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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2004, Collection 1

Abstracts of eCells and Materials V
The Cell Biomaterial Reaction

28th - 30th June 2004, Congress Centre, Davos, Switzerland

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

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Page 1 : A.S.G.Curtis
Small is beautiful but smaller still is the aim

Page 2 : G.Dunn
Technologies for studying cell motility and behaviour

Page 3 : A.Bershadsky
Mechanosensory function of focal adhesions

Page 4 : R.G.Richards
Clinical applications of surfaces: Keep it simple

Page 5 : A.Danilov, V. Muhonen, J. Tuukkanen, T. Jämsä
Significance of surface stresses for cell adhesion to NiTi.

Page 6 : A. Aeimbhu, J.E. Castle, P. Singjai
Relation of albumin concentration and its adsorbed overlayer thickness on commercially pure titanium using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

Page 7 : M. Bigerelle, K. Anselme
Statistical study of attachment, adhesion and proliferation of human osteoblasts on metallic substrates.

Page 8 : R. Gristina, E. D'Aloia, G.S. Senesi, E. Sardella, R. d'Agostino, P.Favia
Adhesion of eukaryotic cells as affected by nano-structured surfaces produced by plasma processes.

Page 9 : N. Gadegaard, G. Marshall, C.D.W. Wilkinson, A.S.G. Curtis.
Blood compatibility to ordered arrays of nano pits.

Page 10 : C.C. Dupont-Gillain, Z. Keresztes, P.G. Rouxhet
Influence of nanostructured collagen layers on endothelial cells behaviour.

Page 11 : D.O. Meredith, L. Eschbach, M.O. Riehle, A.S.G. Curtis, R.G. Richards.
Effect of standard orthopaedic metal implant surfaces on cell behaviour.
****Joint winner of the award for the best oral presentation by a student

Page 12 : C.Wilkinson
Micro and nano fabrication for cell engineering

Page 13 : M.Riehle
Investigating active mechanosensing with micro- and nanostructures

Page 14 : H.Hofmann, L.Juillerat
Interaction of superparamagnetic nanoparticles with human cancer cells

Page 15 : M.Liley
What can nanostructuring do for you ?

Page 16 : M.Textor
Surface functionalisation of biomaterials and biosensors

Page 17 : M.A.Barbosa
Interactions of cells and proteins with molecularly designed surfaces

Page 18 : S. Blazewicz
Effect of chemical and topographical features of biomaterial surface on cell response

Page 19 : P.Bongrand
Is there a predictable relationship between surface physical-chemical properties and cell behaviour at interface ?

Page 20 : E. Brynda, M. Houska, Z. Pientka J. Pacherník, P. Dvo?ák
Material surface modification with organized multilayer assemblies of biological macromolecules.

Page 21 : M. Markowski, T. Pompe, J. Smolinski, K. Salchert, C. Werner.
Fibronectin anchorage influences the generation of vascular- like structures by endothelial cells. ****Joint winner of the award for the best oral presentation by a student

Page 22 : F. Chellat, Y. Merhi, A. Moreau, L. Yahia
Effect of molecular weight and concentration of Polyethyleneimine used as DNA carriers for THP-1 targeting.

Page 23 : K.Oudina, E. Potier, E. Arnaud, V. Ellä, M. Kellomäki, N. Ashammakhi, H. Petite
PLDLA Scaffolds Support the Proliferation and Differentiation of Mesenchymal stem cells towards an osteogenic potential.

Page 24 : A.H.C. Poulsson, S.A. Mitchell, M.R. Davidson, N. Emmison, A.J. Johnstone, R.H. Bradley
Adhesion of primary human osteoblast cells to UV/ozone modified polystyrene.

Page 25 : J. Tiainen, M. Veiranto, Y. Soini, E. Suokas, P. Törmälä, N. Ashammakhi
Histological study of multifunctional bioabsorbable ciprofloxacin-releasing and plain polylactide-polyglycolide 80/20 screws implanted in rabbit cranial bone.

Page 26 : M. Bitar, JC. Knowles, V. Salih, M.P. Lewis
Biocompatible phosphate glass fibre scaffolds. Engineering of the hard/ soft tissue interface.

