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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2003, Collection 1

Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Biomaterials 2003
14 May 2003, DSR-Cité Universitaire, CH 2002 Neuchâtel

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

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Keynote presentation 

Page 58 : E. Schacht
Biodegradable polymers for biomedical application

Page 17 : W. P. Bieger, W. Mayer
Characterization of immune reactions to metals

Pages 18-19 : O. Tapparo, G. Tapparo
Clinical applications of metal analysis

Pages 15-16 : A. Gisep, S. Kugler, D. Wahl, Ch. Sprecher, B. Rahn
Mechanical investigation of a proximal tibial slot defect model

Pages 21-23 : O. Zinger, K. Anselme, P. Habersetzer, D. Landolt
Time-dependent adhesion and morphology of osteoblastic cells on titanium model surfaces featuring scale-dependent topography
****Winner of the award for the best oral presentation by a student

Pages 7-9 : I. Demetrescu, B. Popescu
Aspects of metallic biomaterials degredation in various simulated biological fluids

Pages 28-29 : Ch. Braun, B.A. Rahn, R. Wieling, M. Fulmer, A. Gisep
Radiographic and histologic evalutation of intra-articular calcium phosphate cement in a rabbit model

Page 46 : A. Alves, J-P. Boutrand
Biocompatibility and perrformance of an interbody resorbable fusion cage implanted in functional site in sheep

Page 27 : D. Brendlen, C. Pittet, J. Lemaître
Feasibility of a new dual-paste presentation of injectable Brushite cements

Pages 38-39 : M. Zinn
Tailor-made synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoate

Page 20 : A. Oberle, F. Theis, M. Bohner, J. Müller, Ch. Frei, I. Boecken, J.A. Auer, B. von Rechenberg
In vivo comparison of two hydraulic calciumphosphate cements in a drill hole model in sheep

Pages 3-4 : M. Bohner, H. Schmid
New hydraulic cements based on a-tricalcium phosphate-calcium sulfate dihydrate mixtures


Pages 1-2 : Y. Dirix, A. Becker, M. Wiederkehr, H. Schmotzer, R. Lerf
Dimensional stability of UHMW-PE parts: Influence of aging and crosslinking

Pages 5-6 : A. Meghea , I. Demetrescu, I. Rau, D. Ionita
Complementary techniques in the evaluation of electrochemical degradation of some implant metallic materials

Pages 10-11 : I. B. Ionescu, V. Trandafir, I. Demetrescu, H. Iovu, G. Zgirian
New collagen composites with transdermal application

Pages 12-14 : D. Ionitã, A. Santana Lopez, J. Mirza-Rosca, E. Vasilescu, M. V. Popa, P. Drob, C. Vasilescu
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy technique in prediction of the Implant titanium alloys behaviour

Pages 24-25 : M. Bühler, L. Harris, O. Zinger, D. Landolt, R.G. Richards
Characterization of fibroblast adhesion on titanium model surfaces

Page 26 : S. Rousseau, M. Buehler, L. Jordi, J. Lemaître
Influence of Magnesium on the working characteristics of Brushite cements
****Winner of the award for the best poster by a student

Page 30 : J.-P. Kaiser, A. Bruinink
IMonitoring of cell migration on structured surfaces

Page 31 : M. Hälg, P. Wick, U. Tobler, J. Schug, A. Bruinink
Effects of culture conditions on human bone (marrow) cell performance

Pages 32-33 : J.Cl. Puippe
Surface treatments of titanium implants

Pages 34-36 : C. Manaranche, H. Hornberger
A proposal for the classification of precious dental alloys according to their resistance to corrosion based on the ISO 10271 Standard

Page 37 : C.I. Günter, S. Neuenschwander, S. Price, J.F. Visjager, M. Rahn-Schönbeck, G. Zund, M.Turina, S.P. Hoerstrup
Better scaffolds for cardiovascular tissue engineering; improved mechanical characteristics and better cell attachment realized by precoating of the scaffold

Pages 40-41 : M. Cattani-Lorente, Ch. Godin, S. Bouillaguet, J.M. Meyer
Linear Polymerization shrinkage of new restorative composite resins

Pages 42-43 : Xin Gao, Ch. Hollenstein, M. Schawaller, H.-J. Mathieu
Comparison of Plasma Modifications (Ar/O2, He/O2, N2/H2, and NH3/H2) of Polystyrene Controlled by XPS Analysis

Pages 44-45 : N. Nurdin, P. François, M. Moret, K. Unal, J. Krumeich, B.-O. Aronsson, P. Descouts
Hemocompatible diamond-like carbon (DLC) surfaces

Pages 47-48 : B. Mahari, M. Glatt, T. Arvinte, M. Richter, E. Schneider, B.A. Rahn
Dose-effect of transforming growth factor beta3 on degradation of tricalcium phosphate ceramic

Pages 49-50 : P.Y. Eschler, H. Lüthy, L. Reclaru, A. Blatter, O. Loeffel, C. Süsz, J. Boesch
Copper-Aluminium Bronze – a Substitute Material for Gold Dental Alloys?

Pages 51-52 : I. Antoniac, D. Lãptoiu, M. Miculescu, V. Bunea, F. Miculescu
Retrieval analysis of some cementless HA-coated smooth surface acetabular implants
****Winner of the award for the second best poster by a student

Pages 53-54 : D. Bunea, D. Bojin, S. Zamfir, F. Miculescu, M. Miculescu
Experimental researches concerning the Co-Cr-Mo alloys used in implantology

Page 55 : O. A. Trentz, S. P. Hoerstrup, L. K. Sun, L. Bestmann, A. Platz, O. L.Trentz
Osteoblasts Response to Bone Substitutes in vitro

Page 56 : N. Schiff, B. Grosgogeat, M. Lissac, F. Dalard
The influence of fluoride ions on the corrosion resistance of titanium and NiTi in an artificial saliva and a mouthwash

Page 57 : C. Wirth, C. Lagneau, P. Exbrayat, L. Ponsonnet, M. Lissac
Cell behaviour of rat calvaria bone cells on NiTi with different surface roughnesses

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file