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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2013, Collection 7

Abstracts of the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES) meeting
on 23rd - 25th July 2013 at Cardiff University .


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Page 1: A Barnes, B Glaysher, J Lapworth, P Genever, S Rimmer, M Coles
NIPAM-collagen I hybrid cell scaffolds for modeling lymphoid stromal networks

Page 2: LAC Chapman, RJ Shipley, MJ Ellis, JP Whiteley, HM Byrne, SL Waters
Influence of cell seeding and fluid flow on cell aggregate growth in a hollow fibre bioreactor

Page 3: J Chen, M Capstick
Spatial dependent mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite biopolymers composite for tissue engineering

Page 4: LE Clarke, SM Richardson, JA Hoyland
GDF6 drives discogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells encapsulated in type I collagen gels

Page 5: L Dew, CK Chong, S MacNeil
Decellularised rat liver and jejunum bioscaffolds for neovascularisation in tissue-engineered skin

Page 6: JE Dixon, C Rogers, DA Shah, S Hall, C Denning, KM Shakesheff
Switching alginate/collagen hydrogels tailored for human pluripotent stem cell self-renewal and differentiation

Page 7: S Dunphy, HS Dua, AJ El Haj, A Hopkinson, FRAJ Rose
A bilayered electrospun scaffold to replace the corneal stroma: the use of topography to guide cell phenotype

Page 8: M Georgiou, AJ Loughlin, JP Golding, JB Phillips
Comparing engineered neural tissue formats within a peripheral nerve repair conduit

Page 9: F Gesellchen, AL Bernassau, T Dejardin, DRS Cumming, MO Riehle
Using acoustic tweezers to pattern Schwann cells for axon guidance

Page 10: A Glen, F Masia, DJ Curtis, S Hunter, P Borri, W Langbein, P Stephens
Development of novel, non-invasive stem cell imaging technologies

Page 11: AC Harvey, SP Armes, CWI Douglas, S MacNeil
Antibacterial graft copolymer gels

Page 12: ED Hassan, S Rimmer, F Claeyssens, S MacNeil
Amine functionalised synthetic hydrogels for corneal regeneration

Page 13: JR Henstock, M Rotherham, AJ El Haj
Mechanotransduction via magnetic nanoparticles for injectable cell therpaies

Page 14: E Koudouna, RD Young, M Ueno, T Starborg, KE Kadler, C Knupp, AJ Quantock
Assessment of ocular cell-matrix interactions in three-dimensions

Page 15: D Limonovs, S Rimmer, P Genever
Development of novel tissue constructs using hydrogel-3D stem cell technologies

Page 16: SL Littlechild, G Brummer, Y Zhang, JM Tomich, GW Conrad
Fibrinogen, riboflavin, and UVA to immobilize a corneal flap—conditions for tissue adhesion and molecular mechanisms

Page 17: C Liu, S Partridge, K Dalgarno, M Birch, A McCaskie
Dynamic mechanical characterisations of collagen/HAp composite scaffolds

Page 18: J Marshall, X Yang, P Genever
Osteogenic differentiation and self-organisation of mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial cells in 3D co-culture

Page 19: W Martens, K Sanen, M Georgiou, JB Phillips, M Ameloot, I Lambrichts
Dental pulp stem cells differentiated towards Schwann cell-like cells enhance and guide neurite outgrowth in a 3D environment

Page 20: C Rogers, C Lenihan, D Fistouris, Y Martin
The effect of isolation and culture methods on epithelial stem cell populations and their progeny for clinical application

Page 21: M McCully, Y Hernandez, JM de la Fuente, MJ Dalby, CC Berry
Delivery of therapeutically active siRNA against c-Myc in bone cancer cells

Page 22: LE McNamara, T Sjöström, P Herzyk, RMD Meek, B Su, MJ Dalby
Osteogenic micro-nanopatterned titania for orthopaedic applications

Page 23: AR O’Callaghan, JT Daniels, MP Lewis
Human derived feeder fibroblasts for the culture of epithelial cells for clinical use in 2D and 3D models

Page 24: I Ortega, AJ Ryan, S MacNeil, F Claeyssens
Microfabrication of artificial limbal stem cell microenvironments

