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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2002, Collection 1

Abstracts of the 8th General Meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomaterials
Centre Médical Universitaire

May 22, 2002

All abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

Invited lecture

Pages 1-2 : Prof. Dr. Peter Greil
Microstructure Design of Advanced Bioceramics


Pages 3-4 : V. Luginbühl, B. v. Rechenberg, J. Zapf, E. Zoidis, J. A. Auer, H. P. Merkle, L. Meinel
Controlled localized delivery of insulin like growth factor I (IGF I) induces new bone formation: The significance of release kinetics

Pages 5-6 : A. A. Mueller, C. S. Leiggener, R. Curtis, B. Rahn
Early Dural Reaction to Polylactide in cranial defects of rabbits

Pages 7-8 : D.J. Balazs, C. Hollenstein, H.J. Mathieu
Surface modification of poly(vinyl chloride) intubation tubes to control bacterial adhesion: Teflon-like and Pluronics

Pages 9-10 : E. Conforto, D. Caillard, B-O. Aronsson, P. Descouts
Electron microscopy on titanium implants for bone replacement after “SLA” surface treatment

Pages 11-12 : M. Chastellain, A. Petri, M. Hofmann, H. Hofmann
Investigation of ferrofluids for biomedical applications

Pages 13-14 : C. Pittet, J. Lemaître
Working characteristics of radio-opacified brushite cements

Page 15 : F. Theiss, D. Apelt, M. Bohner, Ch. Frei, K. Zlinsky, J. A. Auer, B. von Rechenberg
The immediate tissue reaction to a bioresorbable brushite cement in experimental metaphyseal deffects in sheep

Pages 16-17 : W.Weber, M.Zahner, W.Rieger
Improvement of reliability of ceramic hip joints


Pages 18-19 : D. Dufrane, M. Anseau, I. Mc Kay, P. de Asa, YJ. Schneider, C. Delloye
in vitro Degradation of pseudowollastonite and in vitro cytotoxicity evaluation

Pages 20-21 : D. Favez, D. G. Castner, B.D. Ratner, H.J. Mathieu
RF-plasma deposition and surface characterization of a biodegradable thin film coating

Pages 22-23 : C. Houphouet-Boigny, Xin Gao, M. Schawaller, H.J. Mathieu
Immobilisation of Streptavidin on polystyrene

Pages 24-25 : J. Kosoric, M. Cattani, S. Bouillaguet, Ch. Godin, J.-M. Meyer
Reinforcement of composite resins with unidirectional glass fibers
****Winner of the award for the third best poster by a student

Pages 26-27 : S. Kurz, A.W.E Hodgson, S. Virtanen, V. Fervel, S. Mischler
Corrosion characterisation of passive films on CoCrMo with electrocehmical techniques in saline and simulated biological solutions

Pages 28-29 : S. Mischler, G. Pax
Tribological behavior of titanium sliding against bone

Pages 30-31 : P. Payot, M. Cattani-Lorente, Ch. Godin, S. Bouillaguet, J. Forchelet, J.M. Meyer
Efficiency of curing devices for dental composites

Pages 32-33 : L. Reclaru, A. Blatter, R. Lerf, P. Y. Echler, J. M. Meyer
Extraction of plasma sprayed titanium through a bone cement using electrochemical techniques

Pages 34-35 : S. Rousseau, M. Bühler, J. Lemaître
Thermometric study of brushite cements
****Winner of the award for the best poster by a student

Pages 36-37 : K. Unal, Y. Mugnier, N. Nurdin, J. Krumeich, P. François, B.-O. Aronsson, P.Descouts
Hemocompatibility of semi-conducting biomaterials

Page 38 : I Zembic, H Lüthy, M Schumacher, P Schärer, C H F Hämmerle
2- and 3-year results of zirconia posterior fixed partial dentures, made by Direct Ceramic Machining (DCM)
****Winner of the award for the second best poster by a student

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