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eCM Conferences: Meeting Abstracts Information

The normal conditions for abstract hosting of conference meeting abstracts are as follows.

eCM Conferences offers the opportunity to host collections of meeting abstracts on the eCM Conference website.

Please Note: These are collections of meeting abstracts hosted on the eCM conferences website. The abstracts within them are not peer reviewed outside of the respective conference organisers. Their content is controlled by the respective conference organisers. They do not have a DOI, are not searchable on PubMed, are not deposited in CLOCKSS, yet do have an ISSN number associated to the abstract collection and can be cited, but are not allowed to be cited in eCM manuscripts. They are not an eCM Journal (Eur Cell Mater) supplement or manuscript.

The Congress is responsible for checking the scientific content and spelling (English UK or English USA) of the abstracts before publication on the website. There is a standard template format which must be used. Please email ecm(at) for this template when the publishing contract is made. The abstract MUST fit on 1 page of the word template and the page set up must NOT be modified or text sized to achieve this.

eCM Conferences sets up a welcome page based on the programme and information supplied by the congress organiser. eCM will produce the PDFs  (please, do not send PDFs during submission of the meeting abstracts): one for all the oral abstracts and one for all the poster abstracts.

If you wish to have the meeting abstracts available during the actual conference on the eCM conferences website, we should receive the abstracts along with a welcome note, the congress logo, URL address of the society or congress and two suitable teaser images at least one month before (contact: ecm(at)

Since the hosting is free to all and there are running costs for the ecmconferences website, for production and storage of the collections, there is a charge for abstract hosting.
The invoice will be sent once the abstracts are online.

Our costs (2017) are

1. Official Societies of eCM Journal (Eur Cell Mater): 200 CHF for up to 500 abstracts as 1 or 2 Word file(s) (one for oral, one for posters). 200 CHF for next 500 abstracts (to be within the same two files).
(Official Societies pay 600 CHF to sponsor eCM Journal).
2. Non Official Societies of eCM Journal: 800 CHF for up to 500 abstracts as 1 or 2 Word file(s) (one for oral, one for posters). 400 CHF for next 500 abstracts (to be within the same two two files).

Old costs valid until June 2017: 700 CHF (Swiss Francs) for up to 50 abstracts - 12 CHF (Swiss Francs) per additional abstract.