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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2017, Collection 3

Abstracts of the Biosurf V
Functional Polymeric Surfaces in Biotechnology
September 25 & 26, 2003 - ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

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Page 1: W.Knoll, F.Yu, D.Yao, R.Naumann, S.Schiller and K.Morigaki
Supramolecular Interfacial Architectures for Optical Biosensing

Page 2: W.J.Brittain, S.G.Boyes, T.Granville, B.Zhao, B.Mirous andM.Baum
Polymer Brushes: Surface-Immobilized Polymers

Page 3: X.Zhang, H.P. Xu, M.F.Wang, F.Shi, H.Y.Zhang and Z.Q.Wang
Template directed self-organization of soft materials

Page 4: M.S.Wagner, S.Pasche, D.G.Castner, M.Textor
Characterization of tailored non-fouling polymer surfaces using time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and multivariate analysis

Page 5-6: D.Leckband, C.Johnson, C.Perrin-Tricaud, I.Fujimoto and U.Rutishauser
How biology uses polymers to regulate adhesion in vivo

Page 7-8: A.Engler, M.Sheehan, H.L.Sweeney and D.E.Discher
Substrate compliance vs ligand density in cell on gel responses

Page 9-10: J.Y.Wong and X.Brown
Bioengineered substrata to probe substrate compliance effects on vascular smooth muscle cell behavior

Page 11: C.Picart, L.Richert, E.Payan, Ph.Lavalle, P.Schaaf and J.-C.Voegel
multilayerED films MADE OF POLYSACCHARIDES: influence on cell and BACTERIAL adhesion

Page 12: R.Mülhaupt, R.Landers Y.Thomann
Biofunctional Processing: Scaffold design, fabrication and surface modification

Page 13-14: D.W.Grainger, P.Gong, M.Lochhead, S.Metzger and C.Greef
Surface ANALYSIS OF DNA ANd PROTEINS immobilized in micro-arraying devices

Page 15: N.L.Abbott, Y.-Y.Luk, M.Tingey and B.Clare
Amplification of Biomolecular Interactions using Liquid Crystalline Materials

Page 16-17: H.Ma, J.Hyun N.Nath and A.Chilkoti
Surface engineering strategies for control of protein and cell interactions

Page 18: G.J.Vancso, H.Schönherr, J.Huskens and D.N.Reinhoudt
Surface engineering on the nanometer scale with supramolecular complex species

Page 20: M.A. Cohen Stuart
Protein-repelling Deposited Layers from Complex Coacervate Micelles

Page 21-22: S.Benito, A.Graff, R.Stoenescu, P.Broz, C.Saw, H.Heider, S.Marsch, P.Hunziker and W.Meier
Polymer nanocontainers for Biomedical Applications

Page 23: Y.Nagasaki, T.Ishii, K.Uchida, H.Otsuka and K.Kataoka
PEG-modified Nanoparticles for New Molecular Recognition

Page 25-26: R.Toomey, H.Murata, B.J.Chang, H.Zhang, R.Konradi, D.Freidank, S.Golze, O.Prucker, H.Klapproth, M.Dahm and J. Rühe
Functional Polymeric Coatings - From Polymer Synthesis to Heart Valve Implants to Endotracheal Tubes

Page 26-27: M.Yamato
Cell sheet engineeting: from temperature-responsive culture surfaces to clinics

Page 28: H.Biederman
Plasma Polymers and Some Biomedical Applications


Page 30: P.Petrini, S.Bozzini, S.Farè and M.C.Tanzi
Surface modification of polyurethane scaffolds with natural polymers: the use of silk fibroin

Page 31: T.Drobek, M.Heuberger and N.D.Spencer
Molecular forces and morphology of an adsorbed poly(L-lysine)-g-poly(etylene glycol) copolymer

Page 32: T.Geiger, P.Gasser, R.Hany and M.Zinn
Functional Polymers from Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoates): Protection of Surfaces from Biofouling

Page 33: J.Koota, R.Lehner, G.Maret and T.Gisler
Conformational dynamics of immobilized dna in external fields

Page 34: T.Gutberlet, R.Steitz, R.Krastev, A.C.Simonsen and B.Kloesgen
Nano-bubbles at Polymer Supported Hybrid Biomembranes. Neutron Reflectometry and AFM Investigations

Page 35: M.Habib, R.A.Brooks, D.C.Ireland, A.L.Lewis, N.Rushton and W.Bonfield
Interaction of human osteoblasts with phosphorylcholine polymers

Page 36: T.Hanawa, S.Nakajima, A.Yamamoto, Y.Suzuki and M.Iwaki
Control of platelet and cell adhesion to titanium with helium ion implantation