Page 27 : A.Boyde
Combining confocal and BSE SEM imaging for bone and implant interfaces

Page 28 : J.Davies
Anti-inflammatory biodegradable scaffolds

Page 29 : F. Geiger, C. Eckhardt, H. Bertram, T. Hennig, W. Richter, H.G. Simank
Stimulation of bone formation by transfer of phVEGF in a gene activated matrix.

Page 30 : FE. Weber, B. San Miguel, KW. Grätz
In vitro and in vivo evaluation of a third generation guided bone regeneration membrane which combines biodegradability with bioactivity.

Page 31 : M.Yamato
Smart biomaterials achieve smart tissue regeneration with cell sheet engineering

Page 32 : S.Gogolewski
Bioresorbable polymers in repair, replacement and regeneration of tissues and organs

Page 33 : J.A. Gillard, P. Saravanapavan, J.M. Garland, I. Hopkinson, J.R. Lu
Biophysical examination of vascular smooth muscle cell interaction with pla and plga polymer surfaces.

Page 34 : G. Zgirian, R. Zgirian, H. Iovu, I. Ionescu-Bujor, A. Meghea, I. Demetrescu
New collagen hybrids composites devoted to cell growth and proliferation.

Page 35 : Y. Yang, M. A. Wood, A. J. El Haj
Enhancement of mechanical signals for tissue engineering bone by mechano-active scaffolds.

Page 36 : WY. Ip, S. Gogolewski
Clinical application of resorbable polymers in guided bone regeneration.

Page 37 : L.Koole
In Vivo Biocompatibility of new radiopaque polymeric microspheres

Page 38 : Y.Missirlis
Bacterial adhesion and proliferation on biomaterials. Techniques to evaluate the adhesion process. The influence of surface chemistry/topography

Page 39 : Ll.G.Harris, R.G.Richards
Analysing bacterial adhesion on biomaterials

Page 40 : B. Angres, C. Kuschel, H. Steuer.
Multiple substrate array, msa™: miniaturized screening of extracellular matrix-dependent cell behaviour.

Page 41 : N. Tymchenko, S.Petronis, LM. Bjursten, B. Kasemo, J. Gold.
Detection of cellular traction forces by microfabricated si force sensors.

Page 42 : D.Daniels
Isothermal microcalorimetry (IMC): A new in-vitro technique for determining biomaterials physico-chemical stability and cultured cell responses


Page 43 : F. Baumgartner, K. Maniura, S. Tosatti, M. Textor, A.Bruinink
Topographical surface effects on cell fate of adult human mesenchymal stem cells.
****Joint winner of the award for the best poster by a student

Page 44 : G. Biagini, F. Gabbanelli, M. Mattioli-Belmonte, L.Virgili, F. Giantomassi, D. Natali, C. Zannoni, A. Pasini, A. Tomei, P. Quadrani, M.Giacomini
"Bioinspired" interface between - old and new - In Medicine

Page 45 : M. Bigerelle, K. Anselme
Cell adhesion increases with the square root of time.

Page 46 : E. Blanch, E. Garreta, D. Gasset, E. Genové, C. Colominas, C. Semino, S. Borrós
Development of hydroxyapatite-based biomaterials scaffolds for hard tissue regeneration.

Page 47 : M. Blazewicz, I. Piekarczyk. E. Menaszek, K. Haberko
Polymer and carbon fibres with HAp nanopowder: properties and biocompatibility of degradation products.

Page 48 : R. Blum M. Alini, C. Evans, E. Schneider, M. Egermann
The effect of AdBMP-2 on ovine osteoblasts and BMSC including a comparison to human and murine cells.

Page 49 : M. Bohner
Interactions between cell and calcium phosphates depend on chemistry: theoretical considerations.

Page 50 : P. Coelho, J. Leitão, C. Santos, R. Mascarenhas, T. Arvinte , M. Glatt, B. Rahn
Transforming growth factor Beta-3 (TGF ß3) Activity is relevantly dependant on carriers differences when used for a critical mandibular bone defect repair in a beagle dog model.

Page 51 : W. Dabernig, T. Geley, E. Richter, H. Fritsch, M. Tukiainen, M. Kellomäki, N Ashammakhi, M. Ninkovic
Evaluation of bioactive glass 13-93 fibre-based scaffolds for healing of large bone defects.

Page 52 : P.D. Dalton, T. Kuenzel, D. Klee, M. Moeller, J. Mey
In Vitro neuron interactions with oriented electrospun fibres.