Page 25: JZ Paxton, TB Sercombe, LM Grover
Selective laser melted titanium attachment points for tissue-engineered sinew formation

Page 26: DJ Player, NRW Martin, RA Ferguson, EJ Hill, V Mudera, MP Lewis
Towards engineering a human neuromuscular junction in vitro

Page 27: J Price, JR Henstock, Y Reinwald, AJ El Haj
Cyclic hydrostatic pressure stimulates osteochondral differentiation of hMSCs seeded in 3D collagen hydrogels

Page 28: H Rashidi, H Cox, L White, O Qutachi, FRAJ Rose, ROC Oreffo, KM Shakesheff
Growth factor-loaded biodegradable microparticles for bone tissue engineering

Page 29: JB Rose, A El Haj, HS Dua, A Hopkinson, FRAJ Rose
Evaluation of electrospun gelatin/ polycaprolactone blends as a substrate suitable for use in corneal regeneration

Page 30: P Sawadkar, S Alexander, L Bozec, V Mudera
Ex vivo and in vitro testing of a novel modified suture technique to incorporate a cell seeded tissue engineered tendon construct in vivo

Page 31: NEE Scully, SL Evans, DJ Mason, BAJ Evans
A 3D in vitro mineralised culture system to investigate osteocyte biology and function

Page 32: RI Sharma, JG Snedeker
Fibronectin fragments modulate ROCK activity to enhance osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells

Page 33: RJ Shipley, A Ardakani, K Stamati, U Cheema, R Brown
Control of cell fate and oxygen gradients in collagen constructs for tissue engineering applications

Page 34: K Stamati, JV Priestley, V Mudera, U Cheema
Engineering capillary networks in 3D in vitro

Page 35: L Szkolar, A Miller, JE Gough, A Saiani
Tuneable peptide scaffolds for chondrocyte culture and recovery

Page 36: NS Tan, X Yang, D Ossipov, J Hilborn, RA Brown
Assessing nanoparticles in an engineered 3D in vitro model tissue system

Page 37: AJ Taylor, BD Ratner, MR Alexander, LDK Buttery
Cytokine stimulated decellularised matrices: Exploring matrix remodelling and cell-matrix interactions

Page 38: G Tetteh, I Rehman, G Reilly
Polyurethane-Hydroxyapatite composite scaffolds for in vitro bone tissue engineering

Page 39: MC Turner, DJ Player, NRW Martin, MP Lewis
Can skeletal muscle grown in vitro be used to investigate insulin resistance?

Page 40: B van Herwijnen, JM Kanczler, ROC Oreffo
Endothelial cell induction of osteogenesis using an in vitro organotypic culture

Page 41: KK Vishnolia, E Spikings, MP Lewis
Development and characterisation of a 3 dimensional model to culture zebrafish (Danio rerio) muscle cells

Page 88: JPF Wong, DF Baptista, RA Brown
Fabrication of cellular pre-crosslinked collagen based hydrogel

Page 89: J Yang, K Shakesheff
Fabrication of vascularised tissues using 3D printing


Page 42: SM Acott, R Acione, MJ Ellis
Cell seeding in hollow fibre bioreactors

Page 43: J Appelt, Y Martin, AD Metcalfe, G Phillips
A novel scaffold for soft tissue reconstruction

Page 44: O Bain, G Detela, C Mason, A Mathur, I Wall
Attachment and migration of adult mesenchymal stromal cells used for cell therapy is dependent on functional Neuropilin 1

Page 45: R Balint, NJ Cassidy, S Gembali, SH Cartmell
Capacitive electrical field stimulation for bone tissue engineering

Page 46: I Benzeval, IG Turner, MJ Ellis
CFD-aided design of a fluidised bed bioreactor for bone tissue engineering

Page 47: E Board-Davies, A Sloan, P Stephens, LC Davies
Determining the antibacterial potential of oral mucosal lamina propria – progenitor cells

Page 48: JC Bridge, GE Morris, J Aylott, MP Lewis, FRAJ Rose
Building a 3D model of airway smooth muscle to study asthma