Page 37: R.Konradi and J.Rühe
Polyelectrolyte monolayers for bioactive surfaces

Page 38: A.Krieg, P.Häfliger, S.Laib, N.Agorastos and S.Seeger
DNA-Intercalating surface coating

Page 39: V.V.Lulevich and O.I.Vinogradova
A novel method to study mechanical properties of polyelecrolyte microcapsules

Page 40: D.Mädge, O.Prucker & J.Rühe
A novel method for designing surfaces towards biosystems

Page 41: R.Mix, G.Kühn & J.F.Friedrich
Plasma copolymerization - a recommended way for formation of defined functionalized surfaces

Page 42: U.Mock, L.Riegger & J.Rühe
Microstructured Biomimetic Surfaces for Controlled Wetting

Page 43: A.Napoli, N. Tirelli & J.Hubbell
Synthesis and Characterization of Amphiphilic Poly(propylene sulfide)-based Block Copolymers. Macroamphiphiles for Surface Functionalization and Drug Delivery Systems.

Page 44: S.Pasche, H.J.Griesser, N.S.Spencer & M.Textor
Compression of adsorbed poly(L-lysine)-g- poly(ethylene glycol) measured by AFM

Page 45: M.Rankl, T.Ruckstuhl & S.Seeger
Non-Specific protein adsorption on thin film coatings

Page 46: K.Rezwan, L.P.Meier, J.Vörös, M.Textor & L.J.Gauckler
Protein Adsorption on Oxide Particles:
New Insights with Colloid Chemistry Methods and Application

Page 47: L.Richert, Ph.Lavalle, P.Schaaf, J.-C.Voegel & C.Picart
multilayered films of polysaccharides: Influence of ionic strength on THE buildup and ON bacterial adhesion

Page 48: M.Jungblut, C.Schwind, W.Knoll, K.Graf & C.Thielemann
micropatterned Neural nets on different solid surfaces

Page 49: O.Shafranska, A.Kokott, V.Tokarev, A.Voronov, O.Bednarska, S.Voronov & G.Ziegler
Graft Polymerization of PMMA from Silica Surface and Application of This Method to the Improvement of Mechanical Properties of PMMA Bone Cement

Page 50: S.Tugulu, H.-A.Klok, A.Bernd, M.Möller, J.Groll & J.P.Spatz
Self-assembled Peptide Functionalized Hydrogels

Page 51: C.Waschinski & J.C.Tiller
Polymeric Spacers for antimicrobial agents

Page 52: Z.Zhang, R.Foerch & W.Knoll
Surface modification by plasma polymerization and application of plasma polymers as biomaerials

Page 53: C.Zhou, V.K.Khlestkin, W.Laureyn, G.Reekmans, A.Campitelli, G.Borghs, W.Dehaen & Y.Engelborghs
Functional Polysiloxane-g-poly(ethylene glycol) layers on gold surface: Surface characterization and resistance to protein adsorption

Page 54: F.Assi, L.Feuz, S.Pasche, N.D.Spencer & M.Textor
AFM, neutron scattering and neutron reflectometry investigation of Poly(L-lysine)-graft-poly(ethylene glycol) co-polymer conformations in solution and on the adsorbed state

Page 55: F.Durmaz, S.Zürcher & N.D.Spencer
New Phosphates/Phosphonates; A Modular Approach to Functional SAMs

Page 56: G.Zhen, E.Zobeley, V.Eggli, S.Zürcher, J.Vörös, R.Glockshuber, M.Textor & N.D.Spencer
Creation of Surface Macromolecular Docking Sites for the Reversible Immobilization of Proteins in Active Conformation and Controlled Orientation

Page 57: S.Lee, T.Sannomiya, C.Tang, J.Vörös, S.Tosatti, M.Textor & N.D.Spencer
Reductive desorption of self-assembled monolayers of octadecyl phosphate (ODP) from Ti/TiO2 surfaces

Page 58: S.Oberti, Y.Axmann, I.Beliaev, H.Hofmann & A.Stemmer

Page 59: F.Xu, G.Zhen, E.Zobeley, V.Eggli & R.Glockshuber, M.Textor & W.Knoll
Interfacial binding of Beta-lactamase TO different matrices monitored by Surface-Plasmon Spectroscopy

Page 60: C.J.Blomfield, A.J.Roberts, S.J.Hutton, H.Ma, J.Hyun & A.Chilkoti
x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy as a tool for bio-surface analysis