Page 53 : S. Davis, B.Brito, G.Gonzalez
Comparative study of in vitro colonization of different biomaterials by rabbit stem cells and macrophages of rabbit and humans.

Page 54 : F. Feyerabend, M. Schossig, H. Clemens, R. Willumeit
Lipid coating influences cell adhesion and differentiation.

Page 55 : D. Gotora, JT. Czernuszka
Mineralisation and cross-linking techniques to improve the mechanical properties of collagen-calcium phosphate (coll-cap) composites to be used as bone analogues.

Page 56 : H. M. Grandin, B. Städler, M. Textor, J. Vörös
Development of a waveguide excitation fluorescence microscope for micro and nanoscale characterization of bio-interfaces.

Page 57 : A.E. Handschin, O.A. Trentz, S. Hemmi, G.A. Wanner, H.J. Kock, O. Trentz
Osteocalcin and CbfA1-expression in human osteoblasts following low molecular weight heparin or Fondaparinux (Arixtra®) treatment.

Page 58 : M.O. Klein, C. Reichert., B. Al-Nawas
Assessment of migratory and proliferative behaviour of osteogenic cells on type I collagen vs. BSA using a method for continuous single cell observation.

Page 59 : J. Kowal, B. Czajkowska, E. Bulwan, M. Blazewicz, E. Pamula
Modification of polysulfone by means of UV irradiation and H2O2 plasma treatment.

Page 60 : I. Krueger, P.P. Müller, H. Mojallal, M. Stieve, T. Lenarz, P.Behrens
On the way to novel nanostructured bone replacement materials: First cytological investigations of mesoporous solids.

Page 61 : R. Lange, F. Lüthen, A. Kirbs, P. Müller, J. Rychly, B. Nebe, U. Beck
An attempt to correlate the characteristics of micro structured surfaces of titanium implants and biological parameters of adhesive cells.

Page 62 : S. Länsman, M. Kellomäki, P. Törmälä, T. Waris, N. Ashammakhi
Tissue reactions to poly-L/D-lactide (PLDLA) 96/4 scaffolds implanted in the subcutis of rats.

Page 63 : S. Länsman, A. Karttunen, H. Hirvelä, T. Palosaari, M. Kellomäki, V. Ellä, P. Ohtonen, P. Törmälä, T. Waris, N. Ashammakhi
Bioabsorbable poly-L/D-lactide vs. silicone sponge scleral suckling implants can induce sufficeintly perisistant indentation in rabbits.

Page 64 : I. Manjubala, I. Ponomarev, K.D. Jandt, I. Wilke
Adhesion and proliferation of osteoblastic cells seeded on chitosan - hydroxyapatite porous scaffolds.

Page 65 : M. Mattioli-Belmonte, L. Virgili, C. Bevilacqua , R. Gristina, G. Lucarini, A. Gigante, P. Favia, L. Detomaso, G. Biagini
Mesenchymal stem cells on plasma-coated materials: an "acrylic interface" in vitro study.

Page 66 : D.O. Meredith, L. Eschbach, M.O. Riehle, A.S.G. Curtis, R.G. Richards
Human fibroblast proliferation and cytoskeletal reactivity to characterised metal implant surfaces.

Page 67 : L. Moimas, C. Schmid, E. Pirhonen
Geometry modifications of a new three-dimensional bioactive glass fibre matrix with a feasible structure for tissue engineering applications.
****Joint winner of the award for the best poster by a student

Page 68 : L. Moroni, J. de Wijn, C. A. van Blitterswijk
3D Plotted scaffolds for tissue engineering: dynamical mechanical analysis.

Page 69 : R. Müller, U. Thalmaier, G. Schmalz, S.Ruhl
Bacterial adhesion to surfaces of defined polarity in relation to previous protein adsorption.

Page 70 : V. Muhonen, M-L. Sassi, A. Danilov, M-D. Nagel, T. Jämsä, J. Tuukkanen
The role of extracellular matrix in biocompatibility of NiTi shape-memory metal implant material.

Page 71 : C. Nonckreman, Ch.C. Dupont-Gillain, P. Rouxhet
Development of a new tool to study protein adsorption in relation with heamocompatibility.