Page 49: YH Chim, N Rath, MF Olson, H Yin
Mechanical properties of single cells in seeking tumour diagnostics and therapies

Page 50: G Detela, O Bain, A Mathur, I Wall
Enhancing bone marrow cell engraftment and potency in hypoxia using ligands of the Notch signalling pathway in vitro

Page 51: EP Dooley, CS Kamma-Lorger, LC Davies, T Alhamad, SR Morgan, P Stephens, KM Meek
The use of oral mucosal fibroblasts as a novel treatment for increasing transparency and flap strength in LASIK wounded sheep cornea

Page 52: JM Dugan, SH Cartmell, JE Gough
The effect of cyclic mechanical strain on skeletal muscle myogenic differentiation of myoblasts and mesenchymal stem cells

Page 53: T Eriksson, N Mordan, V Salih
Three-dimensional articular cartilage tissue engineering using compressed collagen scaffolds

Page 54: J Chen, T Stewart
Finite element analysis of nanoindentation of chondrocytes

Page 55: E García-Gareta, N Ravindran, V Sharma, S Samizadeh, JF Dye
Prediction of in vivo outcome of new dermal scaffolds by a novel in vitro model of 3D cell ingress

Page 56: G Gigliobianco, S Roman, NI Osman, AJ Bullock, CK Chong, S MacNeil
Surface functionalisation of electro-spun poly(L)lactic acid scaffolds to improve angiogenesis for surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse

Page 57: SJ Gilbert, LB Meakin, DJ Mason, VC Duance, EJ Blain
Identification of mechano-regulated genes following non-invasive murine knee joint loading in vivo

Page 58: F Godarzi, NS Tan, RA Brown
Engineering a mimetic basement membrane: integration of laminin into plastic compressed collagen gels

Page 59: D Gothard, EL Smith, JM Kanczler, JA Wells, CA Roberts, LJ White, O Quatachi, KM Shakesheff, MM Stevens, ROC Oreffo
Tissue engineering bone: assessment of growth factor delivery within novel Stro-1+ MSC seeded alginate/bone ECM hydrogel constructs

Page 60: AL Gray, M Georgiou, JB Phillips
Engineered neural tissue constructs retain aligned structure and cell viability following injection through a hypodermic needle

Page 61: R Howard-Jones, L Davies, A Mondini, N Allen, PJ Kemp, P Stephens
Oral mucosa lamina propria-progenitor cells (OMLP-PCs) and OMLP-induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) as potential sources of neurons for regenerative medicine

Page 62: X Li, YYS Huang
In vitro biomimic niche via near-field electrospinning of polystyrene fibres

Page 63: AA Janeczek, RS Tare, I Moreno, GS Attard, TA Newman, ROC Oreffo, ND Evans
Targeting Wnt-loaded nanoparticles to skeletal stem cells for bone regeneration

Page 64: MR Khan, RKW Smith, R DeGodoy, S Dakin, F David, AE Goodship, J Dudhia
Superparamagnetic iron oxide labeling of mesenchymal stem cells for tracking in a sheep model of intra-thecal tendon injury

Page 65: JK Kular, MJ Ellis, RI Sharma
Isolation and characterisation of adult and foetal tenocytes

Page 66: H Lee, RM Hall, JB Phillips, J Tipper
Development of in vitro systems for investigating spinal cord cellular responses to wear debris from metal on metal total disc replacements

Page 67: LCY Lee, N Gadegaard, S Yarwood, RMD Meek, MJ Dalby
Nanotopographical direction of adult mesenchymal stem cell growth and differentiation

Page 68: EEL Lewis, MJ Dalby, CC Berry
Modelling the mesenchymal stem cell niche in vitro using magnetic nanoparticles

Page 69: KA Luetchford, JB Chaudhuri, PA De Bank
Microparticles as building blocks for tissue engineering

Page 70: A Macintyre, R Ulijn, K Burgess, M Dalby
Designing peptide based biomaterials for influencing mesenchymal stem cell behavior

Page 71: NRW Martin, V Mudera, K Baar, L Greensmith, MP Lewis
Culture of muscle derived cells from SOD1(G93A) mice in monolayer and tissue engineered constructs