Page 61: A.Rossi, L.Feuz, M.Textor, & N.D.Spencer

Page 62: N.Blondiaux, S.Jeney, M.Liley, R.Pugin, H.Sigrist, H.Heinzelmann & N.D.Spencer
Structured PEG-Dextran surfaces for bio-applications

Page 63: N.Bruns & J.C.Tiller
Enzymes in amphiphilic coNetworks

Page 64: G.Busch, X.Cai, E.Jähne & H.-J.P.Adler
Surface Properties of Metal Oxides - From Macro- to Nano-Scale

Page 65: A.Perentes, A.Bachmann, M.Leutenegger, G.Benvenuti, I.Utke, T.Lasser & P.Hoffmann
Micro- and nano-structures for optical detection of biomolecules

Page 66: K.Sivashankar, R.Pugin, J.Brugger, J.Vancso, H.Heinzelmann & Ch.Hinderling
Combining polymer demixing and microphase separation of block copolymers to obtain structuring on different scales

Page 67: D.Kurzbuch, S.Seeger
Surface structuring method for defined growth of neural networks

Page 68: M.Losson, D.Joester, E.Walter, M.Guillot, J.L.Gallani, H.P.Merkle, R.Pugin, H.Heinzelmann & F.Diederich
Amphiphilic dendrimer/DNA self-assemblies for cell transfection. A Scanning probe microscopy study.

Page 69: S.Morgenthaler, S.Lee, P.Schär-Zammaretti, J.Ubbink & N.D.Spencer
Surfaces with a Hydrophobicity Gradient: Possible applications in biological testing

Page 70: B.Muir, H.Thissen, G.Johnson & J.Hayes
Two-dimensional control over protein and cell attachment on modified poly(ethylene) surfaces by laser ablation

Page 71: H.H.Solak, C.Padeste & J.Gobrecht
Patterning of surfaces with x-ray interference lithography at macromolecular length scales

Page 72: D.Stamou, C.Duschl, E.Delamarche & H.Vogel

Page 73: G.Schitter, R.W.Stark & A.Stemmer

Page 75: H.Müller, P.Theato & R.Zentel
Patterning of lipid membranes by self-organization or microcontact printing of lipopolymers

Page 76: W.Prissanaroon, N.Brack, P.J.Pigram & J.Liesegang
Micro-patterning of fluoropolymer surfaces for electronic and biomaterials applications

Page 77: A.Yamamoto, T.Yotoriyama, Y.Kohyama, Y.Suzuki, M.Iwaki& T.Hanawa
Microfabrication of a biodegradable polymer by ion beam irradiation for a new co-culture system of cells

Page 78: D.Falconnet, D.Pasqui, F.Assi, A.Koenig & M. Textor
A new approach to Micro and nano patterning for cell studies and proteomics APPLICATIONS

Page 79: S. Tian, J. Liu, T. Zhu & W. Knoll
Polyaniline/gold nanoparticle films: Assembly and electrochemical properties

Page 80: A.M.Bittner, M.Knez, S.Balci, A.Kadri, C.Wege, H.Jeske & K.Kern
Metallization of the outer and inner surfaces of a plant virus

Page 81: D.Sainz Vidal, M.Lekka, A.J.Kulik & C.Wandrey
Surface Characterization of Hydrogel-based Microspheres

Page 82: Ch.Huwiler, F.Assi & M.Textor
Self-assembling of nano-sized sio2-particles on patterned substrates

Page 83: F.F.Rossetti, I.Reviakine, G.Csucs, F.Assi, J.Vörös & M.Textor
Immobilization and detection of functionalized nanocontainers on (patterned) surfaces.

Page 84: G.Ananchenko, Q.Li & S.Seeger
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging on a surface in UV range: model experiments

Page 85: A.Azioune, P.Louette, B.Lindner, A.Neubauer, S.Muyldermans & J-J.Pireaux
The use of x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (xps) in the characterization of the biotransducer nanostructured interface.

Page 86: D.J.Balazs, K.Triandafillu, P.Wood, E.Sardella, H.Harms, C.van Delden, P.Favia, R.d'Agostino, C.Hollenstein & H.J.Mathieu
Surface Modification of PVC endotracheal tube surfaces to reduce Pseudomonas aeruginosa adhesion: plasma processing and chemical methods

Page 87: B.Berchtold, B.J.Chang, P.Böhringer, O.Prucker, A.Wallrath, M.Dahm & J.Rühe
Surface Modification of Porcine Heart Valve Implants for Reendothelialisation

Page 88: A.Bezrukova
Multiparametric optical analysis development for control of biological micro- and nano- particles

Page 89: G.A.Cooksey, W.L.Little, A.T.Chang, P.D.Mourad & V.Vogel
Probing cell migratory and proliferative behavior on micropatterned fibronectin lanes