Page 72 : M.D.. Notara, C.A. Scotchford, D.M. Grant, G.A.F. Roberts
Characterisation and cell response of chitosan and alginate derivatives blend membranes with different crosslinking methods.

Page 73 : M. Nowakowska, M. Kepczynski, A. Karewicz, A.Górnicki
Interaction of porphyrin covalently attached to poly(methacrylic acid) with liposomal membranes.

Page 74 : D. Pasqui, F.M. Piras, A. Rossi, E. Weber, A. Magnani, R. Barbucci
Micropatterned polysaccharides: a useful tool for cell guidance.

Page 75 : E. Pecheva, L. Pramatarova, M.F. Maitz, M.T. Pham, R. Presker, M. Stutzmann
Hydroxyapatite growth induced by extra cellular matrix deposition on solid surfaces.
****Third place for the award for the best poster by a student

Page 76 : E. Pecheva, L. Pramatarova, G. Altankov
Fibroblast interaction with different material surfaces.

Page 77 : M. Pennacchi, I. Armentano, S. Zeppetelli, M. Fiorillo, D. Guarnieri, J.M. Kenny, P.A. Netti
Influence of surface patterning on cell migration and spreading.

Page 78 : H. Plenk Jr., M. Boehler, I. Steffan, A.Walter
Immune response to cobalt-based alloy wear particles increased by third-body wear from metal-on-metal THR.

Page 79 :S. Popescu, D. Iordachescu, B. Popescu, D. Ionica, I. Demetrescu
Aspects of biocompatibility of various thin films on titanium surface.

Page 80 : E. Pyshnov, M. Farcas, N. Cosman, S.G. Roscoe. S.Omanovic
Electrochemical studies of the adsorption of fibrinogen and bovine serum albumin on a charged pt surface.

Page 81 : S.N. Racey, A.W. McCaskie , E. Jones, M.A.Birch
Iron and alumina grit blasted tmfz alloys differentially regulate bone formation in vitro.

Page 82 : S. Rammelt, S. Manthey, H. Zwipp
Immunohistochemical characterization of the bone-implant interface on MMA-embedded cutting and grinding sections.

Page 83 : R. Sariri, A. Erfani
Copolymerization of HEMA with N-Containing monomers in order to produce a protein resistant biomaterial surface.

Page 84 : R. Saunders, L. Bosworth, J. Gough, B. Derby, N. Reis
Selective cell delivery for 3d tissue culture and engineering.

Page 85 : D. Scharnweber, R. Beutner, J. Michael, B. Schwenzer, H. Worch
Designing metallic biomaterial surfaces by anodic immobilization of dna-single strands utilizing hybridization for attachment of biomolecules.

Page 86 : B. Städler, D. Falconnet, I. Pfeiffer, F. Höök, J. Vörös
Micropatterning of DNA-tagged vesicles.

Page 87 : R. Stoop, L. Sapei, C. Gaissmaier, A. Scharstuhl, M. Kellomäki, V. Ellä, N. Ashammakhi, P. Törmälä, H. Hämmerle
Woven P(L/D)LA scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering.

Page 88 : A. Thackray, P. Yong, R.L. Sammons, H. Lugg, L.E. Macaskie, P.M.Marquis
Bacterial delivery of nanophase hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate as a novel coating method for complex architectures.

Page 89 : O.A. Trentz, A.E. Handschin, S. Hemmi, G. Zund, G.A. Wanner, O. Trentz
Leptin regulates human osteoblast proliferation and phenotype marker expression in vitro.

Page 90 : P. Valerio, J.M Ventura, S. Agathopoulos, D. Tulyaganov, J.M.F. Ferreira
Osteoblasts viability, alkaline phosphatase production, collagen secretion and cell apoptosis in the presence of glasses with novel formulations containing mica and wollastonite structural components.

Page 91 : P.Valerio, G. Goller, F.N. Oktar, A. M. Goes, M.F. Leite
Biocompatibility evaluation of four different BioglassTM-HA using primary culture of osteoblasts.

Page 92 : S. Vogt, K.-D. Kühn, U. Gopp, M. Schnabelrauch
Resorbable coatings with controlled antibiotic release for porous ceramics and bioglasses.

Page 93 : A. Wright, M. Mowrey-McKee, A. Renaud
Cytometric viability of human corneal epithelial cells grown on a biomaterial.

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