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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2001, Collection 2

Abstracts of the 7th General Meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomaterials - Institut Straumann AG - Waldenburg - May 16th 2001

All abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

Invited lectures

Page 1 : Professor S G Steinemann
The insult of a foreign body

Page 2 : Professor S M Perren
Titanium as an implant material, clinical performance in new technologies


Pages 3-4 : E Karamuk, M Billia , B Bischoff , R Ferrario, B Wagner, R Moser, M Wanner and J Mayer
Development of a textile wound dressing based on embroidery technology

Page 5 : A Gisep, R Wieling, M Bohner, S Matter, E Schneider and B Rahn
Degradation of an experimental calcium-phosphate cement in a sheep model

Page 6 : L Feuz, A Gisep, P Pyk and B Rahn
Assessment of physical properties of tissues and bone substitutes materials in histologic sections by scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM)

Pages 7-8 : F Filser, H Lüthy, P Kocher, P Schärer and L J Gauckler
High load bearing, high reliable all-ceramic dental bridges by the direct ceramic machining process

Pages 9-10 : S Tosatti, R Hofer, M Textor and N D Spencer
Self-assembled monolayers of alkanephosphates on titanium oxide surfaces

Page 11 : L Tiefenauer, H Sorribas and C Padeste
Micropatterns of functional proteins for cell cultures

Pages 12-13 : G Rh Owen, D O Meredith, I ap Gwynn and R G Richards
Enhancement of immunogold labelled vinculin in cells cultured on metal implant surfaces

Pages 14-15 : F Contu, B Elsener and H Böhni
Stability and repassivation of metallic implants in serum bovine


Pages 16-17 : K Alberti, G Raeber, E Karamuk, G Ettel, E Wintermantel and J Mayer
Stiffness of vital-avital composite is increased by mechanical stimulation

Pages 18-19 : D Balazs, D Favez, Y Chevolot, N Xanthopoulos, C Granges, B-O Aronsson, F Sidouni, P Descouts and H J Mathieu
Surface modification of PVC endotracheal tubes: oxygen plasma treatment and aging effects

Pages 20-21 : D Boix, O Gauthier, J M Bouler, P Weiss, G Grimandi, J Guicheux, J L Ardouin and G Daculsi
Immediate implantation of titanium dental implants associated to an injectable bone substitute immediately after tooth extraction

Page 22 : S Bouillaguet, T Genovese, M Cattani, Ch Godin and J M Meyer
The microtensile bond strength test : New insight into the performance of adhesive resins bonded to dental substrates

Pages 23-24 : S Buchloh, B Stieger and J Mayer
Influence of microstructural changes of titania cell carriers on hepatocyte performance

Pages 25-26 : M Cattani-Lorente, S Bouillaguet, Ch Godin and J M Meyer
Polymerization shrinkage of Ormocer based dental restorative composites

Page 27 : Y Chevolot, H Gao, S Favre-Bonté, K Triandafillu, N Xanthopoulos, J D Neuvecelle, H Harms, D Balazs, C Van Delden, H. Sigrist and H. J. Mathieu
Controlling Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation: Surface modification of PVC endotracheal tubes with dextran

Page 28 : F Maspero, K Ruffieux and E Wintermantel
Influence of subcritical carbon dioxide on biodegradable polymers

Pages 29-30 : L Reclaru, R Lerf, P-Y Eschler, J-M Meyer
Corrosion behavior of metallic surgical implant REX 734 - COCR ; pitting, crevice and galvanic corrosion evaluation

Page 31 : R Suetterlin, M Duerrenberger, A Hefti, M Imholz, H Schiel and W Baschong
Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM): a new tool for the visualization of the tissue implant interface

Pages 32-33 : F Theiss, D Apelt, M Bohner, S Matter, C Frei, J Auer and B von Rechenberg
The use of a bioresorbable calcium phosphate cement in partial tibial plateau defects in sheep

Page 34 : N Villinger, M A Wimmer, J Kunze and J Goldhahn
Systemic spread of titanium wear debris: Target identification in a rabbit model

Pages 35-36 : J Vörös, N P Huang, S DePaul, M Textor, J A Hubbell and N D Spencer
A protein-resistant polymeric interface for bioaffinity sensing

Pages 37-38 : M Winkelmann, U Neuwald, R Hauert, M Textor, J Gold, N.D Spencer and B Kasemo
Microfabricated surfaces to study cell-surface interactions

Pages 39-40 : O Zinger and D Landolt
Electrochemical surface treatment of titanium applied to biological model surfaces

Pages 41-42 : O Jordan, K Barath , K Tokunaga, D Rüfenacht and E Doelker
Implant technology for endovascular repair of cerebral aneurysms: required material characteristics

Page 43 : J Krumeich and F Jansen
Hyfrasurf – advanced surface technology for superior electrode performance

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