Page 72: HC McDonald, AP Shinn, K Thompson, KF Muir, SJ Monaghan, CM McNair, JE Bron
Tissue models for studying host-parasite interactions with salmon lice Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Copepoda, Caligidae)

Page 73: AC Midgley, T Bowen, AO Phillips, R Steadman
Age-associated loss of fibroblast differentiation is rescued by microRNA-7 inhibition

Page 74: SR Morgan, S Hayes, J Hiller, NJ Terrill, Y Nakai, O Hieda, S Kinoshita, A Quantock, C Boote, KM Meek
Alterations to sub-lamellar corneal collagen organisation in an in-vivo animal model of microwave keratoplasty

Page 75: E Matas, C Jenkins, A De La Iglesia, X Tonellier, S Marson, D Player, NRW Martin, MP Lewis, S Cellek
Engineering of microfluidic chambers for high throughput compound screening in neuromuscular cell biology

Page 76: H Nikukar, S Reid, MP Tsimbouri, MO Riehle, ASG Curtis, MJ Dalby
Osteogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells by nanoscale mechanotransduction

Page 77: RH Othman, DA Shah, LD Buttery, KM Shakesheff, JE Dixon
Transferable cell micro-patterns for hydrogel engineering in Three-Dimensions

Page 78: CJ Pateman, R Plenderleith, M Daud, A Harding, C Christmas, F Boisannade, S Rimmer, F Claeyssens, JW Haycock
3D micro-printing of nerve guides for peripheral nerve repair

Page 79: JD Patient, C Roberts, P Williams, A Ghaemmaghami, K Harris, C Tannergren, B Ambrahamson, FRAJ Rose
Developing a co-culture model of the small intestine using poly ethylene terephthalate fibre scaffolds

Page 80: E Pulleine, D Marshall, M Baradez, HB Yin
Study the effect of antibody density on binding strength with AFM

Page 81: O Qutachi, R Othman, LD Buttery, KM Shakesheff
An alginate capsule for organotypic ex vivo chick femur segmental defect

Page 82: V Sharma, KA Blackwood, D Haddow, JF Dye
Protein binding functionalisation of plasma-derivatised silicone surfaces

Page 83: CA Smith, P Rooney, T Board, SM Richardson, JA Hoyland
A novel, whole femoral head wash process produces an acellular, biocompatible and mechanically stable bone scaffold suitable for use in tissue engineering

Page 84: EL Smith, D Gothard, CA Roberts, JM Kanczler, LJ White, O Qutachi, KM Shakesheff, MM Stevens, ROC Oreffo
Enhancement of skeletal tissue formation with dual growth factor release – evaluation in a novel ex vivo chick femur organotypic model

Page 85: JT Smith, RM Hall, JB Phillips, JL Tipper
Tissue engineering a 3D culture model to investigate cellular responses to mechanical loading in spinal cord injury

Page 86: KL Swinton, JA Hoyland, SM Richardson
Comparison of senescence state of patient-matched bone marrow and adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells and its effect on multipotentiality

Page 87: NS Tan, N Bedi, D Ossipov, J Hilborn, NL Tint, IF Uchegbu, RA Brown
Tissue engineered amniotic membrane substitute for drug delivery to the ocular surface

Page 90: C Walsh, N Ovenden, E Stride, U Cheema
Compressed collagen hydrogels- An in vitro tissue model for decompression sickness

Page 91: S Wan, A Saiani, S Richardson, J Gough
Self-assembling peptide gels for intervertebral disc tissue engineering

Page 92: A Wilson, P Butler, J Dye, A Seifalian
Adipose-derived stem cells: isolation within the intraoperative timeframe and characterization

Page 93: NM Wragg, DJ Player, Y Liu, MP Lewis
Small-scale skeletal muscle constructs for in-vitro musculoskeletal junction pre-clinical testbed

Page 94: N Wung, ZD Burke, MJ Ellis, D Tosh
Development of a novel polymer and cell source for a bioartificial liver

Page 95: N Yusop, AJ Sloan, R Moseley, RJ Waddington
Isolation and characterisation of mesenchymal stem cells from rat bone marrow and compact bone

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