller, S.Tosatti, S.Cerritelli , M.Textor, J.A.Hubbel.
Synthesis of poly(propylene sulfide)-block-poly(ethylene glycol), (PPS-PEG), and its application to surfaces.
(First Prize for poster by a student)

Pages 28-29 : S.Freitas, G.Hielscher, H.P.Merkle, B.Gander.
A fast and simple method for producing biodegradable nanospheres

Pages 30-31 :P.Furrer, M.Schmid, A.Hinz, E.Pletscher, S.Panke, M.Zinn.
Towards medium-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoate for medical applications.

Pages 32-33 : J.Gamba, J.Forchelet, M.Cattani-Lorente, V.Chatelain, I.Krejci, S.Bouillaguet.
Cuspal deformation during light-curing of resin-based restorative materials measured by ESPI (Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry).

Pages 34-35 : A.Gisep, B.Rahn.
Calcium-phosphate - calcium-sulphate bone cements: structure and compression strength after setting.

Page 36 : M.Glarner, S.Gogolewski.
Degradation in vitro of new bioresorbable terpolymers of lactides.

Page 37 : L.G.Harris, K.Gorna, S.Gogolewski, R.G.Richards.
Cytocompatibility of biodegradable polyurethanes to cells and bacteria.

Pages 38-39 : S.Hiromoto, T.Hanawa.
Measurement of pH near fibroblast cells on stainless steel and titanium.

Pages 40-41 : S.Hiromoto, S.Mischler.
Effect of albumin on fretting-corrosion mechanism of a Ti-Al-V alloy.

Page 42 : J.P.Kaiser, A.Bruinink.
Monitoring of cell migration on structured surfaces.

Page 43 : M.Killer, B.Richling, B.Minnich, A.Lametschwandtner, H.Plenk.
Unexpected tissue engineering: cartilage neoformation in long-term HydroCoil occluded experimental aneurysms.

Page 44 : M.Killer, B.Richling, H.Plenk.
Early cell and tissue reactions in a HydroCoil occluded human aneurysm.

Pages 45-46 : L.Mezerová.
Experimental verification of viscoelastic properties of spongy bone tissue.

Page 47 : P.N.R.Nair, H.U.Luder, F.A.Maspero, K.Ruffieux, J.H.Fischer, J.Schug.
ß-TCP/PLGA open porous scaffolds for the prevention of alveolar bone loss after tooth extraction: Evaluation in a mini-pig model.

Page 48 : G.Massei, S.Szmukler-Moncler.
Thermo-explantation. A novel approach to remove osseointegrated implants.

Page 49 : S-M.Niemelä, I.Ikäheimo, M.Koskela, M.Veiranto, E.Suokas, P.Törmälä, N.Ashammakhi, H.Syrjälä.
Effect of Ciprofloxacin-releasing bioabsorbable polymer on prevention of Staphylococcus Epidermidis attachment and biofilm formation in vitro.

Page 50 : H.Penttilä, R-M.Tulamo, T.Waris, V.Ellä, M.Kellomäki, P.Törmälä, N.Ashammakhi.
Generation of cartilage using prefabricated microvascularied perichondrial bioabsorbable polylactide nonwoven scaffolds.

Pages 51-52 :L.Reclaru, H.Lüthy, P.Y.Eschler, A.Blatter, O.Loeffel, M.H.Zurcher.
Cobalt-chromium dental alloys enriched with precious metals.

Page 53 : H.M.Ruedlinger, S.Hofmann, A.Koch, C.Carugo, H.P.Merkle, L.Meinel.
Seeding strategies for 3D silk scaffolds using human mesenchymal stem cells.
(Second Prize for poster by a student)

Page 54 : B.San Miguel, F.E.Weber.
Enhanced bone regeneration by a biodegradable bioactive PLGA membrane.

Pages 55-56 : A.Schütt, G.Bürki, P.Schwaller, J.Michler, M.Cattani-Lorente, P.Vallitu, S.Bouillaguet.
Mechanical properties of fibre-reinforced dental composites subjected to hydrothermal and mechanical ageing.

Page 57 : S.Terhorst, U.Schlegel, T.Arvinte, M.Glatt, O.Maissen, B.A.Rahn.
The influence of TGF-ß3 on bone regeneration in an ovine tibia defect - qualitative and quantitative histology.

Pages 58-59 : G.Verde-Carvallo, A.Guarino, G.González.
Mineralization of hydroxyapatite over collagen Type I.

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