Page 90: H.Gao, S.Angeloni, F.Crevoisier, S.Guinchard & H.Sigrist
Surface Bioengineering for Microanalytics and Biomaterials

Page 91: F.Greve, A.Hierlemann, H.Baltes & H.Hall
neuron guidance on bio-electronic chips

Page 92: D.Haft, O.Sqalli, T.Lindenberg, C.Bödefeld, K.Höfling, M.Vogel, C.Schulhauser, A.Högele & K.Karrai
Scanning probe microscopy for biological applications

Page 93: H.Hall & J.A.Hubbell
Fibrin matrices for cell type specific differentation

Page 94: L.G.Harris, K.Gorna, S.Gogolewski & R.G.Richards
Effect of different hydrophilic polyurethanes on cell and bacterial adhesion

Page 95: F.Heer, S.Hafizovic, W.Franks, A.Blau, C.Ziegler, S.Taschini, A.Hierlemann & H.Baltes
Cmos neurochip for stimulation and recording of electrogenic cells

Page 96: O.Jordan, A.Caviezel, E.Doelker & C.Iselin
Urethral tissue augmentation using precipitable polymeric solutions: an ex vivo study

Page 97: S.Kreiling, H.-C.Kim, N.Hampp & A.Greiner
Time and regioselective drug release by two-photon absorption for application in eye disease therapy

Page 98: S.Laib, M.Rankl, T.Ruckstuhl & S.Seeger
DNA-Sizing by Surface Scanning Microscopy

Page 99: J.Lichtenberg & H.Baltes
Localized immobilization of bio-affinity molecules on static and resonant cantilever sensor arrays

Page 100: K.L.Martinez, D.Ott, B.H.Meyer, R.Hovius, A.Plückthun & H.Vogel
Functional investigation of immobilized g protein-coupled receptors

Page 101: A.Rösler, H.-A.Klok, H.Nuhn, I.W.Hamley, V.Castelletto & O.O.Mykhaylyk
Nanoscale Structure of Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Hybrid Block Copolymers containing Amphiphilic -Strand Peptide Sequences

Page 102: H.Otsuka, T.Satomi, J.H.Itadani, Y.Nagasaki, T.Okano, Y.Horiike & K.Kataoka
Functionalized PeG-brush layer for controlling protein and cell interactions

Page 103: J.Salber, Z.Ademovic, D.Klee, B.Hafemann, N.Pallua & H.Höcker
Foetal RAt fibroblast adhesion on biostructured PVDF-surfaces

Page 104: T.Schambron & A.Lowe
Characterization and ageing of braided carbon fiber/peek bone plates

Page 105: I.Schenker, W.Franks, P.Schmutz, A.Hierlemann & H.Baltes
Impedance of Electrodes for Stimulation and Recording of Natural Neural Networks

Page 106: J.Lau, P.Cooke & R.Tchao
Increased Cell Membrane Sensitivity to shear force resulting from adherence on an anisotropic polymer surface

Page 107: S.Terrettaz, M.Mayer & H.Vogel
Highly electrically insulating tethered lipid bilayers for probing the function of ion channel proteins

Page 108: J.Ubbink & P.Schär-Zammaretti
The cell wall of lactic acid bacteria: surface constituents and macromolecular conformations

Page 109: P.Rigler, W.-P.Ulrich & H.Vogel
Reversible immobilization of peptides: surface modification and in situ detection by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy

Page 110: M.Müller, X.Yan, S.Lee, S.S.Perry & N.D.Spencer
Bio-inspired Approaches to Aqueous Lubrication by Means of a Surface Bound Brush-like Polyelectrolyte

Page 111: D.Freidank, S.Zirker, S.Mohry, P.O.Prucker, Zeltz & J.Rühe
3D-DNA Chips - Surface attached functional hydrogels for oligonucleotide microarrays

Page 112: J.Liu, D.Yao, S.Tian, W.Knoll & P.E.Nielsen
In situ hybridization kinetics of PNA/DNA by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Page 113: M.Dusseiller, A.Koenig & M.Textor
Microfabricated Biochips with a selective surface chemistry to control 3-dimensional cell shape

Page 114: Rüdiger Landers, Yi Thomann, Rolf Mülhaupt
3D plotting of scaffolds derived from bio degradable polymer materials and tailored for Applications in tissue engineering

Page 115: P. Thomsen, C. Berendsen, S. Bouaidat, H.K Lilja-Fischer, S.G Petersen
Plasma polymerized surface chemistries influence adhesion, morphology & positioning of cells

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